Florida Mom Jailed After She Allegedly Abandoned Kids In Running Car To Drink And Had 4-Year-Old Son Use Breathalyzer To Start Car

os-april-king-arrest-child-abuse-apopka-20150811April R. King, 35, is facing a particularly bad criminal case after a police body cam video by Apopka police allegedly showed her using her 4-year-old son to blow into an in-vehicle Breathalyzer so it would start. She is accused of leaving her kids in the car to drink at a bar.

Police say that they were called to a running vehicle outside of a Froggers Grill and Bar with kids in the car. The kids were in the car for about 20 minutes. That might be somehow explained (though the running car is particularly dangerous) but employees said that she left the bar and drove around in the parking lot before going to a business next door to the bar. When police arrived, they say that she was outside of her vehicle and had slurred speech and smelled of alcohol and seemed unsteady. She denied going to the bar or leaving her children. As the police were looking into the matter, the boy went to the front seat and blew on the Breathalyzer.

Her husband not surprisingly revealed that his wife has a serious drinking problem. She was charged with child neglect and taken to the Orange County Jail on a $1,500 bond.

The husband was not in town during the incident and the children were released into the care of a babysitter.

These are unbelievably sad cases. Many of us have known people with alcohol dependency and it takes a terrible toll on these people and their families. The question is how to handle such cases without shattering a family. It should be clear that she cannot have supervision of the children, but the question is what other restrictions must be placed beyond mandatory treatment. It seems likely that a jail stint will be ordered.

How do you think such cases should be handled? Is jail really warranted with such an addiction and, if so, how long is appropriate in such a case.

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  1. Actually no that wasn’t his point. Two of these three sentences are not the point he was trying to make. The point he was trying to make is nonexistent. He was blabbering.

    “In the early days of legal abortions a significant number of women died from the results of the abortion.”

    “-we are talking about supposedly legal safe abortions that were killing both mothers and child.”

    ” – my point is that abortion is rarely safe for the baby.”

  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/20/world/europe/jury-cites-poor-medical-care-in-death-of-indian-woman-in-ireland.html?_r=0

    Here is case of a maternal death because the woman was not allowed an abortion, not due to preeclampsia, but because she became septic during a miscarriage.

    “The six-man, five-woman jury agreed that Ms. Halappanavar, 31, died from “medical misadventure” involving the failure of the hospital’s staff to identify, document or address her development of blood poisoning. Ms. Halappanavar’s husband, Praveen, said the hospital staff refused to give his wife an abortion even though her fetus had no chance of survival, citing the country’s Roman Catholic social policies against abortions.

    The staff waited three days until the 17-week-old fetus had died. By then Ms. Halappanavar was in an advanced state of septicemia, and she died four days later.”

    1. In the early days of legal abortions a significant number of women died from the results of the abortion.

      1. Yes indeed they did Paul. So why should we go back to the bad old days? That’s why safe abortions are so important.

        1. Inga – we are talking about supposedly legal safe abortions that were killing both mothers and child.

          1. Paul, medical advances have been made in all areas of medicine. If early LEGAL abortions were not entirely safe in those days they are safer NOW. What is your point?

  3. Paul have you ever heard of severe preeclampsia in which the only solution is to deliver the woman of the baby? This sometimes happens before the baby is viable even with extensive medical care. There are some cases in which the meds do not relieve the preeclampsia and the woman hoes into eclampsia, which can be deadly. I had preeclampsia with my first and so did my daughter, we were lucky our cases didn’t start until late in pregnancy and were not severe.mand Paul, because a condition may be rare, doesn’t mean the person who has it should simply be dismissed from having the treatment they deserve.


  4. Nick – it’s apropos that you mentioned this. One of the theories behind common food sensitivities is evolutionary adaptations to certain diets. Some enclaves developed grains like wheat far before others, such as certain Native Americans. Native Americans grew corn, which was alien to European diets.

  5. That’s a great story. Alcohol is such a serious drug for someone with such a genetic vulnerability.

  6. Karen, Indians also have a much higher incidence of diabetes because of our diet. Their native diet had no processed carbs. Bread was introduced to them and that was like poison, as is alcohol. I have to believe the predisposition to alcoholism and diabetes are related.

  7. Karen, The gene has not yet bet isolated and defined, that I’m aware. But yes, metabolism is the suspected problem. Indians have a SIX TIMES higher rate of alcoholism than the general population. I attended an AA seminar when I was a VISTA volunteer in KC. I was working in a Federal Prison halfway house and many of the residents were alcoholic. It was a 3 day seminar @ the beautiful Unity Village in KC. My roommate was a Indian, about my age. I was 21 years old and stupid. I had no idea the guy was alcoholic. At the end of day one I pulled out a pint of bourbon and asked my roomie if he wanted a drink. He smiled and said, “Brother, if I took one sip I would drink that whole bottle.” I was mortified. But, what I remember most was how understanding and gracious he was. He taught me much about Indian alcoholism both on the reservation and in the general population. I kept in touch w/ him for some time.

  8. Believer: Bless you for taking that girl in. It’s wonderful that she and her mother eventually healed her bond. Rape is such a terrible crime, so difficult for the victim to get over.

  9. Nick – remember when MSNBC vowed not to use military terminology to describe the presidential race, because it was too violent. They tripped over themselves and were unable to complete a sentence without slipping up and using phrases like “target”, “targeted audience”, “setting their sights”, “divide and conquer”, “political coup”, etc. It was hilarious. I would turn on the coverage just to count how many times they apologized for using standard military adjectives that have been applied to business, politics, and dating since the dawn of time. Heck, how many business managers recommend “The Art of War”? They gave it up after a few weeks.

  10. Nick – I can’t remember anymore. Was it the gene that governs metabolism of alcohol that caused the problem with Native Americans?

    Fermentation saved lives in Medieval Europe, where people dug latrines next to wells. Water was so contaminated it was poisonous by today’s standards. I recall an experiment where researchers made beer out of duck pond water that tested negative for relevant bacteria. Europeans had hundreds of years to acclimate to an alcohol based diet that Native Americans never experienced. I wonder if liver failure was one of the causes of the truncated life span of Europeans in antiquity. Perhaps they survived poisoning from water but succumbed to alcohol related illness.

    1. Karen – the further north you go in Europe the higher the rate of alcoholism. Irish alcoholism may come from raid by Vikings raiding and raping and finally settling as “Black Irish”. Russia has a huge alcoholism problem.

  11. Karen, With normal, intelligent people; a written record does help. Just sayn’!!!

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