Zimbabwe Quietly Re-Opens Lion Hunts After Outcry Over The Killing of “Cecil the Lion”

250px-Male_Lion_on_RockZimbabwe has its ban on lion, leopard and elephant hunting that it imposed after the illegal killing of the beloved “Cecil the Lion” by Minnesota Dentist Walter Palmer. Hunting companies were told that they could start to line up wealthy trophy hunters again for bag the big game. In the meantime, conservationists have come forward to defend trophy hunting as a needed source of revenue for these parks.

A statement from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association confirmed that “following some useful discussions between operators and the relevant Zimbabwean authorities, the suspension has now been uplifted throughout the country.”

Cecil was wearing a collar when killed. Zimbabwe authorities have banned all hunting of “collared iconic animals.” Does that mean that you can kill “collared non-iconic animals.” Cecil was a favorite with tourists.

As we discussed earlier, the best friend that Palmer has at this point is the corrupt authoritarian head of Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe. Widely condemned for starving his people while living like a Pharaoh, Mugabe came forward recently to blame everyone else for the death of Cecil. He told his people: “All the natural resources are yours. Even Cecil the lion is yours. He is dead but yours to protect, and you failed to protect him.”

As for the guide Theo Bronkhorst who helped wound and then kill Cecil, he may receive as little as a fine for his role.

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