Indian State Posts Openings For 368 Low-Level Jobs . . . 2.3 Million Apply

1024px-Flag_of_India.svgAs we struggle with our own unemployment issues, it is easy to lose sight of how much worse the situation is in countries like India. That comparative point was driven home this week when the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh announced that it had a few hundred job openings for low-level office workers who run errands and make tea. The response was a deluge of 2.3 million people applying for the 368 jobs.

These applicants included 255 applicants with a doctorate degree and over 200,000 had graduate degrees — for the jobs that pay about 16,000 rupees ($240) a month and require a fifth-grade education.

The government has announced that it will have to fill the jobs, at least for the initial cut of a couple million people, off their resumes since it would take more than four years to interview every applicant.

In the meantime, some 13 million people enter the job market every year in India.

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  1. Tyger Gilbert

    Okay, what’s your point? The authors here really only care, based on writings, about living conditions for those that are very similar to them (class, status, jingoism, educations). Not a topic that’s going to matter here other than if it relates to something personal…

  2. $109K NY Janitor

    Lazy, greedy, striking union teachers and nurses should be fired. “Educational requirements” should be lowered, strikers fired and replacement workers hired. The teacher reads the book to the class and a nurse gives a shot. Big deal. Any monkey can be trained to perform those duties in an hour.

    Laws against businesses hiring replacement workers are unconstitutional.



    Average NYC school janitor makes $109K a yea
    September 20, 2015 | 5:30am
    Average NYC school janitor makes $109K a year

    School custodians are cleaning up — in the hallways and in their paychecks — because the city doesn’t want to hire enough of them.

    Custodians took home an average pay of $109,467 in the 2013-14 school year — and 634 of the city’s 799 custodians earned more than $100,000 in salary and overtime during that time, city payroll records show.

    That’s because of the city’s 1,500 school buildings, 238 have no full-time custodian on site, up 74 percent from the 137 empty slots in 2012, according to data from the custodians union.

    The arrangement is forcing nearly one-third of the city’s 737 custodians to cover two schools — and reap additional pay.

    Union leaders say the city has traded school cleanliness and safety for a meager savings.

    “The city is not saving much money because they’re paying my members to be at both places,” said International Union of Operating Engineers Local 891 president Robert Troeller, referring to overtime costs. “I don’t know why they’re not hiring. It’s ridiculous.”

    Custodians possess licenses needed to operate and maintain a school building, including credentials for boilers, heating/air conditioning and fire sprinklers and alarms.

    Department of Education spokesman Jason Fink said school buildings have “fully qualified” staff members on site who can perform all duties required



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  3. Whatever you see happening in India (or China) will be happening here in the next 30 years or less. That’s where the whole world is heading. Soon, the number of extreme poor will be so high it will be hard for them to find a place to live or enough food to eat. Then they will start overrunning the wealthy. We’re already seeing that in immigration. Huge numbers of people being fought off by Europe and the USA. Not hard to imagine that 30,000 children starve to death every day when you consider that’s just 0.15% of the 7+ Billion total. It’s been predicted for the last 45 to 50 years, and now it is happening right before our eyes. People still don’t believe the Population Bomb is exploding, but the total was only 3 billion when I was a kid in 1959, then it hit 4 billion in 1974, 5 in 1987, and 6 in 1999. 12 years later it went to 7 billion and growing. I’ve been watching it happen almost exactly as predicted. And adequate space to live will not be the most problematic. Enough food and clean water will be scarce, sewage abundant, personal privacy and security non-existent, and conditions will only continue to get worse. In 20 years, the science fiction overpopulation horror movies of today will seem almost humorous for their under-estimates of the crime and disgusting living conditions in the cities. Sealing the borders to immigration is only one of the precautions that won’t be taken until it is way too late. Global warming is another symptom. It’s only a matter of when, not if it will happen. Soylent Green (or Brown), in one form or another, will become reality.

  4. I’ve heard and read that the poverty in major urban centers of India is so grotesque that one (with a conscious that is – not sure how often that’s found here) cannot look out the car window while driving around.

  5. thanks for the public interest. you obviously demonstrate you care…. Haha Psyche!!!. Public interest academic-corporate style with priggishness that would make even an observer of Ludwig Wittgenstein blush.

  6. That is one of the signs of a struggling economy, overqualified people applying for jobs far below their skill level.

    We have some degree of this phenomenon happening here. That is one of the criticisms for having an essentially open border. Logistically, immigration should slow when our economy slows, to avoid importing more people competing for entry level jobs when our own unemployment is high. And yet, paradoxically, we have encouraged more illegal immigration during times of high unemployment. The same holds true for our water resources. We are on mandatory water reduction, and yet we permit waves of illegal immigrations to further strain our infrastructure. Any attempt to stem the tide is deemed racist or unfair, as if it’s somehow unfair to require people to go through the system, as a million people do every year.

  7. Nick: Okay, then. Let the 2.3 million Indians move to San Francisco, LOL. After all, it’s a “sanctuary city”. Of course, they’ll need to bring their own water….California is a tad short of water due to drought and overpopulation. BTW, I agree with you on Germany. It’s a mistake their country and their culture will never recover from.

  8. TinEar, Germany is about to learn why the phrase, “No good deed goes unpunished” is so often the case. I’m a positive person, but I cannot ignore all the evidence in history that proves that axiom true. I see this insanely permissive offer as guilt over WW2, and Merkel campaigning for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  9. The 2.3 million Indians who didn’t get the tea-making jobs should move to Germany as economic refugees.

  10. Keep an eye on these Indian companies operating in the US: Cognizant, Tata, Wipro, Infosys, TCS. The H-1B visa game.

    According to Computerworld’s “Fired IT workers file lawsuit claiming H-1B workers replaced them” and court papers, a hostile workplace had ensued for several years before the firing.”
    “The lawsuit says that non-Indian workers were kept from participating in critical decision making processes “for the purpose of putting them at a disadvantage to the employees of Indian descent.”
    It also charges that the IT management team only hired and promoted Indian nationals.

    Some meetings that had long been conducted in English, would “on many occasions” be conducted in “the native language of Indian employees,” the lawsuit contends.
    In addition, Indian managers “actively discouraged U.S. workers from celebrating U.S. holidays and traditions, such as Christmas, the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving,
    by assigning mandatory work that, in order to be timely completely, required work during holidays traditionally celebrated in America.”

  11. Interesting! When I was an Assistant Manager at Walmart, in our huge 24 hour store, we had orientation every other week. Why? Someone was always either fired, promoted, transferred, quit, retired, etc. We couldn’t keep anyone (I eventually left, too). A few years ago, Walmart (along with several other retailers) received a harsh ‘ reprimand’ by hiring over 20k illegal immigrants.

  12. I think I got one of those new employees on the phone when I called Expedia a couple days ago.

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