Infamous Hungarian Camerawoman Announces Plan to Sue Refugee Who She Tripped and Then Possibly Move To Russia

screen-shot-2015-09-08-at-9-30-05-pmWe have previously discussed the infamous former Hungarian camerawoman, Petra Laszlo, who was shown tripping refugees trying to enter the country. She has been fired and faces criminal charges. However, in an apparent effort to secure the “Worst Person In The World” award, Laszlo has announced that she plans to sue one of the refugees that she tripped . . . and then possibly move to Russia where true freedom reigns. I expect most Hungarians would gladly help Laszlo and her husband pack and then transport them to the border. I guarantee no one will try to trip her to keep her from leaving.

Laszlo says that she is planning two lawsuits as soon as she is no longer a criminal defendant. The first lawsuit will target refugee Osama Abdul Mohsen and allege that he changed his testimony to police. The second lawsuit will apparently target Facebook for allegedly refusing to remove threatening groups on the site. The latter is a curious lawsuit for an alleged journalist in trying to punish the exercise of free speech.

As for Mohsen, Laszlo insists that he “changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police.” She add “My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honour.”

Whatever might be found in this litigation for the Laszlos, I doubt honor will prove to be one of them. Laszlo is clearly shown tripping refugees including a fleeing Mohsen who was carrying his young son in his arms. The video also appears to show her kicking two other refugees.

After suing the victim, Laszlo is thinking of moving to Russia. She is certainly likely to find a kindred spirit in Vladimir Putin who has a fairly large following of thugs that not only trip but beat protesters and journalists.

Once again, her plan to leave Hungary may be the only unassailable statement that she has made since the incident. Most Hungarians are likely to tell her good riddance . . . and be sure not to trip her on your way out.

20 thoughts on “Infamous Hungarian Camerawoman Announces Plan to Sue Refugee Who She Tripped and Then Possibly Move To Russia”

  1. I wish she would have beat the invaders over the head. I doubt many Hungarians are angry at her for doing what she did. They are invaders and should be treated as enemy combatants.

    My first time at this site. What a worthless piece of garbage is the guy who runs it.

  2. Migration invasion is a consequence of the destabilization of Syria by the West for geopolitical advantage. The West is basically the Anglo-zionist plutocracy of the Allies reconstituted as NATO. They don’t care about the effect on Europe, because, Europe has been since 1945 a capitalist Bywater colony of the US Empire. Which is why the US has also engineered Eurocrat laws that allow asylum and abundant migration into Europe, to replentish the dying white population and keep wages down for global capitalism.

    Putin knows all that, of course, but he represents his people, which is why we make fun of him. We mock what we don’t understand: a leader who curates the interests of his people, rather than that of global capitalism.

    If our president served Americans rather than the global plutocracy, he would enforce our migration laws and also avoid wars of aggression to destabilize countries in the middle east like Libya and Syria. But remember Obama represents the capitalist oligarchy just as much as did Bush.

    1. Agreed, John smith.

      There is an adjustment coming that will hit this country and its plutocratic oligarchy like a tsunami when they can no longer strong-arm the value of the US dollar.

      But, by golly, Hillary may sprinkle some social treats for us to enjoy while slashing and burning the rest of the world.

  3. Oh, please…I get the sovereignty bit and a citizen’s right to protect it. However several videos of this lady show her repeatedly trying to trip migrants, legal or otherwise, for a photo or video image. If she’d put her camera down and just blocked a few I’d have more sympathy…but she did not do that. Camera in hand and promptly focused on the fallen older man and child were purposeful for an image not border protection. How gallant is that? She had tried the same stunt with others, some younger kids, before the older guy & kid and had little success…then bingo she got her gotcha shot. I also get she was doing her job as she saw it, as a photo-journalist, but it was not defense of sovereignty, just a set up for an image.

    I don’t favor uncontrolled horde migration, but I also don’t see any value in a photo or video of an older man and young child splayed on the ground. Fix the problem don’t just photograph it.

  4. When I watch this video, this site is still one of the first to come to mind. Get them out of here!! Rule of law you would yell if it affected the bank account.

    hahaha this site and picture go quite well together.

    and Edward Snowden is in Russia, so the joke about Putin’s spirit falls flat…… Again.

  5. The Muslim/Syrian was committing the crimes of trespass, illegal crossing of an international boundary and illegally invading a country.

    The Muslim/Syrian perp had no standing under Hungarian law. Hungary is a sovereign nation.

    Citizens have a duty to defend their countries. Hungary declared war on Germany in 1944 and on Russia, ostensibly the USSR, in 1956 wherein Hungarians fought and killed invading forces.

    Collectivist, socialist-cum-communist, liberal, one man, one vote democrazies promote the elimination of national boundaries and national sovereignty. They have done their best to nullify and “fundamentally transform” the American restricted-vote republic established by its Founders.

    Neither has happened yet.

    Hungarians have a duty and right to stop invaders.

    Compassionate repatriation may be all that is needed to do so.

  6. What I noticed in a video taken from a different viewpoint, one facing the tripper lady, is that she tripped an older man carrying a child and then IMMEDIATELY focused her camera on him and the kid. It seems to me that she did it to create an image opportunity, and not because the fleeing were breaking a law.

    For that she is a chump and should be gone. I’m sorry I can’t produce the link where I saw the face front viewpoint…if I can find it again I will post it here.

  7. stevegroen, I fully agree.

    I guess sometimes even a lawyer of Prof Turley’s caliber cannot help himself and make ad hominem attacks on President Putin. It just makes us feel good and sells!

    He seems to forget the treatment meted out by our authorities to anti-wall street protesters in Berkeley, NYC etc, not to mention our illegal drone war….but I guess those are our thugs!!!

  8. While what the woman did was wrong as a reporter, if I were there and not a reporter, I would have done the same. Those people were fleeing from the police. That is a FACT that most sympathetic viewers like to forget or ignore. They were breaking the law. If I see a person fleeing from a cop, I will intervene to stop them or slow them down. That is what a citizen is supposed to DO! In the past we used to raise a hue and cry to alert other citizens to act to stop such people.

    It is outright propaganda that we are being subjected to on this subject with absolutely NO coverage of the mess and destruction these people are causing. I spent some time on the US border watch, and while the illegals entering the US were FAR better behaved than these folks, they still created a vast mess that I had to help clean up. These people have hijacked cars stolen many things, raised havoc when they did not get what they wanted. I was raised to respect others and follow the laws of the nations I visited. These people have no respect for anybody but themselves and their desires and wants. The Hungarian government is quite correct is denying them entrance and they have every right to throw them back where they came from.

    I get quite tired of hearing that these people are fleeing war and death. That is NOT the fact. Once they crossed the Syrian border, they are OUT of danger and they simply do not like the refugee camps where they are housed. SO they are fleeing from the refugee camps, NOT war or death and destruction. By the looks of them, they are NOT starving, or malnourished. It is not the “right” of anybody to enter any country they wish. Such a position only facilitates anarchy and crime. Hell Canada made an issue of me entering for one 34 year old DUI I had. I guess I just should have told them that I had MORE rights than them and to screw your laws! I hope that all the sympathetic refugee folks will come to my defense if that happens again. I won’t hold my breath though.

  9. Prof. Turley writes, “After suing the victim, Laszlo is thinking of moving to Russia. She is certainly likely to find a kindred spirit in Vladimir Putin who has a fairly large following of thugs that not only trip but beat protesters and journalists.”

    Do you really think Putin differs much from every President we’ve in many decades (excluding Jimmy Carter)? I don’t.

    Our fairly large number of thugs includes the national security apparatus, the MIC, the oligarchs who own law and policy and print fiat money, and those disguised as Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter for a daily metropolitan newspaper, fighting a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American Way. It’s the great charade to hide the truth that the US would be in its greatest ever economic depression were it not for these thugs.

    We have to look at both sides of the issue. Don’t we?

  10. I call that camera person a “day tripper”. One trip a day keeps the doctor away. Hop on the bus gus, throw away the key Lee and get the hell out of Hungary or you will go hungry. Daddy dont want no banjo singers round here.

  11. Living in a state that is constantly invaded by illegals, who I am taxed to school, feed and medicate, I am sympathetic to the reporter.

  12. Just as most Hungarians will be happy to see this camerawoman depart, most Americans will be more than happy to witness the departure of the infamous Ahmed-the-ticking-pencil-box-clock-boy and his family leave the US. Have you heard? The family is packing up its arsenal of wires, circuit boards, pencil cases and timers and moving its caravan to the sparkling shores of Qatar. Oh, glory days! Seems like some Qatar-based foundation is footing the bill for ole Ahmed to go to school there, and he’s taking the entire tribe with him. Yes, there is a God.

  13. It’s always the victims fault that the aggressor was compelled to be a jerk…
    … Because there is no such thing as personal responsibility in her world.

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