Satan Spotted At Speech By President Obama, Or, How I Learned To Lay Off The Quaaludes And Make Conspiracy Theory Movies

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

reptilian-secret-service-agentFinally, Abraham Maslow and Satan can agree on something—the conspiracy theorist who made this movie achieved self-actualization. Clearly this was the highest achievement in the CT world and for me one of the funniest and most unbelievable I had the pleasure of witnessing. And most astoundingly, I did not need to be a card carrying member of the illuminati to experience it.

The below movie clip describes how “the average secret service spook” takes a “shape shifting, non-human reptilian form” while working a speech for the president.

“It could be evidence of a shape shifting alien humanoid working for the powers to be.”

Having heard all the tired and rather bland conspiracy theories–the faked moon-landings, the U.N. controlling congress, 250,000 Viet Cong in British Columbia, 10,000 Mongol Horsemen in the Yucatan Peninsula–this video brought back my faith that one can still find quality wacko theories and that this art and craft has not died out.

The video has it all: The Zionist Cabal; Aliens; Government Controlled by Israel and extraterrestrials.

The video at least proved to be a welcome distraction from today’s often unsettling news and a rather busy weekend for me personally.

The only theory that I suspect might be true is that there is an actual Secret Service agent who will probably never live this down with his coworkers. And probably he will have to buy several rounds of beer on weekends to shut them up.

Well, here it is. Enjoy

Source: Classified

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68 thoughts on “Satan Spotted At Speech By President Obama, Or, How I Learned To Lay Off The Quaaludes And Make Conspiracy Theory Movies”

  1. was’nt abraham the name of a satanic jew prophet that killed his son in a satanic jew blood ritual

  2. Karen, We need your common sense on the new car hijacker thread this morning. Stat!

  3. Nick – now, when I hear the word “quaalude” in the news, I think of Bill Cosby allegedly drugging and raping women. He used to be my favorite comedian, but I think there’s something like 40 accusers now.

    It’s patently unfair that there’s a Sci Fi tinfoil hat conspiracy theory on this blog, but it’s a video so I can’t watch it!

  4. The fat, lesbian, Hillary is addicted to pizza. She will wolf down any kind of pizza put in front of her, even deep dish!!

  5. Bam Bam –

    Slim Fast has given Kankles McPantsuit Clinton over $6 million in donations.

    That’s a perfect example of throwing money at a failed cause, which she is, in many ways.

    Slim Fast would be better off to give their money to Carly Fiorina, at least she’s fit. It’s just so damned ironic. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. “That Ms. Clinton sure is a person of the people… who have tight connections to Wall Street.”

    Max – 1, it’s just as I suspected. There is nothing more at work in the hearts of communists, AKA democrats, than simple jealousy. You don’t realistically care about or ever expect to eliminate “poverty and suffering,” whatever the hell that is, you are simply jealous of other people’s success. You covet. “Thou shalt not covet.”

    You believe if one can’t achieve like other people, the government should confiscate the evil successful person’s money and give it away. Your failure and jealousy compel you to punish successful people. Of course, the poor should not have to work for a living. Funny thing there, “Arbeit macht frei,” AKA, “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

    The USSR, China and now Cuba have all gone “free enterprise” or, in Marx’s pejorative, “capitalist” to allow their people to provide for themselves. “Whatever you have is enough,” as a wise man once said. No one on this planet is better at taking care of a person than the person himself.

    And you’re right, we are not all those “who have tight connections to Wall Street.” Think about it. That is physically impossible. We all have “tight connections” to something else – something on our level and something we can actually achieve. Good people will find their connection and take care of themselves to the best of each individual’s ability. You communists do a disservice to your clients, the “poor.” Leave them alone.

    “Whatever you have is enough.”

    Try simply taking care of yourself. Be happy. Read the Founders. Obey the law. Obey the Ten Commandments. Learn about being free and engaging in free enterprise in free markets. Open a free enterprise charity in the free markets of the private sector. Go to church if you need to. Leave other people and their money alone. Leave people to their freedom.

    Stop communist “social engineering.” Stop forcing people to bus people, hire people, matriculate people, sell/rent homes to people and live in neighborhoods with people. Free Americans have the right to private property and Freedom of Assembly. Nowhere does the Constitution mandate whom Americans love and whom Americans hate.

    “Thou Shalt Not Covet.”

    Alternatively, you could petition America to repeal the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights and impose the Communist Manifesto. Just think, you could stop living a lie.

  7. “Why was my 75 yo mil buying anything on the street…..but since she was and they ‘thought’ qualudes…what was she really buying?”

    I know there are serious questions regarding the reliability of Wiki, but sometimes the articles contain plausible information.

    In regard to Quaalude, This sentence seems to confirm the remarks by Nick and suggest you grandmother may have been buying mehtaqualone manufactured by an underground lab.

    “After the legal manufacture of the drug ended in the United States in 1982, underground laboratories in Mexico continued illegal manufacture of methaqualone all through the 1980s, continuing the use of the “714” stamp, until their popularity waned in the early 1990s.”

    It surprising to me that drugs would wax and wane in popularity. Why oh why can’t people stick with tradition and the tried and true. If a gram of cocaine dissolved in a water glass filled with vodka was good enough to start the day for the pioneers of rock why should we need designer drugs or anything else? What this country needs is more respect for the past.

  8. yep I speak of my ‘i just wish he could divorce her’ MIL….and the dea doesn’t care even tho I have admissions she was buying from trish……otc…..apparently they aim for me to get old enuf an atopsy is not routine. Maybe in my case an autosy should be routine forever. I am asking for you all to help me. Forever. I put a lid on it best I could. Your knee owes me……whatver that is worth.

  9. bb. does she also ‘skip’ thyroid med long enough for a quadrouple of med….plus a sympathy hospital stay and enough doses remaining at home to kill her daughter in law?

  10. I could zoom in and read the Secret Service agents name tag. I believe it was Tom Riddle.

  11. not ant . but MIL herself! And my question exactly why? Why was my 75 yo mil buying anything on the street…..but since she was and they ‘thought’ qualudes…what was she really buying? Since spenelli says no such thing as qualudes anymore…..

  12. drug illiterate. So when my 84 yo ant in law says my mil (her twin) was buying and using qualudes as recent as less than ten years ago and names the dealer (so I know it’s not fiction) what is she buying? ‘they’ call it qualudes….what’s the modern equiv?

    1. j – what is your 74 year old aunt doing buying ‘ludes from a dealer?

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