Meet Bear, The Dog That Helped Nail Jared of Subway

bear-dog-800One of the most interesting aspects of the case against Jared Fogle, Subway pitchman, for pornography was the use of a dog named Bear. While incorrectly called a “porn sniffing bloodhound,” Bear is actually one of five dogs trained to find hidden electronic data devices. Bear found the thumbdrive used to incriminate Fogle.

The black labrador went through Jared’s house and located the thumb drive. Jared later pleaded guilty to having child pornography and paying to have sex with teenage girls.

Bear also played a role in the arrest of Olympics gymnastics coach Marvin Sharp.

He is just told “Seek!” and he finds the data devices.

His handler is Todd Jordan, who is deputy fire chief in Anderson, Indiana. What is really fascinating is that Jordan got Bear as a rescue just a year ago and took only four months to train him with a food-reward system.

Source: NBC

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  1. We need an exception to hearsay when it involves a dog giving statements to his guide guy. The Federal Rules of Evidence need such an exception.

  2. Given that a few dogs have actually failed to find drugs at more than a 50% rate, I think all dogs should be qualified to be expert witnesses. In this case, Bear should have to find a thumb drive hidden by a neutral party.

  3. Good dog, Bear!

    What a nasty shock about Fogle. Pedophiles are despicable. Why don’t they go to a psychiatrist when they first have those feelings and demand to be locked up for the safety of the public? Now that would be brave.

  4. This dog search case gets into the issue of introducing evidence in a criminal trial which is found and seized at a residence or place of business or boat or where ever. The prosecutor has the cop on the witness stand and he smoothly states that Fido alerted him to pot in the trunk of the car or the video tape hidden behind the curtain. Well, when Fido “alerted him” he was communicating. He could have been saying : “Give me a dog biscuit.” So there was a statement made by the dog. The cop is relating hearsay. Lawyers never object. Lame duck lawyering. There is no exception called Hearsay of the Dog. Search the Federal Rules of Evidence. Search any state procedure book. Therefore, the objection is proper. What Fido said should be excluded unless they bring Fido in to court to testify. Which is something Fido could do if they would employ a Dogalogue Machine. With that device Fido barks into a microphone and a computer interprets the bark and prints out in English what Fido said. Which is how my bark is getting onto this website.

    1. Barkindog

      There’s a Jerry Clower story about a guy who brings a monkey coon huntin’.

      They turn a dog out and pretty soon he trees a coon. The guy sends his monkey up the tree with a flashlight and a pistol.

      During the interim the coon taps the tree (jumps to an adjacent branch on another tree) and gets away.

      The monkey shines his flashlight all around the tree and branches for a few minutes then abrubtly drops to the ground. He goes over to the dog, levels his pistol and kills the dog graveyard dead.

      The dog owner says,”hey man! What was that about?”

      The monkey owner says,”the only thing that monkey hates more than coons is lyin’ dogs.”

    1. Nick

      I was going to make a joke about how it was a rough week for Subway but it turned out the deal in France was a commuter train.

      I could see an ad where two muslims pull up to each other In Toyota pickups:

      “Say, do you have any AK47’s?”

      “Why yes, I do.”. Passes across.

  5. We have only tapped the surface in which animals can help humans. Subway makes crappy subs and choose evil spokesmen. Always seek out privately owned sub shops. Almost invariably they’re much better.

  6. Its nice to see police dogs used for more than just probable cause generators.

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