Iran To Compete In Malaysia With One Player Short After Husband of Team Captain Refused To Give Her Permission To Leave Country

soccer-ball-2250px-flag_of_iransvgWe have previously discussed the myriad of discriminatory rules facing women in Iran under that country’s application of Islamic rules. Now one of those archaic rules has cost the country’s soccer team it’s captain. Niloufar Ardalan, 30, will not be competing in Malaysia because her husband refused to sign papers to allow his wife to renew her passport. The Asian Football Confederation Futsal Championship is set to run from Sept. 21-26.

The husband, sports journalist Mahdi Toutounchi wanted his wife to be present on the first day of school for their 7-year-old son. Ardalan wants to compete but Iran makes women subject to their husband’s sole authority on such travel. Ardalan is calling for changes to the rule and noted that irony that “[a]s a Muslim woman, I wanted to work for my country’s flag to be raised [at the games], rather than traveling for leisure and fun.”

She added: “I wish authorities would create [measures] that would allow female athletes to defend their rights in such situations.”

Ardulan has previously fought for greater rights for women and has been an important voice for equality as Iran’s top female soccer player. This has included efforts to watch male competitions. As we have previously discussed, women continue to be arrested for just wanting to watch a soccer game in a stadium.

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  1. Annie, it’s a mucher bigger deal in Iran. There are a lot of festivities on a child’ s very first day of school. Similar in Germany. My husband took the day off from work for our daughter. Whole family (god parents too) attends a big assembly in the school gym. New pupils go up on stage and are introduced. 2nd graders put on a play. Principal gives a speech. Big reception with cake and coffee and sparkling wine at school, while kids get photographed with their “Schultüte”. Parents meet teacher for first time. Afterwards, big family meal at home or restaurant. Then neighbors and friends are invited for cake& sandwiches and more wine. They all bring small gifts for the child. Ok, that’s in Germany, not Iran, but you get the idea.

  2. Ya know, I gotta give it to the Muslims…they now how to treat their women.


    I took my son to his first day of kindergarten many years ago.

  3. @chimene: lol. You want posts and comments on this blog to make sense. That is so quaint!

  4. @madam: I never said I was against women being “free” as you called it. I just think that people who don’t want to go to their kids’ 1st days of school or piano recitals or science fairs shouldn’t have kids to begin with. Then they can be really “free”.

  5. OK, what EXACTLY does the term “shot” in the title mean? shot her with a gun, or is “shot player” something to do with soccer??? thx for the sensationalism, not.

  6. @ Karen s and @ Reisling

    ….Apparently there are still many females who have no memory or nor know that here in the “free” good ole USA there were and still ARE women whose husbands act like their wardens….not seeing their wives as adult human beings!! that was one of the driving reasons for the push in the 60s and 70s to FREE OURSELVES…it wasn’t that long ago that women generally ‘asked permission’ to do something out side of being a homemaker/wife/mother!!. He probably knows that once his soccer playing wife travels and sees a greater freedom he is afraid he will lose her….so he attempts to “tighten his control” but he will ultimately fail as American men continue to (slowly) learn….dont ask for freedom, take it! that came out of the womens’ struggle for freedom here in the US.

  7. I grew up when this was a regular feature of Western civilization. I agree with Riesling, parents need to be there for the kids on the first day of school.

  8. I’d actually watch a soccer game where the teams fielded one shot player each. Random player to be shot, same position each side. Goalies exempt. Place your bets!

  9. On the 8th Day God Created Dog and Put Dog On Earth To Give Guidance To Humans. God spelled backwards is Dog. God never said for women to submit. Ask your dog.

  10. I bet Michelle Bachmann (remember her?) approves. Women submit to your husbands! God says so.

    L u n a t i c s .

  11. OK….I’m going to say something really non-PC. While I think it it really, really , really terrible that a woman needs the signature of her husband to get a passport in Iran – I also think moms ( and dads) should put family first. It’s the people who don’t think family events are important who are causing the downward spiral in our society’s standards.

  12. Poor Neely. It sounds like not being able to participate in the Olympics is just one of her problems, because it sounds like she and her husband are not on the same page on women’s rights. It’s too bad the husband either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care that such an act can cause lifelong bitterness.

    I am so glad that I don’t live in the Middle East, and my heart goes out to all the women and girls in countries where they do not have equal rights.

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