Hong Kong Magistrate Finds Protester Guilty of Assaulting Police Officer With Her Breast

HongKongPoliceLogo.svgWe have seen police in the United States charge people with battery or assault over air kisses, bubbles, hugs, pillow fights, errant french fries, and even flatulence, snowballs, and raspberries. Now a court in Hong Kong convicted a 30-year-old named Ng Lai-ying of assaulting a police officer by hitting him with her breast during a protest in March.

The woman insisted that during the protest Chief Inspector Chan Ka-po reached out his arm to grasp the strap of her bag and touched her upper left breast. She said that she screamed “Indecent assault!” but the Chinese magistrate said that Lai-ying was lying (no this does not appear to be a faux story and has run in various Chinese and international publications).

The magistrate conclude the Ng intentionally bumped the officer’s arm with her breast and that “You used your female identity to trump up the allegation that the officer had molested you. This is a malicious act.” So in the logic of China’s bizarre legal system, the protester was convicted of assaulting the police officer with her breast.

Chan denied that he brought the assault charge to counter Ng’s allegation that he assaulted her.

Chan admitted but did not explain why Ng had blood on her face. Chan also said that a 14-year-old struck him in the chest with his shoulder in a second assault by shoulder.

20 thoughts on “Hong Kong Magistrate Finds Protester Guilty of Assaulting Police Officer With Her Breast”

  1. Thanks for the humor folks, you gave me quite a chuckle. Love the limerick Squeaky!
    For the most part Chinese women have very small breast, so her assault was probably more like a pat than a slap.

    1. Gigi D. – a significant amount of Chinese women have been having breast augmentation. The slap could have been substantial.

  2. All the tea in China will not alter the Communist program. I bet the “Magistrate” has a Mao hat.

    1. Beldar – most of the older Chinese are trying to forget who Mao is and most of the young Chinese do not know who he is.

  3. Hmmm. This is sooo male! It deserves an Irish Poem!

    Copping A Feel???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a copper named Chan
    Who was hit with a breast in the hand.
    He arrested the kid
    For what she had did,
    And then threw her into the can!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. Hey, There are many men in titty bars that pay good money to get hit w/ breasts! As I write this I just have a thought. Do lesbians go to titty bars? Serious question that I know JAG could answer.

  5. Supposedly there is a low crime rate in China, so I suppose they have to make things up.

  6. Take the selective organization out of the story and you have a judge exposing a woman who tried to use a societal condition to her advantage. This is no different than the exaggerated claims that go on in the US daily. The real crimes committed by police officers and others offer an opportunity for someone to call rape, assault, etc when orchestrated. The pendulum swings both ways.

  7. Imagine that awkward conversation when he got home about how his day was.

  8. There are numerous reports of “breast homicide” and in the United States we are advised of the right to bear arms by the second amendment. Although the right to “bear breasts”, at least in public, appears to be limited to the male sex – and as such may breach laws of sexual equality.

    This brings into question the classification of a beast implant as a dangerous weapon. It is reported that one such implant killed a snake which allegedly died of silicone poisoning, although this autopsy report is considered controversial.


  9. We live in a country where a man has been charged with destruction of police property, for bleeding on the uniforms of four police officers, one of whom went on to become a city council member, after they beat him hard enough to break several of his bones.. So.. honestly how are we any different from oppressive nations like China.. Although.. That said.. China did sentence to death a police officer who murdered the husband, and wife owners of a restaurant.. America has never held cops accused of murder to that degree of accountability.

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