Two State Attorneys General Charged Criminally In Same Week

Kathleen_Kane_AG_croppedUnknownWe have previously discussed the criminal investigation of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane for alleged prosecutorial misconduct. Kane, once a rising Democratic star in the state, has now been charged with leaking grand jury information and lying about it to a grand jury. She is not alone however. In Texas, her counterpart was also charged this week with criminal acts of securities violations. Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is now a criminal defendant facing two counts of his own.

The investigation of the grand jury focused on the alleged the leaking of two memos: one involving a 2009 grand jury investigation as well as an internal memo leaked to the Philadelphia Daily News in 2014 on the findings of the 2009 investigation.

Charges against Kane include obstructing justice, official oppression, conspiracy, perjury and false swearing. She stands accused of leaking information to political operatives in hopes of embarrassing former state prosecutors viewed as her enemies. Kane was reportedly furious about a story in 2014 by the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled “Sources: Kathleen Kane shut down probe of Philly Democrats.” It made Kane look like she was protecting fellow democrats. Kane allegedly wrote her media strategist that same day that “I will not allow them to discredit me or our office.” She then said “This is war.”

If so, she may prove it greatest casualty with this sweeping indictment and says that she orchestrated the leaking of secret 2009 grand jury documents conducted under her predecessor and a senior deputy attorney general. The case involved the alleged misuse of grant money by an NAACP boss, who was never charged.

Notably, charges were also brought this week against another state attorney general: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The Republican is charged with soliciting investors in a local company without properly registering under state law. He alleged violated state securities law by soliciting investment clients for the firm of his friend and campaign donor. He faces two charges of securities fraud in excess of $100,0000 and a third felony charge for allegedly advising or representing investors without properly registering, according to booking records.

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