Perils of the Press: California Reporter Faces Outcry After She Makes Little Boy Cry In Kindergarten Interview

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.43.28 PMKTLA TV Reporter Courtney Friel has learned the hard way why W.C. Fields warned “Never Work with Children or Animals.” Friel was doing a feel good story about the start of school when she asked one question too many to a seemingly happy little boy. The question? Don’t you miss your mother?

Andrew Macias, 4, slowly breaks down on camera as Friel watches her piece go from a feel good to a painful interview. Many were irate and accused Friel of having no clue on how to speak to a child starting kindergarten.

Friel previously worked hosted “The World Poker Tour” on the Travel Channel and “The Saturday Night Solution” on Court TV. Gamblers were probably a tad tougher in interviews when being asked about their mothers.

We can put this one in our running category of the Perils of the Press.

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  1. The revelation is that all adorable little children grow into what is commonly known as adolescence in which they are quite so adorable. That goes for girls too.

  2. I’m not blaming the reporter either Issac, I’m sure she wasn’t expecting his reaction. Overall it was a sweet video that most parents who had kindergarteners can relate to.

  3. The only question here is what’s wrong if a little kid cries. He was laughing and then he cried. That is nothing more than an expression of this being his first day at school. Then he is comforted and feels better. He has released his anxiety, which was there before the reporter mentioned his mom. Or should we fire someone, ban someone, or some other extreme idiotic reaction.

  4. hskiprob

    Whoa there boy!!! Lucky for you this is a conservative blog. If they find you, you will be punished.

  5. From her wikipedia entry. No joke!

    “Friel is especially known for her iconic appearance as host of the Britney Spears Good Morning America Special Desert Performance special, as well as making small children cry.”

    She was not quite hot enough to stay on the mainstream Fox channels, so she, like many other vapid blonde teleprompter readers, got booted to the hinterlands of TV reporting – local news.

  6. Agree with grannie. The reporter is not a mother and has no sensitivity to children. She is clueless. Poor little boy 🙁

  7. It’s telling to read the degree of vitriol this harmless and quite wonderful moment elicits in some. Of course some people are quite Ruthless.

  8. I would guess that this reporter is not a mom yet. This darling little boy was probably primed by mom of how great and exciting school was going to be, so he was psyched out. But mention the word “mom” reminded him of his beloved mom and his tears tell the real story of his apprehensions. We all love and miss our mom’s and need them more than we realize.
    You young people call your mom today and tell her how much you love her.

  9. It was a setup question by smarty pants reporter. Check this out.
    American missionaries contacting isolated Mashco Piro children in Peru. Completely illegal contact. Little boy about the same age, raids the missionary boat.

  10. Oily, “How long will it take for the public education system to teach the boy that his mother is not the center of his universe?”

    Well, based on recent experiance watching college and professional sports, that won’t happen.

  11. This blonde is an idiot. You’re supposed to get interviewees to cry on disaster stories, not feel good stories. Cute Mexican kid. Stupid American woman.

  12. What’s wrong with the kid’s emotion? In a day or two he will be having a ball and school will be routine. This is part of life’s rich tapestry of emotions. Leave the reporter alone on this one. The only travesty here is that the boy is not supposed to cry. Laughing or crying, it’s the same release.

  13. Ohhhhh poor sweet little boy, of course he’s going to miss his mom. Notice how he tries to be a little tough guy saying “no” at first, you can just see the realization of being without his mom dawn on him. Boys should always remain so adorable, lol.

  14. Finally, MSM asking the tough questions so important to keep the public informed.

  15. How long will it take for the public education system to teach the boy that his mother is not the center of his universe?

  16. How long will it take the school district to declare that “mother” is a trigger word?

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