Indian Rape Victim Forced To Balance Heavy Stone On Head To Prove Her Virtue

a-rape-survivor-in-india-must-balance-a-heavy-rock-on-her-head-to-prove-her-purity-body-image-1438974892We have been following the plight of women in India from an epidemic of rape to discrimination in marriage and advancement. The medieval mentality found in some parts of India was on display in the Gujarat High Court, which asked a rape victim to balance a 40kg rock on her head in order to ‘prove her purity’ and reside with her husband again. It is part of the bizarre ritual called “Agnipariksha,” or “test of fire.”

The woman became pregnant as a result of the rape but was denied an abortion by Gujarat High Court in India. If she passes this “sanctity test,” she would be able to live with her husband again.

The “test of fire” is the traditional way in some areas of India to prove virtue because of the view that a rape victim is considered to be “tainted.” The origins of the test is found in the Hindu poem Ramayana, in which Sita was made to sit in the fire after she had been kidnapped by a suitor.

The continued use of this practice is a disgrace to India and a shocking degradation for women.

17 thoughts on “Indian Rape Victim Forced To Balance Heavy Stone On Head To Prove Her Virtue”

  1. It’s ignorance like this that allowed Britain, a country of 40 million to conquer and control India, a country of 1 billion for nearly 300 years. Time to leave the medieval and enter the 21st century.

  2. Religion is the opiate of the masses as Lenin said and this is one more example of the stupidity of religious zealots

  3. That poor lady. Abuse of women truly is epidemic in India, from bride burning, forced marriages, domestic abuse, abuse of Untouchables, rapes, to the treatment of rape survivors.

    It’s a disgrace in today’s day and age. And I’m really mad at her husband for his allowing a mob to treat her like this. I have no idea what his opinion is on the matter, as it’s not stated in the article.

    But let’s compare this situation to the fictional scene in “Outlander” where Jamie MacKenzie Fraser battles back a mob intent on burning his time traveling wife Claire as a witch, telling them God put him on this Earth to protect his wife, and who were they to disagree with God?

  4. Fools.

    In the US, we SJWs make men, especially the white kind (“*spit*) the source of all evil.
    They must prove their purity by being gay supporters of Democrats and all things lesbian, transgender and multicultural.
    Plus, shut up, because: Feminism.

    Unless of course the multiculti stuff involves anything beyond dressing up in native costumes and cooking funny-smelling food on multiculti day, or in their quaint restaurants.

    But like religion, if they actually practice their culture (as in this story), well, hooo boy, that just ain’t allowed.

    Well, except the Muslims.
    They can do anything they want because we’re afraid of them.

  5. I hate to interject reality, but there may be other issues going on here. In my travels I recall Thane as a majority Muslim “enclave” in the Bombay metro area. There may be some Hindu oriented anti-Muslim feelings lurking about. Not hating Muslims and openly treating them as legalized second-class citizens. More like treating them as juvenile troublemakers with simple possible solutions for their petty problems. As might have happened in parts of the U.S. for Blacks in the mid 1960’s

    Is this part of telling women to use chili powder for protection? Could be. Btw, wouldn’t it be great if they had a Second Amendment in India and some of these women could blow a hole through their attackers’ heads instead of being told, “too bad”?

  6. Oh the water bowl torture, huh? A woman who is raped, denied an abortion, then must carry and bear the child to be taken away, then she must go through some torturous ritual to prove her sanctity in order to be accepted back by her husband? “The inmates have taken over the asylum”.

  7. In the movies, Indians used to assess veracity by having the witness hold his finger completely still in a bowl of water.

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