Nothing Sells Cereal Like A Creepy Clown

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.25.05 PMEver wonder why clowns are so creepy? I just saw this old commercial on Reddit and had to share it. It is guaranteed to produce not only a clownphobic response but an eating disorder in any child.

6-43320-6-sugar-rice-krinkles-1369322458Sugar Rice Krinkles was a failed cereal by Post and one can see why. By the way, before this nightmare-inducing clown, the cereal’s mascot was So-Hi, a kimono-wearing Chinese boy whose nickname was a reference to his being “so high” from the ground. What that has to do with cereal or anything associated with breakfast is your deal, but this is clearly not one of the best moments of “Mad Men.”

12 thoughts on “Nothing Sells Cereal Like A Creepy Clown”

  1. Lately I have been inhaling mass quantities of Fruity Pebbles…love Quaker Corn Bran as well, and good ol’ Cap’n Crunch…love the Cap’n for a late night snack…gnarly good, sends the innards buzzin’ at 2:00 a.m.

  2. I loved Quisp and Quake…Quisp were saucer shaped, brown sugar discs, while Quake was super crunchy little sprockets that tasted like brown sugar and maple…Quisp won the Quaker dual, and one was canned by Quaker, I liked Quisp more. I also loved Ka-Boom and King Vitamin…Ka-Boom had a cartoon clown on the box cover, and the cereal was with multi-colored circus wheels, just buzzing with refined beet sugar…how bout Danish G-Rounds by Kellogg’s, LOL!…they ruled, especially the strawberry ones…

  3. Paul, a rational evaluation of clowns would relate them to their silly behavior seen in the circus, connecting them to humor, not fear. Hollywood’s horror movies, similar to the advertising of Madison Avenue, has instilled negative emotions about clowns, the same as advertising makes people desire products that are not healthy. Opposite desires and aversions, but the same subconscious type of stimulation. Further, I’d say that 99+ percent of clowns want to make people, especially children, laugh — not scream in fear. Why some people consider clowns creepy is probably buried deep in their past experiences in life.

  4. I think they are so creepy because their faces never change expression no matter what happens which makes them appear not human.

  5. Same mentality that told the world that cigarette smoking was good for digestion, good for your health, by doctors, in full page Life magazine adds. Same mentality that tells us that fossil fuels are good for us, doing no damage, just the sweet smell of success. Same old song, same old fools.

  6. Sugar Pops became Corn Pops when parents started complaining about sugar cereals. Oh, it’s the same product, just a different name.

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