Flog the Blog: Res Ipsa Blog Nominated For Top Educational Blog

blog-nomineeTired already of the presidential election? Well, I learned today that we have been nominated for another blog award. The Expert Institute has nominated the blog for best Education legal blog in competition with some of our friends in the blogosphere. These competitions are always fun and allow us to interact with other blogs and potential readers. If you want to vote, click here.

Since we were unaware of the voting, we are behind but that can change. So, if you have time and the inclination, vote here to push our blog to its rightful spot as the global forum for smartest, funniest, and all around most irresistible people on Earth.

9 thoughts on “Flog the Blog: Res Ipsa Blog Nominated For Top Educational Blog”

  1. Although it seems you can’t easily vote multiple times it’s obvious that a couple firms have packed their vote tally quite well (in criminal and personal injury).

    Strange site as to how they grouped blogs. Why is this an “education” blog? Why is Althouse a “commercial litigation” blog? And why is Popehat not listed?

  2. I agree with Spinelli… and as a joke (fitting as a reader of this “civil liberties” blog) I might have to give my vote to Eric Posner!! Haha

  3. Congrats. However, I’m not certain all here are educable. And, if you are in Chicago, feel free to vote early and often.

  4. Congratulations JT team! I do love and learn from this blog. You accept all who have opinions and that’s pretty cool. Keep it up!!

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