Pennsylvania Rep Takes Pope’s Glass and Then Dispenses The Water To His Family and Staff

2CC3B29000000578-3249286-image-a-9_1443204120212This week, there has been considerable discussion of a series of pictures released by the office of Representative Bob Brady that shows him pouring water in the mouths of family members and staff from the glass used by Pope Francis after speaking in Congress. Yesterday, Brady admitted to taking the glass and sharing the water (while insisting on holding the glass himself) but proffered that he asked permission to take the glass. He also confirmed that he did the same with a glass used by President Obama. What is really astonishing is that Brady not only took these pictures but instructed his staff to release them on social media.

2CC3B27D00000578-3249286-image-a-11_1443204218948Brady is a devout Catholic and Democrat from Pennsylvania and first drank some of the water and then poured some into the mouth of his wife Debra. He saved the rest for his children.

Confronted by a torrent of calls from voters and reporters in disbelief, Chief of Staff Stan White explained “The congressman is a Catholic and has immense respect for the Holy Father . . . [and] was immensely moved by the speech. He thought the Holy Father spoke to issues he cared deeply about … especially caring about the poor and the Holy Father’s concern about our environment.”

2CC3B27800000578-3249286-image-a-12_1443204221504Brady said that, after sharing a few drops with staff, he plans to sprinkle the water on his grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

This is the second such glass snatch for Brady. He did the same thing in claiming the glass from President Obama’s inauguration. Reporters say that Brady told them that he intended have police dust it for fingerprints to prove it was used by Pope Francis and intends to do the same thing with the glass from President Obama.

Brady told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he really did not steal the glass:

“I asked permission. I asked the Parliamentarian if I could take the glass and he nodded and said ‘sure, it’s only going to go back into the kitchen and get washed up.’ I didn’t swipe it. I did ask for permission and I am going to get a bill for it. So, I’m going to pay for it. With all the news about it, when I saw the Pope last night, and what a gracious, gracious man. Unbelievable. After all the time in the United States, as he’s leaving, he still has time to stop and have a conversation with every person before he got on the plane. What I said to him, I don’t know whether you heard or not, but I’m the Congressman that took your water glass. He said, yeah, I did hear a little bit about that through his interpreter. I said, by the way, I wanted to make an even swap, I have a flag that was flown over the United States Capitol in your honor, and I want to give that to you for the glass. He said, good, good, good swap. Bueno, bueno.”

Truth be known, most of us were left speechless by the drinking of the Pope’s water as opposed to the question of whether the glass was lifted without permission.

220px-BobbradyBrady is a long-time Democratic pol in Philadelphia. He was a precinct committeeman for the Democratic Party in 1968 and later became a ward leader. He has also served as a staff aide in the Philadelphia City Council and a staff aide in the Pennsylvania State Senate. He then replaced City Council President George X. Schwartz in the 34th Ward after Schwartz was convicted in the Abscam scandal. Since June 1986, Brady has been the Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party. He was a member of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission from 1991 before being elected to Congress.

40 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Rep Takes Pope’s Glass and Then Dispenses The Water To His Family and Staff”

  1. “I don’t see a problem in what this representative did. I don’t regard this as a theft either.

    He believes it is a blessing, or form of sacrament maybe, in sharing perhaps a form of communion with the pope–and wanted to share this experience with his family. As for the photos, many Christians take photos of their children at baptism or communion and are happy to share these with others.”

    Clearly thought was put in the post, herein lies the problem. Important issues… skirted…

  2. We are given signs, that things are askew. The question is, do we pay attention? I would pay attention to this guy. If he shows up in a red robe and beanie, wearing lots of rings, and sporting a far away look on his face, then…..

    Maybe they were all just really, really, really thirsty.

  3. Pathetic self-serving politician. I think this is an example malfeasance in office. Same crowd that passes laws for us to follow and exempts themselves.

  4. There was a baseball player who had a routine of a hundred or so little moves he had to make before each game. Garciaperra used to amuse the crowd and his colleagues with dozens of choreographed tugs and pulls at his gloves, ears, hat, etc before each pitch. Jeter used to imitate him to the amusement of fans.

    Perhaps this is all it is. I would like to see members of a committee pour half empty glasses of water down each other’s throats at their meetings. Ibity bibity mumbo jumbo.

  5. As a Catholic I find it superstitious and foolish and embarrassing.
    A cleric’s backwash should not be used in an aping of Holy Communion.
    He deserves to listen to an explanation from a nun and a rap on the knuckles.
    the matter has no public significance, however.

  6. This guy is a religious politician. He performed an irrational religious ritual, or rather, his imitation of one usually performed by an appointed representative of his church, and then took and published photos of the event(s) for good public relations, just like any professional politician. It was all about him, to benefit him. Everyone else should recognize the meaninglessness of these acts and nobody should care.

  7. this honorable statesman seems real concerned about liberty hahahaha

  8. G Tod, It was a parody of the liberals here. They got it, as do most regulars. Obviously you’re new. Welcome. I hope you stick around.

  9. Boner’s tears, the Pope’s undrunk water, a potato chip that looks like Nixon, yup. Oh yeah, Inhofe explaining how ice cubes melting in water don’t raise the level in the glass. Perhaps if Inhofe used the Pope’s water he could have pulled that off. Or not cuz the Pope understands and believes in global warming, etc.

  10. Idol worship is primitive. Obama is NOT a god, nor is the Pope. In fact, the primitive god concept is perhaps most responsible today for the murder of humans. Yes, murder in the name of some fictitious primeval, inexistant god! And this political character, Democrat-Party Rep. Brady, is part of the US Government! No wonder today we have separation, not so much of Church and State, but rather of Government and We, the People, as well as Reason and Politicians (e.g., Hillary, Obama et al). Now, how the hell does Nick Spinelli turn this Democrat-Party inaninty into a “greedy Republican” attack is in itself mind-boggling, if not pitiful, and a clear example of separation of Reason and Politics…

    G. Tod Slone, PhD (universite de Nantes, FR) aka P. Maudit, Founding Editor (1998)
    The American Dissident, a 501c3 Nonprofit Journal of Literature, Democracy, and Dissidence

  11. It’s creepy! No amount of backwash from the popes water glass will cleanse his soul for supporting gay rights or fetuses born alive to be sliced up and sold and lastly, not supporting Israel.

    If he truly believed this glass was so holy, why not pour it into the water supply to benefit all people. But no, as usual a selfish democrat politician who thinks of himself first.

    The whole thing was a 10 on the weird meter, in my opinion.

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