Russian Soldiers Reportedly On Trial For Desertion For Allegedly Refusing To Deploy To The Ukraine

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

125px-flag_of_russiasvgScores of Russian Soldiers are facing trial for desertion after reportedly failing to “volunteer” for military action in The Ukraine. states in a Saturday article that the defendant troops claim to have been pressured to volunteer after first receiving bribes and other benefits from soldiers in uniform, but lacking identifying insignia, to join the action on Ukrainian territory.

When the military push into Crimea occurred, similarly equipped soldiers occupied the cities and refused to identify themselves when pressed by reporters and others.

Dozens later abandoned their posts when it became known that they would be deploying to Ukraine, a country of which Russia was not officially at war. Some were arrested

Lawyer Tatiana Chernetskaya, defending five of the soldiers, confirmed that “dozens” of soldiers faced tribunals for allegedly abandoning their duties.

The Russian Defense Ministry denied the number of soldiers facing prosecution for desertion, claiming that only four were actually accused of disciplinary violations.

Moscow also denies accusations by western governments of financing, equipping and providing personnel to shore up rebel groups in The Ukraine and for the initial occupation of Crimea.

Flag of The UkraineJunior Sergeant Alexander Enenko, stationed at a base fifty miles from the Ukrainian border, told that he saw ununiformed personnel canvassing the base with offers trying to persuade soldiers to join the military action in Ukraine. The unknown recruiters offered the equivalent of $127.00 per day and other benefits for joining the action.

Enenko declined the offer stating to “I know for a fact, from my fellow soldiers, that they would bail out on the money, nobody would get anything.” published a handwritten note from another soldier, Pavel Tynchenko, who has been charged with going absent without leave. He issued a statement to a judge: “I did not want break the oath I swore, and did not want to take part in military actions in Ukraine.”

The online news source stated that research of official records from the garrison in the city of Maikop indicates that between 2010 and 2014 only thirty five convictions were handed down for AWOL but during the first half of 2015 sixty two solders faced the same conviction.

According to Chernetskaya, the soldiers did not want to find themselves in battle in Ukraine and instead wrote letters of resignation which were not accepted. In doing so it they faced prosecution for AWOL or desertion.

Sentences range up to five years for AWOL and ten for the latter.

By Darren Smith

Source: Deutsche Welle

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46 thoughts on “Russian Soldiers Reportedly On Trial For Desertion For Allegedly Refusing To Deploy To The Ukraine”

  1. Aridog

    Firstly, those that go to fight for their country are patriots and place their country above all. Those that differentiate between the government of the day and their country are those that question. In some cases as with WW2 and Afghanistan country, government, and necessity align. In others such as Vietnam, Iraq, and other skirmishes, they do not. It is impossible it is to reconcile a draft dodger with someone who answered the call in cases such as Vietnam, however, they are both correct.

    Regarding the 3 million Vietnamese who died, yes, they weren’t all killed by US troops. However, they would not have been killed if the US had not continued the ‘great game’ upon the French quitting. The French were divided at home as were the Americans later in the war. I suppose it takes 50,000 or so dead to get the attention of the voters. The French killed almost a million Algerians for the 50,000 they lost in Algeria and before that 80,000+ they lost in Vietnam for half a million Vietnamese. Divide it up anyway you wish: those killed by French troops, French colons, Algerian insurgents, etc they would not have died if France had come to its senses earlier. This is the same with Vietnam. If Kennedy had not been killed there is a good chance millions of Vietnamese and 50,000 Americans would not have died, however they died. If the Americans who saw through the ideological BS eventually had seen it earlier, then? The fact of the matter the war made the result worse than if it had ceased in the early stages. Vietnam was not in danger of falling to China. Vietnam was China’s historical enemy and only wanted their own country, something that the US as well as France had promised and reneged upon. The first war Vietnam fought after it expelled the US was against China.

    The American military/industrial complex and their desires to control the countries in SouthEast Asia aside from all the ideological mumbo jumbo of communism versus capitalism was the cause of the deaths, regardless of who killed whom.

    The primary ingredient that caused the US to wage war in Vietnam was ignorance on the part of the American people. Americans were full of themselves, bloated on winning WW2 all by themselves, and totally ignorant of the fact that Vietnam posed absolutely no threat to America’s interests. Vietnam had been historically a pro Western trading nation. Ignorance is, perhaps, the primary ingredient in most wars.

    This can be said of many struggles that took longer to resolve while the colonial power attempted to maintain power, for whatever reasons. This includes the results of the chaos that followed when the colonial powers left. Look at Africa. It is still going on. Perhaps the worse perpetrator is Belgium. They slaughtered almost twenty million when they partitioned their colonies and left a dysfunctional mess rife with retribution and much of the same stuff now being experienced in Eastern Europe. If somebody’s grandfather killed your grandfather then the beatings go on.

  2. Aridog, He’s just a hater of America. Thanks for your service and no need to explain why you want THE FACTS correct.

  3. Issac said …

    … slaughter of the three million Vietnamese.

    You are exaggerating significantly, the 3 Million plus figure includes those killed by the PAVN, the Pathet Lao, and Khemer Rouge, the RVN forces, the ROK forces, among others….not just by American forces. You surely don’t blame the PAVN, Pathet Lao, and Khemer Rouge killings on the US Forces? It would be reasonable to include the RVN forces and the ROK forces with American forces, (we were allied) but their combined total would be less than half what you’ve asserted. I sure hope you’re not using Wikipedia for your source on this…they’re rather misinformed on most aspects of Vietnam, but their chart of deaths makes what I am asserting quite clear even with their other errors.

    I am a bit sensitive to this allegation when I see it…given I enlisted at the time roughly 500 Americans per week were dying. The most murderous of civilians were the PAVN and Khemer Rouge, hands down.

  4. Randyjet

    I agree that the way the Germans went about it was somewhat more perverse than the way the allies retaliated and the way that Great Britain, France, and the US colonized. The Belgians are not too distant from the Germans in how they farmed their part of Africa. However, expansion of a homeland into other territories follows pretty much the same formula. First the home party recognizes their superiority as a human. The first move is to impress upon your people and soldiers that it is OK to kill ‘rats’ or ‘slopes’ or dirty this or dirty that. The same perspective has been there since the beginning of history.

    Once the ball has started rolling ancient grievances live on and form the touch stone for retaliation or superiority based aggressions. Sometimes it is as simple as with the Crimea where the area is primarily Russian and probably should have been part of Russia. This is also true with the Eastern part of today’s Ukraine.

    The refusal of Russian soldiers to fight to take areas of Ukraine that are in contention is not that much different than the tens of thousands of Americans that refused to take part in the colonial adventure and slaughter of the three million Vietnamese. Some might have been afraid but most simply knew that it was wrong. If it weren’t for 9/11 a lot of US troops would have refused to be a part of the mess created in Iraq.

    It mostly depends on which side one is on and how far from the truth.

    1. Issac, My point is that there are about an equal number of Ukrainians who are refusing to fight in the Ukrainian Army, and to only cite the Russians on this is called propoganda and distortion. In FACT, that is why the fascist groups are being used instead of the Ukrainian Army for attacks on the Russians. If it is Russian, man, woman, or child, they are eager to kill it.

  5. Sure glad I retired 3 months before I was to be “volunteered” for deployment to Afghanistan. My unit organization originally had to be actual volunteers to deploy and many did, but when the excitement died down, the DA decided anyone with the term “essential” in their PD or MOS was deployable, volunteer or not. One issue among some of these “volunteers” was that they wore the uniform and the insignia, but were not armed when assigned to engineering duty. Give that idea a big no thank you!

  6. In spite of all that happened during WW2, most specifically the carnage the German people visited on the Ukraine, Russia, and many other countries, the German people allied themselves with segments of the populations of almost all of these countries. They used these alliances to assist them in slaughtering the populations of those whom they felt had to go due to wanting their land, wanting their goods, wanting their hair to insulate submarines, or whatever. These groups owe their lives to the German people as well as whatever land, goods, and wealth they stole. This is the case in most of the European countries that were folded into the USSR after WW2. So, there was a fair bit of accounting to be done when those who suffered the most in WW2, the Russians, took over. After a lot of finger pointing, pay offs, and folding of needed bureaucrats into the new administrations, retribution was had leaving factions in these countries that had fond memories of the German people during WW2 and those who did not. This is seen in Ukraine today.

    On top of that for centuries these diverse ethnically different peoples have been jumbled together in one empire after another each time around enjoying dominance or subservience. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The enemy of some Ukrainians has been Russia for centuries. The enemy of Russia for a time was the German people. The Germans did what the English, French, Belgians, and other colonialists did. They armed and backed minorities to control and wipe out if necessary the majorities. The Germans simply took the formulas to a greater and more concentrated extreme.

    Hitler and his scum fell from the tree of the German people. The German people are of the same tree as all other dominating nations throughout history. The apples don’t fall too far. If Hitler could have bombed the bejeezus out of people from the stratosphere, he would have. Some how it’s more righteous to slaughter innocents by pressing a button than by shooting them into a ditch.

    1. Issac, I agree with some of your observations, but there are those I have to object to. Comparing herding people into a ditch and killing them is in no way comparable to bombing cities.. You might have a point if the UN had simply started dropping bombs indiscriminately with no prior warning. The UN did not do that. The UK notified by leaflets that certain cities were targets and would be bombed. There might be an equivalence IF the Nazis had posted notice that any Jews, or untermenchen found in their territory would be executed or starved to death.THEN it might be close to the same. Or if the alllies had rounded up all the Germans in the area around the cities, and then forced them inside the city while the bombers dropped bombs. THAT would be an equivalence. Simply saying that killing a person is the same no matter the circumstances is absurd. If that were true, we would not have murder of varying degrees, manslaughter, involuntary and otherwise, etc..

      As for the crimes of the Soviets after WWII, there are legitimate concerns. Yet when i see that they regard the deportation of large numbers of Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, I think that the reason they were deported was that they were the criminals who aided the Nazis and helped murder the Jews in their countries. BEing deported was far kinder to them than they were to their victims.

      1. Haven’t you strayed off point a bit? Wasn’t the original blog post about Russian troops who don’t want duty in the Crimean peninsula, how this gels with Putin’s alleged aim of invasion (of a place where Russia already had ported a fleet and has now annexed), and the dripping irony that we’re criticizing Russia when the Ukranian coup d’etat in Russia’s backyard could only have happened with US backing if not direct involvement?

        Your points are well-received regarding violent minority groups in the Baltics, White Russia, and Poland, but my guess is that sympathies for either Nazis or Stalinists probably may have as much to do with whose relative was murdered by whom as it does politics.

        The bottom line, though, is that the Ukrainian conflict is about fascist (euphemistically, colonial imperialist) encroachment on Russia, and if history’s any lesson it’s insane not to leave it well enough alone.

    2. issac – the United States originally had a policy of only going after military or strategic targets. Now, even the vaunted Norden bomb sight was not that good and that hit a lot of civilians. Still, that was not their target, Then, in 1944, they, like the British, changed to area bombing, starting with the bombing of Berlin.

      When studies were later done on the bombing, the American style was correct, although more dangerous. Area bombing never worked. When we area bombed Tokyo, we killed 100k people, more than either of the atomic bombs.

  7. [music- Country Joe and the Fish}
    And its One Two Three! What are we fightin for?
    Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn!
    Next stop is Viet Nam.

    And its Five, Six Seven, Open up the Pearly Gates!
    Ain’t no time to wonder why.
    Whoopee we’re all gonna die.

  8. Russia has blocked every attempt by investigators to get even basic information like cell tower information near the crash. It’s been a year now. Malaysia has asked for a UN tribunal, which Putin has blocked. These commies here are hoping their KGB hero brings back the Soviet Union.

    1. bambam, As the Soviet Union broke up and Lithuania got its independence, I recall one of the first sights was that the old veterans of the SS who were LIthuanians had their first public parade, and the German government started paying them a pension for their service in slaughtering Jews. The Ukrainians have passed laws against anybody saying nasty things about the pro-Nazis who fought for them. I wish that Prof Turley would give equal time to the censorship and oppression in the Ukraine as well as that in Russia. At least Putin is not an outright Nazi as so many of our so called friends in the Ukraine are. Then there is the outright theft of US governmental funds by one of our diplomats who resigned her job in the State Dept, instantly became a Ukrainian citizen, and took control of the funds she had disbursed to the Ukraine. That is one way to get rich I suppose.

      As for Nick, his true self is seen by all in his posts and thus needs no response since he offers nothing but slander and personal attacks. Thank you Nick. You are more eloquent than anything I could ever say as to your ideas and character.

  9. Putin does exude pheromones for those who swing that way, and some can smell them right through the TV. I bet randy Randy has the shirtless photo of Putin on horseback as his screen saver. NTTAWWT.

  10. Watch to see if Chernetskaya is assassinated or coerced to submit to the will of Putin and his minions. I’m betting that one or the other of these will occur.

  11. Moments ago, I left the house of a friend who left Russia to live in the US approximately twenty five years ago. Coincidentally, the family had the television turned to a Russian language program, and its members were translating the announcer’s words into English for my benefit. I didn’t understand why I was seeing, what appeared to be, men dressed in Nazi uniforms at a funeral taking place in the Ukraine. Apparently, the Ukrainians were dressed like Nazi soldiers at a funeral honoring a man who had sided with Nazi soldiers during the war. Under the former Soviet Union, I believe this act of deference and honor would have been a crime. It is now proudly publicized. Granted, the channel is alleged to be Putin’s personal news channel and his method of disseminating information favorable to Russia.

  12. Another thing that those who accept the propaganda line of the US forget is that the Ukraine shot down Siberian flight 1812 in Oct 2001 with an anti-aircraft missile. So when the Malaysian flight was shot down, the US said it HAD to be Russia, or their supporters, despite the FACT that Ukraine has a history of shooting down civilian jetliners. Now that takes some gall! I don’t know who caused that shoot down, but to blame Russia immediately shows such a bias and prejudice that is incredible. So far the Ukraine has refused to pay for the loss of the airliner, but did pay compensation to the victims families. By the way, doing such a thing can be considered an act of war. Yet no sanctions on the Ukraine, or protests. I suggest that US folks should take time to get ALL the facts, not just one sided propaganda.

  13. Putin is the most dangerous person in the world. There are many parallels between Putin and Hitler. Both were/are narcissistic Machiavellian men who stoked fervor in countrymen who were once proud but, became 3rd world. Putin has the Russian people preoccupied w/ regaining the old Soviet Union dynasty. But, unlike Hitler, Putin is insanely wealthy, probably the richest person in the world if you uncover all his under the table companies. He’s going to pimp slap Obama within the next year. Obama is out of his league dealing w/ the likes of Putin. Oh, anyone hear any news on the Malaysian passenger jet shot down by one of Putin’s cowboys? No, I didn’t think so. Obama has given Putin more passes than a stupid substitute teacher gives manipulative students.

    randy has said many times, “I have no love for Putin.” But, then he shows just how randy he is for the little Hitler, defending him constantly.

    1. I see that Nick has no problem supporting ACTUAL NAZIS! Yet he calls others Hitler and Nazis? Orwell would have loved your line of thought of double speak. Try using some rational thought for a change. Do you think that the government of the Ukraine is not supported and run mainly by Right Sector and Svaboda and the other fascists? Do you deny the FACT that the first thing the new US and German installed government did when it seized power was to outlaw the Russian language? I could go on for days about the proof of the fascist nature of this government. Yet you call Putin a Hitler? INCREDIBLE!

  14. Given the fact that the Germans are behind much of the unrest in the Ukraine, I find such a one sided article about the situation offensive since it forgets how the current government in the Ukraine came to power. I thought that most folks here would be against military coups, but I see that I was wrong. I am even further upset that folks have no problem with allying themselves with out right Nazis and anti-Semites who spearheaded the coup. I suggest that you read some truthful reports rather than the propoganda lines in the US mainstream press. I saw a rather good TV report on the BBC about the political character of the folks running the show in the Ukraine, who were very happy to say that they loved the Nazis and were proud of being their heirs. Most recently the government there even refused to celebrate VE day in the Ukraine since the wrong side won the war in their view. Think those are the folks the US should support?

    While I have no love for Putin, he is the least offensive and least dangerous leader in the region. The choice is between outright fascists in the Ukraine who wish to ethnically cleanse it of Russians, who are about 40% of the population, and a real solution granting real guarantees of the rights of Russians against the fascist gangs who are spearheading the assualt on Russian areas. Get rid of the current government of the Ukraine, and you might have a case for Putin being a bad guy if he continues. It gets worse now since US forces are now going to be training and helping the fascist groups since the Ukrainian Army is not as bloodthirsty as the Nazis and they are the ones who are in the lead of the assaults against the people in the eastern regions. Just what would you expect ANY government to do when faced with what Putin is faced with? Simply stand by and let them be slaughtered? The US press has refused to let people know the character of the Ukrainian government, and it is high time it became better known. The irony is that they also used the Confederate battle flag that has caused such a stir here. At least they know who their political soulmates are.Do you?

    This is similar to what the Turks did on Cyprus when the Greek military dictatorship sponsored a coup against the Cypriot government. Makarios went to the UN to appeal for help, since the Brits had refused to act to stop the coup. They all turned him down, and the Turks were faced with mass murder of the Turks on Cyprus, so they invaded. The Greek military had slaughtered tens of thousands of Greeks, and so most folks would expect them to be even less restrained on Cyprus to the Turks. In that situation, I think that the Turks had little choice but to do what they did.

  15. I wonder if we could do a president swap with Russia??? Say what you will about Putin, he knows what country he is the President of. Our stupid idiot thinks he’s the president of Mexico, or whatever.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  16. Not a big deal even if true. How much desertion (or, better, conscientious objection) have we had in Afghanistan and Iraq at a much better pay rate? If the point is to show Russia is going to invade what it has already annexed, Crimea, hey, I guess we should pull out of Hawai’i if we’re honest. But perhaps self-reflection isn’t part of American Exceptionalism.

  17. Remember that spiritually, we are not that far from Stalin’s Russia.

    Regarding the judicial verdicts for these soldiers, that is a forgone conclusion.

    They will be found guilty of desertion, though their real crime is publicizing Moscow’s action.

    Anybody who doubts how the Russian judicial system works needs to remember Stalin’s dictum: “It doesn’t matter who votes. What is important is who counts the votes.”.

  18. It appears they are being asked to join an organization that does not exist and does not pay you. However, you can be tried for AWOL for a job you are not getting paid for in an organization that does not exist?

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