Nepalese Father Confesses To Luring Poor Child with Food and then Murdered Him

125px-Flag_of_Nepal.svgWe have yet another horrific account of a primitive practice leading to the murder of an innocent person. The latest scandal occurred in Nepal Kodai Harijan, a father, admitted that he lured a poor child with a pack of biscuits and 49 cents. He then murdered the 10-year-old child on the alleged advice of a shaman who told him that the death would heal his ailing son.

Jivian Kohar, 10, was found playing with friends in the village and promised the food and money. He was then taken to a temple on the outskirts of the village where the father and other men performed a religious ritual. He was then taken to a field nearby where three people held him down as another slit his throat. His head was almost completely cut off when police found his body.

The village is the home of so called “untouchables” in Nepal — the lowest paid and most abusive sect in the culture. It is also the least educated.

As the father of four, I can see wanting to do anything for one of my children. However, the idea of sacrificing an innocent body to help my son is unthinkable. Yet a group of men followed the advice of this shaman.

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  1. Rich Paul, Maybe he’s on toilet bowl surveillance nowadays. Maybe he’s got a god with the DA’s office.

  2. Come, come, IAnnie. Let’s leave it up to the experts –

    those experts in surveillance who have surveilled many a toilet and their contents. God knows how many a fertilized egg has been flushed down a toilet by some base, criminal woman. We need more unselfish observers who will seek to end such godless activity.

  3. Karen, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    George Orwell

    I’m an expert on surveillance. The surveillance I’ve seen to date, and I’ve watched the raw footage, is professional and devastating. There is now evidence that the alleged “hack” of Planned Parenthood’s website was a ploy they perpetrated to try and divert attention and rally the despondent troops. The wheels are coming off the bus.

  4. Palsey: Palin never said she could see Russia from her house. Tina Fey said it in a Saturday Night Live skit. Check your facts lest someone mistakes a Schmutz for a Schmuck.

  5. Inga, please be aware of the Offical Policy Change in re miscarriages.

    Rather than flush them like so many goldfish, the Progressive Grand Inquisitor asks that you save the remains and bring them to Planned Parenthood.

    For resale.

    We appreciate the donation. Intact bodies preferred.

  6. annie
    1, March 30, 2014 at 1:47 am
    If she having a later miscarriage she would be going to the ER and have a D&C and the fetal remains would most likely be saved and she would be asked if she would like to view them and take them for burial or cremation. Sometimes they are in pieces, sorry for being graphic. If its an earlier miscarriage she would either see her OB in the office or go to the ER later and those remains would most likely end up on a disposable pad in bed and discarded in medical waste. The fetus is sometimes so small it can’t be distinguished, from the rest of the tissue. Things may have changed since in the last few years, bu that is how I recall it.

  7. annie
    1, March 29, 2014 at 8:52 pm
    Spinelli, quit being a damn drama queen and grow up. What do you think? Do you a expect women to sift through the blood clots and tissue in the toilet bowl? If a woman chooses to do so fine, her prerogative, but it would be cruel to pass judgment on her for flushing the remains. Sometimes you are very childish.

  8. annie
    1, March 29, 2014 at 8:33 pm
    Do you know what happens to a fetus and pregnancy tissue in a misscariage at home? It usually gets flushed down the toilet. Should women all of a sudden feel like they should look for the tiny fetus in the toilet bowl and give it a “proper” burial? I understand the sorrow of a misscariage, but, IMO it’s worse to make a ritual of the disposition of a aborted or miscarried fetus. Cremation is done for full grown deceased people, it’s not considered shameful.

  9. Nick:

    “I have never been a big abortion issue guy. But, these videos are shocking to anyone w/ a rational mind and a beating heart.” That’s exactly my point. The issues raised have been disturbing to people all along the abortion spectrum, which is why even Hillary Clinton was disturbed. They’re investigating this and we’ll all find out more facts as they come out.

    And yet, there is this absolute tidal wave of push back against criticism of PP. No organization is spotless, so why this bias in favor of PP is beyond me. To some people, they’re Teflon, to other’s, they can do no right. But an issue like this should be the great unifier, as people everywhere demand we find out what’s going on.

  10. Why does Spinellii never provide links? Ask yourself that “Edward”.

  11. And Edward, pray tell what did I “lie” about? It’s the truth toy buffoons can’t tolerate.

  12. Thanks Edward. I’m glad he quoted me accurately and I stand by my description of what happens in a miscarriage. For any men here or even women who do not know most miscarriages happen on the toilet and the contents are usually flushed, I again say educate yourself and grow the hell up.

  13. Pogo, I am not easily shocked. And being a man of substance and wisdom, I know you are not either. I have never been a big abortion issue guy. But, these videos are shocking to anyone w/ a rational mind and a beating heart.

  14. Spinelli, you’ve outdone yourself in the lows to which you’ve sunk to on RIL. Congratulations. I do encourage a link, but Spinelli is too cowardly to provide one. Ignorance is no excuse, most adult men who have been married to women know such things. Grow up.

  15. I am filled with utmost pride in seeing the liberal stalwarts carrying the flag in this troubled time.
    Be not afraid, for it will pass.

    But think how far we’ve come!
    In just a few decades, the topic has become so boring that we can be caught with our hand in the uterine cookie jar, retrieving fetal parts for sale like an endometrial Radio Shack, haggling over prices like sow bellies, and STILL our comrades stand firm, not even noticing what Must Not Be Noticed.
    As if the sale of foetal livers and legs by less crunchy means meant no more than buying a few pounds of bacon.

    It just warms your heart.


    “If you miscarry at home or somewhere else that’s not a hospital, you are very likely to pass the remains of your pregnancy into the toilet. (This can happen in hospital too.) You may look at what has come away and see a pregnancy sac and/or the fetus – or something you think might be the fetus. You might want to simply flush the toilet – many people do that automatically – or you may want to remove the remains for a closer look. That’s natural too.”

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