New York Judge Convicted Of Lying About Assault With A Toilet Lid

18510507-smallIn a truly bizarre case, a jury in New York found that former judge Roger Barto lied about being attacked outside his court in 2013. The police maintained that Barto faked the attack and then collected tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs. Judge Barto was also accused in a separate case of stealing from a cemetery.

B9318387324Z.1_20150808142946_000_GI9BIQE9A.1-0Bart claimed that someone jumped him, strangled him, and then hit him over the head with a toilet tank lid. The picture from the police shows broken piece of a toilet lid at the scene.

Barto is not a lawyer but some jurisdictions still (unwisely) allow non-lawyers to be judges. He was suspended from the bench by the New York Court of Appeals after the allegations arose.

The county paid $41,477 in Barto’s medical bills. However, there were not wounds consistent with being choked or struck found by the hospital. He was only treated for unrelated medical issues such as gout and high blood pressure.

He was convicted of third-degree insurance fraud, defrauding the government and first-degree falsification of business records as well as a misdemeanor for third-degree falsely reporting an incident. There remain two unrelated counts alleging that Barto also stole gasoline while acting as village cemetery sexton.

Source: ABA Journal

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  1. He’s facing another trial on those charges. Search for arrests by Syracuse and Central New York law enforcement agencies and local New York State Police.

  2. steg at 1046…..’forgotwhoiam’ very close….if provable….still off topic. Write an ag or ig if that is true and publicly post the result. A thousnd railroading equal something¥

  3. The old joke I know is something like “All lawyers are scum, except the one representing me.”

    I get the bell shaped curve statistics on personalities and morality and all that, but the idea that you must be a lawyer in order to understand the law is ridiculous in our American experiment.

    It creates an artificial barrier, as well as a logical fallacy. The idea that someone needs to be credentialed to understand if something was not allowed under the law. It also is at odds with our tool of Jury Nullification. If a juror can convince (or they are already in agreement) the other jurors that the law which is alleged to have been broken is wrong/unconstitutional/nonsense/double standards applied, then they may, in fact it is their duty, to vote no on all charges.

    When the judge reads their results, and the alleged criminal is not found guilty of the charges presented, the law has been effectively nullified.

    SO I pose this question to the board: Should we need to be lawyers to serve on juries?


    The artificial barrier of which I spoke has been noted here and before. The fallacy is that of the ‘only ones’. Someone with a better education in logic than I can name the real name of it. But the meat of it is this- dealing with the police and the second amendment:

    Law enforcement should be the only people to have guns, because they are the only ones responsible enough to wield the power.

    Read: Lawyers should be the only people to be judges, because they are the only ones knowledgeable enough to wield the power.

    To this, I say BuLLShlitz.

  4. “I consider all Bar Associations to be legal criminal enterprises created solely to deny every American who lacks significant funds their due process and create laws to further line the pockets of these idiots they call lawyers/attorneys. They don’t tell you this but when you hire a lawyer their first duty is to the court, not you. You are just a side note with a checkbook.”

    Neo makes many valid points. Pleasant surprise on here. There is usually zero discussion of Bar Associations around here (hence the awards).

  5. @ bam bam: Because most people who represent themselves don’t know what the hell they’re doing so they get screwed, but so do those you hire a lawyer. One lawyer trick is how they work very hard getting every penny out of you then leave you high and dry in court by just keeping their mouths shut in court and/or not filing any motions on your behalf, and/or withdrawing from your case just before your court date. I’ve heard all these complaints over and over again.

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