DWP (Driving While Praying): Ohio Woman Says That She Was Praying When She Crashed Into Car

2AD835A800000578-3174813-image-a-9_1437873975027Marilyn Perry, 62, (left) has curious defense for crashing into the car of Pamela Beckham, 50, (right below) and breaking Beckham’s neck and causing her other injuries in Bellevue. Perry was trying to get her grandchildren out of the car so it could have been much much worse when Beckham slammed into her.

2AD8355000000578-3174813-image-a-2_1437873942073The police suspected DUI but found that she was never drunk nor using her cellphone at the time of the accident. Instead, Beckham explained that she was going through some personal problems and was praying as she drove with her head down. What is interesting is that if she were drunk or on the cellphone, she might have gone to jail. However, driving while praying (DWP) leading to vehicular assault will place you in an intervention program and on three years probation. The judge also ordered Perry to make up to $10,000 in restitution.

I am not sure what a DWP intervention program does. Does it turn you into an atheist or teach you to pray with your head up and eyes open?

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  1. A responsible person would get off the road, park-and-pray (pap). This person clearly behaved irresponsibly which ought to have serious consequences. There is no, absolutely no excuse for her behavior.

  2. @ Squeeky

    “What you said implies that humans thinking is a good thing. But is it??? Maybe on some things we should all just eschew thinking and do the simple things we are told in the Ten Commandments. Consider this. God said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” ”

    First of all, I espouse the concept “Question everything with critical thinking.” however, most people would rather have their thinking done for them, it’s easier (lazy?).

    Secondly, the “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” is not part of the “ten commandments” but I understand your position. There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact. ~Arthur Conan Doyle

    Under the concept of liberty, a person has the right to do whatever they want to as long as no one is injured. When injury is sustained from the actions of another, just compensation must be offered by the offender.

    In your scenario, the wife and children probably sustained the loss of their support, betrayal, love and affection, and he would need to make that right. However, these days they can just go to court, pay their lawyers a large chunk of their estate and all parties usually end up screwed. But the courts did manage to squeeze money out of them.

    Just for the record, it is my position, that in this world we are not in a battle of “Good vs Evil” but rather it’s a battle of consciousness. The pursuit of truth will set you free; even if you never catch up with it. ~Clarence Darrow

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