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  1. Very impressive. The only flips I do these days (well let’s be honest, the only ones I’ve ever done) are while cooking on a BBQ.

    I did play some football (US style) long ago. It was so long ago that I can’t be certain what position I played. But I think I was one of the drawbacks.

  2. Steve, You’re quite welcome. My “homeless w/ obsession” reference was a ball bust on my dear friend from Canada who obsessively references the “midget cowboy” every chance he gets. That’s his moniker for W if you didn’t know I try to be circumspect so as to not have pissing matches. The Canadian busts on me as well. From my end, ball busting on him is 95% good natured, and I think he sees it that way?

    I don’t see how anyone can “know” there is a God, it is simply faith. My faith is very simple. God put us here on earth to help each other, knowing it is too difficult a journey to be undertaken solo. I don’t go to church. I don’t like organized religion but respect those that do. I have always been drawn to helping homeless people. For the past 20 years I have cooked pasta dinners on Wednesdays for a homeless shelter in Madison. But, getting to know so many homeless Vets in San Diego has really gotten to my heart. They have pretty good VA healthcare in San Diego, as you know. There are so many things people can do. Here’s one I teach people that seems to strike a chord. It’s simple. When you have leftovers from a restaurant, look for a homeless person and give them the leftovers. Tell them what it is, where you ate it, and just exchange a few pleasantries. The reaction is almost always a heartfelt “thank you.”

    I always had you pegged for hardcore atheist by the way you mock religion. I stand corrected. I won’t make the same mistake again.

  3. Steve Groen, Ironically, I wrote an letter to the editor in the Wisconsin State Journal that was published a couple days ago on this subject. I have much empathy for the homeless. We have a rather liberal Mayor in Madison that is getting vilified by the enabling City Council. Mayor Soglin is trying to enforce some BASIC rules but the bleeding heart, mindless City Council call it homeless bashing. I know you are originally from here. You may know Soglin, a former anti-war activist?

    The letter can be read online. I compare the common sense way San Diego deals w/ the homeless to the Thunderdome Madison model. In San Diego, I have gotten to know homeless men, mostly Vets, who I buy breakfast and listen to them vent. I have also gotten to know the cops, particularly the San Diego Police special unit designated to homeless protection and enforcement. What I have learned from cops, and seen myself, is there have to be rules. The biggest reason for rules is to protect the meek homeless from the predatory homeless.

    I know you are a Shiite atheist and you think I’m a heartless a-hole. But, I believe in God, and believe he wants us to help those who need it. I don’t believe God is an enabler, like many mindless liberals. The elderly, homeless and children are vulnerable people that I do much for on an almost daily basis. Not writing checks to the Clinton Foundation, actually helping. I know many homeless in Mission/Pacific Beach by name. Not only do I buy them meals, I give them cash, I pull them out of the sun, rain, etc. when they’re passed out. I give them rides. All sorts of stuff. DavidM, another commenter you have derided does much more than me. He takes the homeless into his home.

    1. Nick, a very pleasant post from you. Thank you for it. What I don’t understand, however, and the basis for my post was yours earlier on this blog topic:

      “I watch homeless in San Diego consumed by their obsessions and just say a prayer.”

      I didn’t understand the relevance to “Think Cheerleaders Are Not Real Athletes? Watch This,” and frankly I still don’t.

      Finally, while we’re at it, “Shiite Atheist”? I’m agnostic because I don’t presume to know all the answers, whether it’s certainty that there is or isn’t a creator. It appears your god is male. Suit yourself.

  4. Paul

    I have often thought there should be two olympics, the one they have at present which is somewhat of a Barnum and Bailey Circus event and a purest one with only the core and original events. Somehow old fat people firing air pistols doesn’t quite fit.

    I have had the pleasure of attending top level international track and field events and there is something sacred in watching only this.

    Regarding my heart it is pumping, hot, and appreciative of this girl’s gymnastic ability. You are aware that the midget cowboy was captain of the Yale cheerleaders. This takes nothing away from this athlete. It does add to the cowboy’s persona, whether with or without humor, that depends on the fan.

    1. issac – I have never knocked cheerleaders, I was one in high school. I went to an all boy’s school.

      If you want the pure Olympics then it is only naked men watched by naked men (to keep out the women). So, are you up for a couple of days of sunburn?

  5. I am not always sure what should or should not be included in Olympic sports. However, I did go to the 1984 Olympics and had the pleasure of see the dressage and cross-country events. At one point Prince Margaret of England sat next to us at a jump and spent the entire time telling us exactly what to look for at that particular jump. She was very nice and down to earth.

    What I learned was that when you see competition at that level card shuffling could be a sport. Whatever it was, you were watching the best of the best.

  6. issac – it is true that Hillary can twist and turn words, I have seen her sworn statement to the judge. This girl can literally twist and turn and it would take a cold heart not to appreciate that kind of performance.

  7. stevegroen – Thanks for sharing the video. Very powerful. There but for the grace…

  8. Jerry: In a prior life as a human I trekked over to the base camp for Mt. Everest in Nepal. The only time I had to slide down a steep mountain side or climb rocks was when a monkey stole my camera bag. Trekking on mountain trails in Nepal is great. One can see many things and the risks are not all that bad. Mountain climbing would probably be something that the cheerleader would take on. Different strokes for different folks.

  9. The most astounding aspect is that she can do this for so long, so many maneuvers, without losing concentration. She’s no Hillary Clinton but credit where credit’s due.

  10. Very nice performance. All it takes is one mistake and get neck break. A quadriplegic in wheelchair. The bills just keep coming.

    I took risks. Climbed 14,000 mountains and sign in sheet at top in bottle. Then look on either side at 1500 foot sheer drop and think what am I doing hear?
    Now play it safe, low level hiking, Jacuzzi, then steak and lobster diner.

  11. I haven’t heard anyone contend that cheerleading is not a physically athletic activity, the question has always been whether or not it’s a “sport.” IMHO, most competitions without physical conflict, where judges determine the scoring, is a performance, not a sport. Boxing? Yes. Ribbon-on-a-stick? No.

    That said, the young woman in the video is an exceptional athlete!

  12. I would classify her as an excellent gymnast not I cheer leader. Did you hear a rah, rah, sis boom bah?

  13. I watch homeless in San Diego consumed by their obsessions and just say a prayer.

  14. So, maybe I was wrong about the midget cowboy. He was captain of the Yale cheerleaders and could probably twist and turn with the best of them.

  15. Sorry, All I can visualize are the Spartans[Ferrell and Oteri] doing “the perfect cheer.”

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