Roaming Charge: Man Climbs On Stage Of Performance To Plug In Cellphone

Nokia_mobile_phone_chargingI have heard of some pretty rude conduct at movies and plays but a New York man set a new low on July 2nd when he climbed on to the stage of a performance of Hand to God, the award-winning Broadway play. The reason? He spotted an outlet and plugged in his cellphone to charge it during the performance.

The outlet turned out to be a prop but the Booth Theatre ushers quickly intervened to pull the young man off stage. The rest of the audience was then asked not to plug in their phones on stage.

Only in New York.

Kudos: Warren L.

Source: WTOP

8 thoughts on “Roaming Charge: Man Climbs On Stage Of Performance To Plug In Cellphone”

  1. What a brave and inspiring act! I am moved to celebrate it in Poem!

    The Charge of the Cell Phone!
    A Brief Poetic Aside by Squeeky Fromm

    One bar to right of him,
    One bar to left of him,
    Outlet in front of him
    Stumbled and blundered;
    Onto the Stage with cell,
    With charging cord as well,
    Into the socket plugged,
    Offstage by Ushers tugged!
    Onlookers wondered???

    Hey, it just took a few seconds! What did you expect, a whole friggin’ Epic Poem or something???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. When a drunken buffoon ran onto the field during a Colts game back in the 70’s, Mike Curtis, a tough as nails linebacker, laid the a-hole out. PaulS, do you think a stage actor would ever do that?

  3. “No they wouldn’t. They would have their clerks do it for them. ”

    Spoken like a man with practical experience with judges and their clerks.

    But seriously, at least this guy probably turned it off during the performance – so the phone would charge faster.

  4. This guy should look up Ms. Freundlich. They’re perfect for each other.

  5. I am giving high props to the set designer and the set crew. That had to be a very realistic set. One of the problems is that certain plays require certain things on stage to be operational: sink, toilet, telephone, lamp, etc. Sets are getting so realistic that the guy saw an outlet and went for it. 🙂 As we say in the theatre, he lost his aesthetic distance.

  6. No they wouldn’t. They would have their clerks do it for them.

    But seriously I’m more concerned about the pro corproate Catholics on the bench than I am about the justices being from Harvard, Yale or NYC, CT or NJ.

  7. “Only in New York”. That statement goes a thousand miles. Such as when you are from the West, or the Mid West or South and you turn on CSPN to watch an oral argument of the Supreme Court. Of course CSPN can not show the people speaking– they show drawings of those who speak while they broadcast the voices. Six of Nine of the Justices speak “turdy turd and a turd”. That is wordspeak for when a Yorkie describes the location of something in the city which is located at Thirty third Street and Third Avenue. It is annoying to know that six of nine hail from Jersey, NY or CT. It is annoying to know that all nine went to Harvard and Yale. It is a bit disgusting to know that none of the nine has ever tried a criminal jury trial defending a defendant in any trial court. All are former law clerks for judges or justices. And yeah six of nine would probably crawl up on stage at a Broadway play (if they ever got there) and plug in their cell phone.

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