Back to the Future With The Chicago Cubs


The 6-4 win of the Cubbies was an incredible moment for those of us raised in Cubbie blue. We moved closer to making this scene in Back to the Future II a reality. You may recall Marty McFly standing within sight of Hill Valley’s famous clock tower when there’s a sports flash in the sky declaring that the Cubs have swept Miami to win the World Series. 2015 as foretold by the prophesy.

100px-Chicago_Cubs_Logo_svgI am still in Utah as part of the Utah Valley University conference on federalism. My first panel created a terrible conflict in running into the start of the game. I ended the panel at 3 pm on the dot and ran from the room to find a television. I found a wonderful UVU student named Sterling wearing a Cubs hat. He is a computer wiz and rigged up a television in a study room to show the game. He was gracious enough to let me join him and UVU was wonderful in delaying a television interview to allow me to watch the game. Thank you Sterling. I am afraid our yelling at homers may have been a bit loud for the library. I have enjoyed speaking with Jack Rakove from Stanford University, a friend and fellow Cubbie.

I am going to speak this morning again before going to Oklahoma City to speak at the Oklahoma City Town Hall on Thursday on the Supreme Court at St. Luke’s in the afternoon.

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  1. Mets/Cubs. I can’t help but think about the summer of 1969. Woodstock, Cubs choke, Mets pull off a miracle. The karma seems to be w/ the Cubs. Has anyone seen a black cat around Wrigley?

  2. Ari, You have to understand how the 1919 Black Sox scandal nearly destroyed the sport to appreciate Rose being banned. You will notice very few players come to his defense. Every year in Spring Training a talk is given and players are told the history, the penalty, and that there are no exceptions. It was worse when Rose bet because he was a manager, w/ total control of what occurs on the field. He bet, and he lied like the degenerate gambler he is. I think the ban should continue until he’s dead and allow a vote for the Hall of Fame posthumously. Pete Rose, Jr. could accept the honor. If he’s willing, Pete was a horrible family man.

  3. Whatever Pete Rose did to hack off the MLB & the base is immaterial to me. He was a great player and his personal foibles should not be held against him as a baseball player. It’s not like he committed homicide anything close to it.

  4. Cubs/Royals World Series. Royals in 6 games. When the Cubs make it to the WS there will be that euphoria of finally getting there. I experienced that in 1980 when the Royals finally beat the Damn Yankees[swept the mofo’s!] and played the Phillies. Now, the Phillies had not been in a WS since 1950, but they had some veterans who knew how to win a WS, Pete Rose being the key. They took the Royals in 6 games, I was @ games in both Philly and KC.

    On the subject of Rose, has anyone seen him on Fox studio telecasts? He looks like an alcoholic, degenerate gambler, troll. Wait..that’s what he is! I saw Rose in the Mandalay Bay Sports Book 3 years ago. He had a hoochie mama w/ him, baseball cap pulled down. I knew he was trying to be incognito so I gave him a big, “HELLO, PETE!” I got a terse, “Hi” back. He was betting horse. Although it was baseball season and you know he had action on games as well.

    1. Nick – I would think Pete Rose would be able to gamble on baseball if he wanted, He is too old to play baseball.

  5. I am tough on the Cubs and Cub fans. But, I have decided to put that toughness aside. I’m happy for REAL Cub fans. Unfortunately, there were many bandwagon fans @ Wrigley. Postseason means many people who know nothing about baseball attending games. I am an observer of people, and too many folks in the good seats were inattentive and clueless. I have attended too many Cub games, sitting next to these type, as they talk about their 401k’s and BMW’s. However, the worst person I observed was Rahm Emmanuel. He was seated in about the 5th row behind the on deck circle, captured by the right side camera as it focused on the batter. This evil midget, just stood there, emotionless and stoic. WTF was he doing there taking up part of a good seat? The new Royko, John Kass, has a good piece on Emmanuel in today’s Chicago Tribune. He noticed the midget as well. He looked alone. He has kids. He has a wife. What a horrible human being.

    Sorry for the rant.

  6. Go Cubbies! But one thing: Get rid of that ugly huge TV screen in left field above the bleachers. It ruins the sim-a-tree of Wrigley field and denigrates the center field scoreboard. The Cubs have a great chance of beating either LA or METS. Tank Dog for yesterday and pray to Dog for the rest.
    Oh, and if you are gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.

    As far as JT and the law professors conference, I hope they discussed the topic of Sufficiency of evidence in a circumstantial evidence case. This is the basic element of a criminal jury trial.

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