Taliban Reportedly Holds Huge Meeting To Select New Leader . . . in Pakistan

Flag_of_Taliban.svgFlag_of_PakistanPakistan continues to defy the United States and the Western world in harboring Taliban fighters and lying publicly about the collusion of its intelligence services with the terrorist organization. There is no greater example that a meeting of hundreds of Taliban leaders to select their new leader. That would seem an ideal time for an attack by the United States and Afghanistan, but the meeting is being held in Pakistan and reportedly with the knowledge of the Pakistani government. The “Unity shura” will be brought to the Taliban by the country that we have given billions of dollars to in the war on terror.

For years, Pakistan has been accused of hiding terrorists and leaking information from the United States. Taliban leaders will use Pakistan to help select a new generation of terrorist leaders after the death of Mullah Mohammad Omar.

The gathering will reportedly be held in the Pakistani city of Quetta and will draw 1,000 Taliban extremists. Afghanistan is understandably not happy with Pakistan which also has rebuffed objections from the United States. It appears that having Bin Laden living in Pakistan was not enough for the Pakistani intelligence services, long accused of having sympathizers in its ranks.

The Taliban has a conflict over leadership after a deputy, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, was declared the successor. Mullah Omar’s family objected and the unity shura was called to resolve the matter. What is amazing is that there is widespread accounts of the meeting with religious scholars and commanders traveling to Pakistan for a virtual terrorist convention hosted by our ally, Pakistan, which continues to deny the obvious.

Making this even more troubling are reports that Pakistan will reportedly soon have the third greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Source: Times Union

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  1. This is all really interesting, and all of you make very intelligent arguments.

    I have a lifelong friend in Texas who never discusses his work. He is some sort of retired special agent in the U.S. Government who now privately consults with the government military on such subjects as “building entry.” Pretty specialized.

    I gather from nothing he says, but what he does, the country is headed for some sort of showdown, either internal or external.

    My friend has bought a secluded property, takes his entire family there every weekend to teach them to shoot, etc.

    Now, is he a survivalist kook, or someone with inside scoop after 35 years in government/intelligence?

  2. PCS, The eyewitness testimony of thousands and thousands of Phoenix residents, along with the video and similar events around the world, including the famous case with video in Belgium, cause me to conclude that we, and possibly our adversaries, have anti-gravity technology(the craft in these episodes float silently). If these are induced, false images the question remains, what HAS been accomplished in the 70 years since the milestone atomic bomb?

    That question may be considered rhetorical.

    China is beginning to deploy a navy that America had 50 years ago.

    Change seems to be exponential.

    We have developed something.

    What? And what are we on the cusp of?

    What ARE our ABOVE TOP SECRET secrets?

  3. PCS,

    There must be a “next phase” of military/technological development which obviates the old.

    I wonder if 70 years is enough time to obviate the atomic phase.

    Anti-gravity seems a likely candidate.

    Did you see the “Phoenix Lights?” What was that technology?

    1. forgotwhoiam – although I do not buy into the explanation, supposedly the “Phoenix Lights” were biplanes flying together. However. When you string all the video of them together, that explanation does not pan out. What do you think?

  4. not mentioned here… The United States is the main reason the Taliban exists today (initially funded its military campaigns). We are almost perfect here… completely detached from social reality in many, many cases.

  5. PCS, I beg to differ. The Russians didn’t “think,” they CALCULATED that it would work. You didn’t. Go see “Gravity.” A very few “Brilliant Pebbles” can be devastating in space. The conventional wisdom casts doubt, as you, on the efficacy of “Star Wars.” But I would not be surprised at some above top-secret variation on the theme of “Brilliant Pebbles.”

    Alas, you’ve evaded the question. What has America researched and developed in basic science in the last 70 years. I’ve suggested anti-gravity and provided the evidence of thousands of witnesses to the Phoenix Lights and similar events in Belgium and other places in which a massive triangle hovered silently. You know, it is said that anti-gravity can be easily scaled. We could have craft capable of any physical maneuver, beyond any parameter, as big as California.

    Oh. I get it. Mum’s the word. You’re still active.

    I retract everything I just said.


    P.S. Did I just inadvertently replicate the Hillary classified-material-mishandling scenario?

    1. forgotwhoiam – since Area 51 is closed (secretly they only closed a small section) I am not sure what is on the boards secretly. Actually, they are spending so much time keeping the Obama administration secret they do not time to work on actual projects.

  6. PCS, what have they been doing with the “beyond dark” budgets…taking trips to Tahiti?

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