The Dog Did It: Maine Man Faces Challenging Insurance Claim

540444_10153351944704900_647947541413791045_nI would give mightily to be present when this insurance claim is filed. A man in Maine lost his pick up truck in an accident in a lake. He does have a defense against a claim of reckless driving: the dog did it.

220px-Kiwiie10So much for man’s best friend. Ellsworth police say that the Yorkshire terrier got into an angry encounter with another dog and the man put him in his pick up truck on the edge of Branch Lake. Either the dog did not appreciate being given a time out or he really liked the Chevrolet Silverado. Either way, he threw the truck into gear and the truck ran into the lake. A friend swam to the truck to rescue the dog but the truck was a total loss in 10 feet of water.

Hopefully, he will take better care in the future to teach his dog not to drive when he is angry:

Source: NBC

13 thoughts on “The Dog Did It: Maine Man Faces Challenging Insurance Claim”

  1. Why the doubt…that a dog would jump lap and hit the stick. Bound to happen. Design defect…..heck kids in the seat need to be told…..over and over with threats of of consequencas. I’d believe it as a juror……but then as k it was so obvious why no foot on the pad?

  2. Why would the watered down truck be a so called “total loss”? Dry it out and start it up. If it wont run then fix it. Put a fan on the seats and carpet.

    1. “Why would the watered down truck be a so called “total loss””

      Two possibilities: corrosion in the electrical system that in a few months will lead to intermittent shorts that are difficult to find and expensive to fix, and mold.

      Considering the cost you might decide to drive it till it dies. But you don’t want to buy it.

  3. Reminds me of a submarine docking at New London Submarins base. Came in too fast and hit a car parked at the dock which belonged to the captain of the ship. The captain turned it into his insurance, “one car, hit by submarine.” They were going to pay under his comprehensive insurance, which was zero deductible, until they found out that the captain was on the bridge of the submarine at the time. They then paid under collision, with a $500 deductible, because he was driving the submarine which hit his own car.

  4. This is all believable, except for the dog’s breed. Everyone knows Yorkies’ legs are too short to reach the controls, even with blocks attached to the pedals.

  5. One of the most common dog accidents in cars is when the driver has the window rolled down, and the dog stands on the window control, closing the window on his own neck.

    Don’t leave your dog loose in a running car. 🙂

  6. Dogs can drive cars. I do it for my half blind guy. He is at the wheel. We have some gadgets which I will not describe which I operate. The wheel turns, the brakes go on, the accelerator operates. Barking into the mobile Dogalogue Machine is part of it. That is all I can say. When you have a blog topic about voting rights I will give a partial explanation for that activity. My half blind guy has a tee shirt which says on the front: Vote Democrat– Early and Often. But, I have never voted more than a hundred times in any election. So the outcomes are not changed. Woof!

  7. We do have the case where the two boys took the family car for a joy ride. They are 10 and 11. One probably ran the gas and the other drove. They did not get far. This is also going to be an uninsured motorist case.

  8. The miracle is not the dog drives so well, the miracle is the dog drives at all.

    Good dog.

    Will this come under the uninsured driver clause?

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