Police Hunt For Driver Caught on Video Driving Backwards For Miles In Hollywood

2A72800000000578-3157483-The_driver_crossed_over_the_yellow_lines_into_the_other_lane_of_-a-56_1436633788026The video below shows a driver committing one of the most dangerous and bone-headed stunts captured on tape: driving an Audi in reverse down Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Hollywood. The man did the dangerous maneuver with a woman in the passenger seat.

The video was taken by a shocked realtor, Kevin Zanazanian, going in the right direction down the road.

The police are not without leads. They have the video and the car itself had dealer plates. The plates have been traced to a particular dealership.

Hopefully the LAPD will find this guy and throw the book at him for such a reckless stunt. The police have already lists various offenses for reckless driving, unsafe speed, crossing double-yellow lines and failure to drive on the right half of the roadway.

17 thoughts on “Police Hunt For Driver Caught on Video Driving Backwards For Miles In Hollywood”

  1. So it’s awfully irresponsible, totally out of line, and yet, a part of me enjoys “bone-headed stunts” after the fact, when they’re over without carnage. This is nothing short of amazing.–but how far does a guy have to drive to make turning the odo not a waste of time? Also, mine only records going forward–the miles don’t come off in reverse. Theres a good chance this guy was really disappointed, if that was his intent.

  2. Karen S understates the situation on Laurel Canyon Boulevard in the area where this took place. It is VERY steep and narrow, though the video hardly gives that impression. It is fairly dangerous to drive even in the daytime, what with lots of driveways along the route which cars can come out of at any time, several sharp curves and a few stoplights that are only visible from a short distance away. This jackass had to be nuts—or trying out for some reality TV show, I guess.

  3. Under California law, a car can be a deadly weapon under the applicable statute if used to attack someone.

  4. “That would possibly depend on whether “deadly weapon” has to be defined by statute in that state. ”

    Some jurisdictions have a classification ‘dangerous weapon’ which can be most anything used as a weapon – frying pan, bakers rolling pin, frozen leg of lamb, fence post, base ball bat, electric drill, automobile – I could go on.

  5. I vote for dropping the hunt…. the guy did not cause any harm …. American culture seems more and more punitive every day. …….. I feel that every “crime” does not require judgement and punishment……
    ( and no ……. I am not a “liberal” or a “bleedingHeart” or an “apologist” ) I vote for the EmeraldRule. Just chill out.
    Gus in Denver

  6. I’ve driven Laurel Canyon Blvd many times. It’s a twisting road through the mountains. It can be quite dangerous at night, because it’s a popular route when going into LA for the clubs, and it’s dark. Drunk drivers on that hilly road are an even bigger menace than on other roads at night.

    The problem with this guy’s fun and games is that he put other people at risk who didn’t vote to act like a moron.

    Here in SoCal we have several twisting roads, like Mulholland Dr, that attract canyon carving with motorcycles and sports cars. Mostly it’s men who see action movies, sports car ads, or see magazines with motorcycles scraping the foot pegs down Mulholland, and they think, hey, they’re an excellent driver too. Why not try it. That’s why there’s lots of little crosses and shrines alongside those roads. For the drivers who don’t make it and go sailing out into space, or drift into head on traffic and kill the other person, too.

  7. That would possibly depend on whether “deadly weapon” has to be defined by statute in that state. Or, can a jury decide, or a judge decide? If a prosecutor charges him with assault with a deadly weapon then the defense will come forward. I would hazard that a car is not a deadly weapon. But it would be assault with a vehicle. Not a tricycle or a skate board. He assaulted every person he encountered who was on the road or side of the road in front of him (or back of him) as he moved forward.

  8. Be the first kid on your block… to have your dad come home in a box.

    Seriously. This is assault with a deadly weapon. Had he hit someone it would be assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

    The issue for our folks on the blog is whether, or weather, a car can be a deadly weapon?
    Vote Yes! for yes a car is a deadly weapon or No. Its snot.

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