Video: LAPD Under Fire For Tasering Suspect In Wheelchair

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.26.19 PMA new video shows 10 officers with the LAPD surrounding Christopher Zareck, 43, who is confined to a wheelchair. In the video below, Zareck appears combative, but the response of the officers is being criticized as excessive and abusive. Zareck was tasered and hit repeatedly by bean-bag rounds.

Officers were trying to taken Zareck into custody and the tape records three bean bags discharged. Zareck appears to scream and kick his legs out. The officers insisted that they were in danger when Zareck brandished a pole. He was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Police have also released word that Zareck was previously charged with driving under the influence and hit-and-run.

None of the officers involved has been placed on leave.

30 thoughts on “Video: LAPD Under Fire For Tasering Suspect In Wheelchair”

  1. Makes one wonder how far fetched “Training Day” with Denzel Washington as bad guy, may have been.

  2. Mr. Schulte,

    Haha so if an armed drone comes towards my dwelling in the future, you will provide me the means to shoot said drone down? Liberty for who is always the question…. This place only wants liberty for people who espouse/adore a system which upholds European/American Imperialism, white supremacy, mystical exceptionalism and destiny, and neoliberal economic policies. Essentially, this nation-state’s legacy with few rare exceptions.

    1. chipkellyshouldgoogleleibniz – I will not supply you with the weapons, however my next door neighbor is a gun dealer. Is there something you are looking for in particular? I can pass it on.

  3. Mr schulte

    You’re right. With technology you and I are paying and sponsoring people in chairs launching drones at people for their pattern of behavior. But we love liberty :). Haha jokesters…

    1. chipkellyshouldgoogleleibniz – if you really had been keeping up you would realize I agree with people who knock down drones. You must have be spending too much time at Flowers for Algernon.

  4. D smith can justify this for us!! No comment again! How honorable!

    Never turn your back around someone with power… Exhibit above…

  5. sure it doesn’t seem sporting to bean bag a disturbed dude in a wheelchair…..

    but being in a wheelchair doesn’t give you license to screw with the cops…and the cops aren’t there to get whacked with poles for no reason.

  6. I have seen this many times with my homies in East Los and Boyle Heights…this is nothing new homes!

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