Rev. Jesse Jackson Booed Off Stage After Asking For Donations During Ferguson Protest

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

An attempt to solicit revenue for his church, Rev. Jesse Jackson received a strong rebuke. Though this happened last year, it is worth revisiting again.

While attending a protest rally organized by those voicing grievances against police misconduct and racial discrimination, the Rev. Jackson seized upon the moment to ask the crowd for $100.00 donations. Social media and even attendees of the event were vocal in the notion that the Reverend was abusing the moment for his personal, or rather it seems his organization’s, financial gain.

The immediate fallout was the crowd’s booing, followed by his removal from the stage, and then being ran out of the area by demonstrators angered by his request.

In one of the many tweets that followed included an expression of contempt from one of the attendees.


Others soon followed.  Here is a sample of a two more:


tackson-tweet-3One must really look at the gall of such an action regardless of the side of any particular issue one takes.  It only serves to strengthen the conviction of Rev. Jackson’s detractors of what his true goals really are, and that he is more of an opportunist than an example of promoting the greater good for all individuals.

Now a year later, we might need to reassess again what those goals truly are.

By Darren Smith


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  1. Jesse Jackson is a parasite, who would even try to feed of the carcass of human suffering and despair…as he continues to do in Ferguson…that young man who got shot, roughed up one to many convenience store clerks and smoked way to many “swisher sweets” for his own good…man’s got to know his limitation’s…

  2. “forgotwhoiam” , musta forgot what i wrote…i never said Cosby was a racist, just Jesse “the attention whore” Jackson…Cosby is a known degenerate and pervert, who puts knockout pills in women’s drinks, for “easier access”, if you get my drift…your comrade Jackson is a “joke”, whose 15 minutes of fame expired years ago…he’s running on fumes, as is his rainbow coalition…next

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