TSA Officer Arrested After Allegedly Stealing $7,500 Wristwatch and Then Destroying It

TSA screener Margo Lauree-Grant, 41, is the latest TSA employee to be arrested for theft or other crimes at an airport security area. Lauren-Grant is accused of stealing a $7,500 Diamond Master watch from a Canadian traveler after he placed it in a plastic bin. To make matters worse, Lauree-Grant is accused of then destroying the watch when security officials began to investigate.

The traveler alerted security in Terminal 7 at JFK Airport and both TSA officials and Port Authority cops began reviewing video. Lauree-Grant reportedly became nervous and panicked — going to an area where she “smashed the watch into pieces.”

This is the second felony arrest at LaGuardia with TSA staff in a week. The prior week, a TSA supervisor at LaGuardia Airport was arrested for convincing a South Korean college student to go into a bathroom for additional “screening” where Maxi Oquendo then allegedly sexually molested her. The supervisor is now charged with sex abuse, forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment and official misconduct.

Would it be fair to question the overall management of the LaGuardia TSA at this point, at least with regard to hiring practices?

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  1. Those hacked emails amounted to nothing, as judged by every independent and objective analysis. dr. Mann not only stands by his research but remains as committed as ever to helping humanity save itself from the devastating consequences of global warming, despite the numerous scurrilous attacks upon him.

    Getting back to Friedman, the puff piece you linked to is disappointingly short on detail; the author said little more than, “Friedman was good”.

    In truth, Friedman’s ideas were not, and are not, good. His reforms had to be implemented at the point of a gun. They came at the cost of tens, probably hundreds, of thousands of lives. Many of his reforms proved unworkable and were repealed or reversed. In short, Friedman needed a fascist dictator to enact his economic policies and they failed.

    What is most remarkable about Milton Friedman’s catastrophic agenda in Chile was that Chile had a thriving economy before the CIA goaded the military junta into seizing power. Ironically, it was the success of the South American economies that proved to be the primary motivatiing factor for the United States government to intervene, for much the same reason that conservatives are trying to everything they can eliminate unions; to keep people from seeing that any alternative to the raw deal corporations are serving up works better.

    1. T. Hall – if I were in charge of the stolen emails Michael Mann would have been in jail for fraud. The investigations were so skewed so they really did not go after either the emails or the data. Mann is hiding his data.

  2. You’re ignoring the changes from Friedman’s prescription, which I clearly pointed out. I’m thinking you should read – or reread – the article.

    KNow what else makes a nice graph? Dr. Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick.

    1. T. Hall – if you read the stolen emails, Michael Mann cannot stand behind his hockey stick.

  3. Paul: I don’t believe I am. The improvements in Chile’s economy came about relatively recently as result of incremental rollbacks from Uncle Miltie’s “reforms” by that country’s economic managers since Pinochet’s rule. I would go further and say that Chile’s economy was merely able to survive in spite of Friedman’s meddling. Had Pinochet not followed Friedman down the yellow brick road, Chile would be in much better shape.

    In any case, whatever benefits you may wish to credit Friedman’s reform with, they must be weighed against the years of suffering Chileans had to endure. Anyone with an ounce of humanity would have to say they were not worth it.

    BTW: Even if you believe that everything’s all rosy down there, you still have admit that it came about as a result of brutal dictatorship. Is that what you’re advocating for America?

    1. T. Hall – you might want to read the article. It has a nice graph on the recovery.

  4. DBQ:

    As I said above, Friedman was a paragon of intelectual dishonesty. This was a man who was advising Pinochet on how to implement draconian economic changes that Chile is only emerging from in the past few years.

    It’s worth noting that Friedman was makning those comments at time when corruption charges were surfacing in several unions as a result of federal investigations. Look, fraud is fraud, and I’m not defending fraud, whether it’s on the part of union leaders, welfare recipients, or government officials. The point is that workers make more money when they are organized, and the economy does better onthe whole when workers make more money.

    Read it and weep…


    BTW: i said earlier that Minnesota raised its minimum wage and is experiencing one of the fastest growing economies inthe country. The governor is Mark Dayton, scion of the family that owns Target. Yes, that Target. Think he might know something?

  5. selfhelplegal:

    Perhaps it’s true what they say about the person who represents himself in court, that he has a fool for a client. In your case, you shouldn’t pay a parking ticket without consultation.

    I clearly attributed Friedman’s statements to his book, “Capitalism and Freedom”. On second thought, it could be from “Free To Choose”. I read both of these works by Friedman for the same reason I read Hitler’s, “Mein Kampf”; as an attempt to gain some insight into the mind of some of history’s greatest sociopaths.

    I have not seen Friedman’s interviews on Youtube. It’s been years since I’ve seen his interviews on TV, like Louis Rukeiser’s “Wall St. Week”. There’s little point. Friedman is a paragon of intellectual dishonesty.

    Please read one the most important books of the first half of this century, Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”. And think about offstreet parking.

  6. T. Hall is yet another example of being able to find quotes on the Internet without actually having to read any work of the person being quoted. T. Hall has shown no evidence at all of actually reading any of Milton Friedman’s works or even watching YouTube copies of his interviews. The one in which he crushes Phil Donahue’s claims about greed and capitalism is classic.

  7. Remember, ‘You can’t professionalize unless you federalize,’ – Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D. She was just doing her professional duty.

  8. T Hall

    Perhaps YOU need to become better acquainted with Milton Frieman’s views on labor unions

    Watch the video clip at the link. https://capitalismandfriedman.wordpress.com/2009/04/13/milton-friedman-on-labor-unions/


    From an episode of The Open Mind interview, Milton Friedman makes the case that labor unions are no longer on the side of angels. Milton says, and I paraphrase: It used to be that if you said ‘trade union’ you said ‘good’. That’s changed, and desirably it’s changed. Why, because the harm Trade Unions have done have become obvious and patent that even the most innocent and naive, well meaning people, no longer equate labor unions with labor.

  9. T. Hall wrote: “But feel sorry for them? I don’t think you were capable of it in the first place.”

    The sign of one losing the argument is when he or she starts throwing the stones. I shan’t join in.

  10. bambam I didn’t say it wasn’t a crime. And I was not using the phrase petty theft literally, though I am quite sure you knew that. I was more wondering why this everyday crime makes the blog when it is so small when compared to the folks robbing us all of billions of dollars under the watchful eye of our Congress. But we know the answer to that too–it’s because Congress is so complicit in all of it. That’s why they stay there. It’s where the money is.

  11. And doubleplusgood for doubling down on the Friedman lie.
    You do the Progressives proud.

    Oh, I am sure we can find the quote that seems to say what we want it to say, but you and I know there are myriad anti-Union quotes from Friedman, even lengthy videos to be found describing their ill effects.

    But the point is you sow doubt, or try to, and most morons can’t be bothered to actually read more than your excision, so for that you receive tonight’s SJW Doubledown Prize!

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