unnamed The annual Torts versus Contracts paintball teams have met on the field of battle for the 2015 charity competition and I am thrilled to report that Torts emerged victorious — tying the competition now 2-2 over the last four years. It was a sweet victory given the two-year slump for Torts. As in prior years, it was extremely close and came down to the last game but legal descendants of Learned Hand overwhelmed those of Karl Llewelyn in the final minutes.

IMG_0137The annual competition is the outcome of an auction to support our public interest law program at George Washington University. These contests have raised thousands of dollars for indigent clients and public interest work. The Torts team was composed of myself, Brendan O’Callaghan, Jim Gaylord, Michael Gershoni, and Andrew Walter.

IMG_0136Over in the House of Slytherin, the Dark Lord (aka Contracts Professor Greg Maggs) was teamed with Garrett Henderson, Andrew Klemash, Jason Ross, and “Big Mike” (who goes by nom de guerre). Contracts fought back from a 2-0 deficit to tie up the match for the final elimination competition.

We had a great time in perfect weather in the Virginia countryside. Special thanks to Brendan O’Callaghan and Garrett Henderson in helping organize the teams and of course my friend and colleague Greg Maggs. The Contracts team left with a determined look so I expect next year is going to be epic.

In the end, the torts training on assaults, battery, and false imprisonment proved too much for Contracts. Our Cardozian cry of “Danger Invites Rescue” will echo through the ages to inspire generations of young torts paintballers. Our attacks were proximate, our victory foreseeable and our damages punitive. Not since Helen Palsgraf was laid low by the railroad scale in Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., 248 N.Y. 339, 162 N.E. 99 (N.Y. 1928) has the zone of danger been so expansive and so devastating. Well done Torts Team in this great and noble undertaking.


  1. Wondering where the “others” are. Were they over qualified? Just askin’ as a WASP lead-babyboomer who’s a combat vet with a daughter who could handle a Swedish K in Junior High and cleaned clocks in college paintball. A contracts exec now.

  2. In Virginia, the state’s “Fusion Center” likely today rofiles non-white paintball players as terror suspects. The Bush Administration did precisely that to paintball players during his reign.

    An interesting paradox!

  3. It looks like many of the combatants grew beards like hockey players do for the playoffs.

  4. BarkinDog … have to wonder why the “election season” begins about 11 months after the last election and goes on for 3 years until the next one. Don’t most of these people have “day jobs?” It has to be media bonanza that encourages it all. I’m so tired of it all day all the time every day that I switch channels or sites and tune it out. I’ll peak up my interest again when the primaries occur. I think it is humorous that the pundits all jabber about the Democratic Party “debate” … huh, there was a debate? Who knew?

  5. On another topic. This Biden story. Enough of email apCray about Hillary and enough of this Beau stuff about Biden. In fact, the first primary is months away. Why does the news media spend so much time on these dorks?

  6. That’s child’s play. Need to play rougher like Army Delta Force war games. Capture a Tort player and interrogate.
    Water boarding, put in hot box, stake to ground near fire ants nest. Get good information wear Tort team is and tactical strategy. Put points on scoreboard and win.

  7. At first I thought I knew what a paint ball team did for fun and games. Then in the second photo I notice a female. It could be a transgender person. But I am thinking now that there is something else to this “paintball” word. Some other dog explained to me that you shoot a ball full of paint out of a gun of some sort. You don’t paint … “Oh, never mind.” That other dog’s name is Rozanne O’Danna. She used to be on Saturday Night Live many years ago when she was a human.

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