Hungarian Camerawoman Fired After Shown Tripping Refugee Father Carrying His Child

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.30.05 PMOne of the leading Hungarian broadcasters has fired a camerawoman after she was shown tripping a fleeing refugee man who was carrying his young son in his arms. The broadcaster and many Hungarian news outlets have been accused of highly negative coverage of the influx of refugees. The camerawoman has been identified as Petra László of N1TV.

The man can be seen breaking away from a police officer with his child in his arms when László sticks out her leg to trip him.

On its Web site, the TV station posted a statement that read: “Today, a N1TV colleague behaved unacceptably at the Roeszke reception center. The cameraman’s employment was terminated with immediate effect.”

The incident follows tough talk from Prime Minister Viktor Orban in criticizing Germany and other nations for opening up borders to refugees.

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  1. OK here’s how the unruly mob of refugees are behaving in greece.
    maybe they need to be tripped up a little

  2. There is a LOT of MIS-Information yet AGAIN, regarding what constitutes a REFUGEE vs a Migrant vs an Illegal Immigrant..

    The people coming from Syria, I have NO PROBLEM with taking in a certain amount.. and BOY, Sweden
    makes Germany look bad in their area.
    Sweden has taken in roughly 70,000 just this years… with MORE expected next year.

    The people fleeing Iraq and Syria, they are actual refugees… they are fleeing war and
    serious violence.

    The ones who are trying to seek asylum for ECONOMIC reasons, sorry, there is just NOT enough room.
    These are economic Migrants, and they are a totally different situation from the people
    fleeing Syria and Iraq.

    One thing that many people don’t seem to understand, or don’t care, is that Refugees have the RIGHT to come to
    ANY country to seek/ ask for refuge..
    Deals were signed after WW2, that made it so that if people are fleeing war, or danger in any way,
    they have the RIGHT to ask a country to take them in. And, the country they go to does NOT have the RIGHT to just turn them away… Europe and the USA signed these things after WW2, so that
    REFUGEES would not be treated as the Jews were treated during WW2.
    So, because of the The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Europe and the USA have
    an obligation to at least CONSIDER these peoples requests, and so they at least have a chance to apply
    for Refuge. The Hosting country does NOT have to accept the people who ask, BUT, it is a lengthy
    process and it is one that takes time. BUT, fact is, they are NOT illegal immigrants
    and they have the RIGHT per the 1951 Convention on the Status Of Refugees, to hit European and
    American Soil and ask for refuge.

    Now, as for Syrians and going to OTHER Arab countries…. Syrians are very moderate Muslim, In fact, Assad is a Secular Leader, nor a hard line Muslim.
    Many Syrians are Christian, just as many Iraqis were Christian, and they have enjoyed
    a lot of freedom in Syria. Of course with ISIS many have to flee, or they will be killed.

    1. justagurl, The FACT is that they were granted asylum in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. There was NO war or fear in those refugee camps. They do not like being in those camps, so they decided to leave and go to another country where they can get better meals and benefits. THAT is not covered under the conventions you cite. Then the EU requires that the member nation where they come to cross into the EU must conduct the asylum interview process which these so called refugees REFUSE to do, and to make matters worse, refuse to even acknowledge the right of the EU to inspect them and their documents to see if they are legal to come into the EU. I have been to the EU many times, and I would have been arrested and thrown OUT if I had tried to get around the entry procedures, so I will be damned if these ILLEGALS have more rights than me or the citizens of the EU! Let’s get real!

  3. And, yes, I agree with you that all political parties lie and cheat and engage in voter fraud, which is why I support robust laws to minimize the temptation.

  4. randyjet:

    That’s funny that you mention cougars. One took the dog of a next door neighbor of mine right out from under him, as he was walking his property. They believe it was the same cougar that threatened a man later and was captured and relocated.

    As for voter fraud, it’s rampant in CA, based on all the investigative journalism I’ve seen, as well as simply asking the illegal aliens I know. And yet it’s rarely prosecuted. Don’t automatically assume that voter ID laws mean a bunch of KKK want to keep minorities from voting. We don’t need voter ID to vote here in CA, and voter fraud is extremely common. But attempts to pass voter ID laws, or prove the citizenship of voters, always gets squashed as racist, so I’ve become jaded to that argument. I’m sure somewhere in the US, there are racists who want to keep minorities from voting. Millions of people can’t all be good. And yet, every voter ID state that I’ve looked up provides free ID to the poor and I found many with transportation assistance, as well as absentee voting.

    I like the idea of SS, but must admit that I’m tempted with proposals to replace it with some sort of saving program where the person actually owns their money, like a federal IRA. We pay into SS and yet we get less and less, and eventually it will go broke. There’s no denying this, so obviously something has to change. I want there to be some degree of financial safety net, but am open to thinking outside the box to accomplish this. I hope we can fix what’s wrong with SS before it folds.

    “So a poor black woman who works and relies on public transit, she is out of luck since she has to take off a day of work since the offices are open during the time she works.” I have trouble with this scenario. In order to function in the US, as well as most other countries, you need ID. You need it to cash a check, get welfare, open a checking account, drive a car, get a document notarized such as a will, POA, or advanced medical directive . . . In other words, we need to help that poor black woman get ID, not say she shouldn’t need one to vote.

    By all means, ensure that ID laws provide ID to the poor, and I absolutely support getting transportation to the voting booth, and ensuring there are sufficient polling places in all areas. But there appears to be this opinion that getting ID, or voting, should require literally zero effort on the part of the participant. She shouldn’t have to take the time to go to the DMV (like the rest of us do), or get to a voting booth, or fill out an absentee voting ballot if she works long hours and can’t miss work.

    The voting laws, and periodic audits to purge the rolls, should be fair, transparent, and reasonable, and voters should also be committed to put forth the effort to participate.

  5. When I saw this video I immediately thought of this blog and its main posters. Figured they would love it. Merica baby!!! We da best!!!

  6. randyjet:

    I’m sorry about your wife going through chemo, and hope she is in remission now. Chemo can be hard in its long term effects.

    What makes me so angry about disability fraud is that it is taking money out of the pockets of the people who truly deserve it, like your wife. And it sounds like some boards are worse than others.

    And I’ll bet that F/O wishes he was Hillary Clinton. Why are some people Teflon while the rest of the world gets the book thrown at them?

    1. Karen, I have some sympathy for you in lala land which is one reason I left CA. One of the issues I remember that was incredible was banning the hunting of cougars. i lived in northern CA and there were a number of attacks on people, yet the voters kept the ban. There was also a drought which drove the deer into the towns. People thought it was so nice to see the deer, but I pointed out that this simply brought cougars into town after their food. Children, dogs, and small people serve as food for them just as well as deer and in fact are a lot easier to catch and eat.

      The problem of SS fraud can and should be dealt with, but to cut off the whole program is stupid. It is like Medicare fraud in the dumb way the GOP addresses that. Some doctors commit fraud, so the solution is to punish the patients and deny them medical care! It is the same approach the GOP uses in making up voter fraud as a reason to make it much harder to register to vote for some groups of people. Guv Abbott spent millions of dollars and time finding little fraud in voting. One poor black woman was prosecuted for mailing an elderly womans ballot by dropping it in the mailbox. As an election judge under the old rules voters had to present their registration card or some form of ID. By restricting ID to ones that are harder to get, they estimate over 500,000 voters will not be able to get one. For example, there are no DMV offices in low income areas, and there is no mass transit for them to get there. So a poor black woman who works and relies on public transit, she is out of luck since she has to take off a day of work since the offices are open during the time she works. This does not count the elderly either. There is no problem in voter fraud, but the GOP makes up a problem to get rid of voters they don’t want. Our good friend who is Hispanic was rejected THREE times when she tried to register to vote. She had numerous documents, but since she did not have a DMV ID, she was rejected. She only got to vote when she told the County clerk, her next stop was the US attorney’s office in Houston! This was BEFORE the new law was enacted.

      The reason Hillary is so called Teflon because she committed no crime or violations of the law. I did not vote for Pres. Clinton, but I was outraged at the made up charges against him and his impeachment was absurd. The latest round is another example of bogus scandal. Just as the bogus voting fraud in Texas. They of course do nothing to stop the real voting fraud that benefits the GOP. If you don’t think the campaign to get Clinton was a waste of time and bogus, then please tell me what the Whitewater investigation had to do with Paula Jones. When you can show me how she tied into the Whitewater deal, THEN i will agree with you that the “scandals” were real.

  7. Nick:

    Remember how you said that there would be a backlash against the Liberal agenda? Dems in CA went way too far with their bill to cut gas by 50%.

    What I think is hilarious is that this was described as a blow to environmentalists, and defeated by Big Oil. This bill passed the Senate but there was such outrage by the public that it died in the Assembly. It’s been all over the radio today.

    The bill required a 50% cut in gas by 2030 with absolutely no requirement on how to achieve it, leaving that solely up to CARB, the CA Air Resources Board, infamous for installing Draconian regulations and fees. Of course Big Oil opposed it, but it does not change the fact that this would have had a devastating effect on Californians. If we want to use less fossil fuels then we should continue to develop cleaner, renewable, economical energy which will automatically replace conventional energy.

    If this bill passed, it would have been a blow to environmentalists. Every good and service, from milk to plumbers, would have skyrocketed, and the poor would have been the hardest hit. Once the economy tanked, there would be no more money for any environmental programs.

    Typically, Gov Brown proclaimed that he would get it done anyway, through regulation. So, the public completely freaked out and killed the bill, but he’s going to keep pushing his agenda anyway. We only have ourselves, to blame, though, because a majority voted for him.

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