Professor Luna Teaches Historic Torts Class To Widespread Public and Academic Acclaim

IMG_3525Yesterday, Professor Luna Turley taught her first law school class at George Washington University to immediate acclaim and rave reviews. Luna helped teach animal liability and is shown here with a few students answering questions after class. One small concern was the observation that a few students were slipping Professor Luna treats to gain her favor. That could be an issue for the Tenure and Promotion Committee, but her pedagogical technique was flawless.

We gave Luna a bath and a brushing before I took her to school but she ruined her hairdo by sticking her head out the window for the entire trip into the city.

Luna demonstrated differences between ferae naturae and mansuetae or domitae naturae as well as animus reverted (habit of return). She then explored traits of domestication in animals and specifically the line where a vicious or violent propensity in dogs triggers strict liability. She used a large stuffed Wile E. Coyote to bring home the distinction between the wild and domesticated Canis.

It was a masterful performance, but then again she is a certified J.D. (Juris Dog).

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  1. I’d really like to have someone explain to me, and to phillyT, the rationale behind dog signs issues and training issues, in particular Shutzhund training. Why does this increase liability for a carrier? Common sense would indicate the opposite. Is it fear of the occasional lunatic with poorly trained dogs? Same as for handguns?

    I am serious when I say that my fencing and securing of doors is more to protect our dogs than to stop intruders. I must be doing something right since yesterday I had three young girls on my porch again asking when we’d be getting new dogs for them to play with…kids from 8 to 12 unafraid of well trained German Shepherd dogs who delighted in the company of children. Apparently they miss them as much as we do.

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