Alleged Law Office Bomber Tells Court He Is Having Trouble Finding A Lawyer

guido-amsel-facebook-photoIt is sometimes difficult to find counsel for people for various reasons: limited means, specialized cases etc. Guido Amsel has a particularly difficult circumstance: he is accused for trying to blow up the last lawyers that he dealt with. The accused bomber told a court in Winnipeg that he cannot secure a lawyer after he was arrested for setting off an explosive device went off in a Winnipeg law firm, severely injuring 38-year-old Maria Mitousis. Mitousis represented his ex-wife.

Amsel was going through a bitter divorce when he allegedly sent three explosive devices in the mail. In addition to the law firm, he targeted a second law firm and an automobile body shop. He is now charged with two counts of attempted murder and other charges.

What is interesting is that a number of lawyers were able to cite an easy and poetic reason: they donated to a Go Fund Me page for Mitousis’s recovery. It appears a lot of lawyers have made such donations and insist that it creates a conflict of interest. Not only do you help a victim and fellow lawyer, but you receive a tax and client write off.

Source: CBC

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