Virginia Doctor Admits To Stabbing Himself After False Report Of Attack Outside of Clinic

UnknownWythe county citizens were shocked recently when Dr. Paul A. Williams was found stabbed twice outside of his clinic. Melton said that a man approached him as he was leaving the back door and asked him if he was Dr. Williams. When Williams confirmed that he was but said that the clinic was closed, he said that man responded with “I’m going to teach M F’er. You need to write more scripts for pain meds” and stabbed him twice. A manhunt ensured, but now Williams has admitted that he stabbed himself in the shoulder and the stomach.

Dr. Paul Williams is now charged with making a false report.

Police became suspicious with inconsistent statements about the crime and, after confronting him, he admitted to the false report. The police say that Williams was worried that he would be fired or forced to resign and that, under the terms of his contract, he would owe $120,000 to his employer if he did not fulfill his contract. He said that he did the act to garner sympathy with co-workers.

He will now be facing a criminal charge in addition to a debt and terminated contract. However, this remains a misdemeanor.

§ 18.2-461

Falsely summoning or giving false reports to law-enforcement officials.

It shall be unlawful for any person (i) to knowingly give a false report as to the commission of any crime to any law-enforcement official with intent to mislead, or (ii) without just cause and with intent to interfere with the operations of any law-enforcement official, to call or summon any law-enforcement official by telephone or other means, including engagement or activation of an automatic emergency alarm. Violation of the provisions of this section shall be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

What is clear is that few hospitals or clinics are likely to seriously consider Williams as a doctor. Most believe that the business in the Hippocratic Oath in “doing no harm” would include the physician himself.

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  1. Perhaps, after stepping outside of the clinic, the doc had a psychotic break as he viewed himself in a reflection produced by the windows. He thought that he was the Thanksgiving Butterball turkey and was trying to slice off a good piece. I’m giving that one away to his defense team–free of charge.

  2. Bitchin’, Many of the “disabled” people I am hired to watch are looking to be “victims” as much for the opiates as the money. Doctors are culpable in the opiate addiction epidemic. They are not the sole reason. Big Pharma is also to blame as are the “victims” themselves. The latter being most culpable, as I am one of the last people who believe in personal responsibility. Nobody shoves those pills down your throat or up your nose! All that said, a year ago the Feds launched draconian measures on prescribing opiates. Like most draconian laws, they do nothing to stop the bad guys and do hurt the good people who are pain victims and have to jump through hoops. The new laws put a burden on both docs and patients. All RX’s must be in print, they can’t be called in and they can’t be refilled. That makes docs burdened w/ filling out RX’s constantly and makes legit patients having to jump through hoops. The new laws also burden drugstores who have been the least culpable in the opiate epidemic. indeed, drug stores have been the victims often in this decades long opiate epidemic, getting robbed and killed by depraved addicts. Drug stores now need to process all these written RX’s and also are required to check ID’s for all opiate RX’s. A person in pain @ home cannot have their spouse go get the RX.

    What are the unintended consequences of these stupid new laws. Well, the heroin drug cartels are getting even richer. Heroin is much cheaper than Percocet.

  3. The underlying story here is about the scandal of the medical profession and the medical business as a whole. Doctors and clinics succeed if they have patients. They have pressure on them to prescribe oxycotton to any perp who walks in the door. There is no brake on this madness. The perp can go from one doctor to the next and collect prescriptions and then go to several drug stores to avoid scrutiny on that end. Then the perp can overdose or sell the drugs. Perp’s wife does the same thing. Both are addicts and drug sellers. The doctors work hand in glove with this.
    “Oh, my back hurts!”

  4. Is this a dagger which I see before me,
    The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee.

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