“Bingo for Brandi”: Pennsylvania Beauty Queen Charged With Faking Cancer To Defraud Donors

150812-brandi-lee-weaver-gates_845a_78c823be384c18c024e916baba23647a.nbcnews-ux-320-320Pennsylvania beauty queen Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates, 23, has been charged with fraud after police concluded that she lied about have having leukemia to garner donations and benefits. She has been ordered to “return her sash and crown.” That however will be the least of the problems for the former Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International pageant winner. Police now say that fundraisers like “Bingo for Brandi” were frauds. Unlike beauty, cancer is not something that is left to the eye of the beholder.

Weaver-Gates reportedly claimed she was first diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in March 2013.

Police charged Weaver-Gates with theft by deception and receiving stolen property. One of the biggest items cited was an April bingo benefit that raised $14,000 for her battle with cancer.

Police say that Weaver-Gates went to extraordinary measures to support her claim, including shaving her head and having relatives drive her to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore to get treatment. During this time, she was benefiting from fundraisers, including “Bingo for Brandi.”

Police say that she declined to make a statement but could not identify her doctors.

BRANDI_WEAVER_GATES_2The case is another example of how fraud can be prosecuted without making lies a crime generally. For example, I have previously criticized past prosecutions for stolen valor (here and here) as a threat to the first amendment. Such cases are deterred through social stigma and simple research when there is no economic benefits derived from the fraud. If true, this case could bring a significant jail sentence given the level of alleged premeditation and orchestration by the alleged culprit.

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  1. but then where would the cia. Rsv. Kgb. Et al….get all their wigs? It is a matter of national security the wig market accept fraud…..so get over Hillary’s emails….so brief…..whole wigs take decades.

    1. jj – people have gone to jail for what Hillary has done with her emails. And it is not just her, her entire team is on the hook at this point. She send top secret info over her emails, which are not encrypted. And she has continually lied about it. This was top secret info that was classified top secret before she sent it.

  2. you know how much luv goes into a wig? It ain’t just a pay check. It is years of shampoo and conditioner and brushing out snarls. Years of work and maintenance….to make just one wig to fancy just one woman who NEEDs it …..and along comes an lgbT drag. There should be a wig registry…..to ensure only a cancer needed can buy it.

  3. “Transpeople”: interesting word. I wonder what Randy Newman would say about this group.

    Transpeople got no reason to live… Got little bitty eyes, little bitty feet, little bitty voices that go peep peep peep Dont want no Transpeople, Dont want no Transpeople round here.

  4. The Not-cancers are like the Blessed Not-rapes which are the scourge of every college woman across the US.

    Indeed, according to Washington & Lee University Title IX compliance officer, Lauren Kozak “regret equals rape”; that even if a sexual encounter was entirely consensual, if the woman *later* regrets what she did, that sexual encounter was a rape.

    Similarly, if a woman has badfeel, and then says she has cancer, then badfeel equals cancer.
    I don’t see the problem with that.

    1. Chief Consort – your opinion on badfeel sounds medically sound. I cannot see why anyone would not accept it.

  5. These scams are made possible by the pathetic health care situation in the States.

  6. The organizers of these benefits for cancer victims should be made to register somewhere and have the place of treatment on record at some state level. This isn’t the first of this type of scam we’ve heard of. Some entity should be vetting the beneficiaries of these types of fund raisers.

  7. She should get something for the amazingly orchestrated scam. First it will probably be some time to think, complete with a captured audience. Secondly, another scam, given all the advice she will be receiving. Then, a really good scam, or a book.

  8. I think JT is being tough on women today! That mugshot looks like possibly a crystal meth face.

  9. People played bingo, the proceeds went to her. What is different between that and the proceeds going to the Catholic Church? If she can pronounce the disease, she can have it. I admire her commitment by shaving her head.

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