Perils of the Press: California Reporter Faces Outcry After She Makes Little Boy Cry In Kindergarten Interview

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.43.28 PMKTLA TV Reporter Courtney Friel has learned the hard way why W.C. Fields warned “Never Work with Children or Animals.” Friel was doing a feel good story about the start of school when she asked one question too many to a seemingly happy little boy. The question? Don’t you miss your mother?

Andrew Macias, 4, slowly breaks down on camera as Friel watches her piece go from a feel good to a painful interview. Many were irate and accused Friel of having no clue on how to speak to a child starting kindergarten.

Friel previously worked hosted “The World Poker Tour” on the Travel Channel and “The Saturday Night Solution” on Court TV. Gamblers were probably a tad tougher in interviews when being asked about their mothers.

We can put this one in our running category of the Perils of the Press.

31 thoughts on “Perils of the Press: California Reporter Faces Outcry After She Makes Little Boy Cry In Kindergarten Interview”

  1. I. Annie

    Funny videos. 🙂

    Why, this woman is just an idiot–a bimbo–for not knowing how to speak to children! The criticism on here, condemning this reporter, is hysterical.

    What does this talentless hack know about speaking with children? Let’s leave it up to professionals! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Please, tell Dr. Flicker!

  2. Yet one more example of a stupid blonde bimbo trying to pretend to be a news reporter She should try another line of work…perhaps as a cosmetic salesperson

  3. Some of you people need to calm down. She obviously didn’t think before she spoke, but oh well. The little boy was going to have a break down about missing his mom either way. Pain of separation is a part of life. It happens. This is not worth making blanket statements over the reporter’s entire identity and career.

  4. I KNOW when people incessantly talk about their kids and how wonderful and accomplished their precious children are, they are lying. When people say, “That family is so happy and perfect.” Well, they are not. Parents have varying degrees of problems w/ kids, but they ALL have problems.

  5. The revelation is that all adorable little children grow into what is commonly known as adolescence in which they are [not] quite so adorable. FIFY

    LOL. So true.

    I had a friend who had older children at the time and I was going on a bit about my pre teen daughter

    She said, Adolescence is God’s way of making you WANT to let your children grow up and send them off on to independence.

    Yup! She was wise.

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