Mars’ Floating Spoon Rock

dnews-files-2015-09-mars-spoon2-670x440-150901-jpgLike many, I have become addicted to new images from NASA, particularly from Mars. While many have seen figures or other mysterious signs of life, the topography is far more interesting, like this image of the “floating spoon.”

There is a most interesting fact. We see such rock formations on Earth in places like Bryce Canyon in Utah. However, since Mars has a thinner atmosphere and weaker gravity, even more fantastic formations are possible. Formations like the Martian floating spoon.

Hopefully, we will not have a couple of Martian scout leaders push it over.

Source: Discovery

4 thoughts on “Mars’ Floating Spoon Rock”

  1. A dork is a dork, a dork of course. Unless of course the dork is named Mister Ed.

  2. Fascinating geologic structure.

    It is interesting to compare the geology of mars and earth. Some creationists say that the plethora of rounded boulders on earth are indicative of a global flood in earth’s history. Mars seems to lack such geologic features.

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