DWP (Driving While Praying): Ohio Woman Says That She Was Praying When She Crashed Into Car

2AD835A800000578-3174813-image-a-9_1437873975027Marilyn Perry, 62, (left) has curious defense for crashing into the car of Pamela Beckham, 50, (right below) and breaking Beckham’s neck and causing her other injuries in Bellevue. Perry was trying to get her grandchildren out of the car so it could have been much much worse when Beckham slammed into her.

2AD8355000000578-3174813-image-a-2_1437873942073The police suspected DUI but found that she was never drunk nor using her cellphone at the time of the accident. Instead, Beckham explained that she was going through some personal problems and was praying as she drove with her head down. What is interesting is that if she were drunk or on the cellphone, she might have gone to jail. However, driving while praying (DWP) leading to vehicular assault will place you in an intervention program and on three years probation. The judge also ordered Perry to make up to $10,000 in restitution.

I am not sure what a DWP intervention program does. Does it turn you into an atheist or teach you to pray with your head up and eyes open?

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  1. Had there been a guide dog in the car this would not have happened.

  2. Yeah, Squeeky, there is always some scenario where one can suggest that a person will do bad things if he or she doesn’t have the words of a god to dictate good behavior. But it’s just as possible, maybe even more so, that a person with no belief in a deity of some type can form standards and values which will guide him or her to make good decisions just because it is “the right thing to do.” Being taught how to think rationally and make appropriate choices is not dependent upon a belief in something supernatural. Simply believing that not treating other people in any way you would not want to be treated yourself is one of the most important rules of Life, and doesn’t require any externally imposed morals or even much thinking.

  3. @Neo

    You said, “Could I not assert that believing in god is for the mentally lazy? Once the answer to every question invokes a god what more is there. No thinking required.”

    What you said implies that humans thinking is a good thing. But is it??? Maybe on some things we should all just eschew thinking and do the simple things we are told in the Ten Commandments. Consider this. God said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

    Now, what happens when some idiot human gets a hold of that, and says, “There is no God, sooo why shouldn’t I commit adultery? Because it feels really good, and nobody will ever know. . .That is who human thinking works.

    Then, the cheater falls in love with the 22 year old file clerk, or knocks her up, and there is a divorce, and the kids all grow up sad and feeling like crap, etc. Then, the cheater grows tired of the bimbo, and it is rinse and repeat. But it all seemed very reasonable at the time.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. Could I not assert that believing in god is for the mentally lazy? Once the answer to every question invokes a god what more is there. No thinking required.

    Sure that dipstick driver has the right to drive and pray but when her actions cause injury to another, she’s fully responsible for making them whole again. (That’s from a concept called liberty which I think the D of I makes mention of.)

    The last thing we need are more dumb-ass laws to bind the masses in bullsh*t while the rich and connected can do whatever the hell they want.

  5. @NickS

    LOL back at you! I am telling you, they need to make amends with their two previous writers. Pansies is running circles around them! That whole bunch had a lot better audience for their dribble here at this website. I think they all really over-reacted last year.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. Squeek, With the demise of FFS, some of them are here under new names taking shots @ me. LOL!!

  7. @PaulCSchulte

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    Because no matter what I.Annie says, i am NOT preoccupied with poopie.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Is no one going to discuss the egregious mistakes in the article itself? Who was driving the car? Perry cannot have been both driving and removing her grandkids from the car. And, I doubt if Beckham was the driver that Perry would have to be paying restitution. Instead of worrying about the religious over/undertones, we all should be more concerned with this affront to journalism.

    I expect better from you, Professor Turley.

  9. Hmmm. Yea, verily is it written:

    The chariots race madly through the streets; they rush to and fro through the squares; they gleam like torches; they dart like lightning. (Nahum 2:4 ESV)

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky – there is a new post at Pansies for Plato that is right in your wheelhouse.

  10. Beldar

    What are you in your 40s or 50s? you are right millennials are probably more just and merciful than your backwards generation. Haha you all supported islamic extremism through the Reagan doctrine amen tip oneil with billions in support of the mujahideen. Thanks for that….

  11. I sure hope a post about chief keef’s civil liberties being violated makes it to this -pro US at all costs- blog. Probably won’t. He doesn’t like the same things as the founding fathers, this will bother people on here so who cares about the violation?!

  12. She was picking the lint out of her belly button. What would you give as an excuse? It’s a tough choice, appear stupid or really stupid.

  13. I was going to ask what that twitter address would be. But then I remembered God is on Twitter — TheTweetOfGod.

  14. If she were “texting” a message to God she would probably get more slack from a jury if there were sufficient number of “millenials” on the jury.

  15. If she had a jury trial and raised this as fact, not necessarily some recognized “defense”, she could get some slack from a well rounded jury. This would be especially true if she said that she went into prayer because she had just seen a dog get run over or somesuch thing. On Remulak this would not be a defense and on Remulak no one prays. So, I think of this as worse than a cell phone distraction.

  16. Sounds like extreme negligence. What did she think? She could force God to drive for her and protect the world from her bad judgement? She must realize that if she bent her head in prayer in front of the stove, she’d set her hair on fire.

    DBQ – perhaps she should pray to God and ask for guidance on what the right thing is for her to do to get herself out of her tough spot.

    It’s like the modern parable of the man on the roof of his house in a flood. He keeps refusing help from rescuers, declaring confidently that God would save him. When he drowned, he asked God why he didn’t help him. He did – he sent rescuers with a boat but he refused to get in.

    I think Professor Turley might have gotten the names mixed up in the story. Also, was the victim paralyzed from her injuries? I hope not.

  17. It shouldn’t matter why someone is not paying attention while driving. It is reckless behavior, and DWP should not be a valid defense. Is this part of RFRA?

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