Real Communists Don’t Golf: Chinese Party Bars Members From Joining Golf Clubs

38156551_maoswim_ap150Real Communists don’t golf. That appears the message this month from those brilliant Chinese Communist Party functionaries. The latest edict from the Party has banned all 88 million of its members from joining golf clubs or gyms. The move appears part of the latest anti-corruption campaign in China, which is targeting these clubs as common places for bribes and special dealing. Of course, it is little problem to achieve that same corruption deals at a restaurant or a Mah Jong parlor. However, the way that central planners think is that you can fight corruption by attacking a common place for corrupt discussions. It is akin to fighting insider trading by barring limousines.

Party members have also been told to refrain from extravagant dinners and purchasing moon cakes using public funds.

Members are banned from “obtaining, holding or using membership cards for gyms, clubs, golf clubs, or various other types of consumer cards, or entering private clubs”. By the way, the rule does not appear to bar going to such clubs as a guest and having the very same corrupt meeting.

The inclusion of gyms may not necessarily mean more honest Chinese officials but it is likely to produce fatter officials.

Mao of course could just swim roughly ten miles because he was . . . well Mao. He certainly showed why you do not need gyms to be a super Communist. A Taiwanese reader figured out that Mao had achieved this feat by swimming three times faster than the top Olympic swimmer.

Source: BBC

12 thoughts on “Real Communists Don’t Golf: Chinese Party Bars Members From Joining Golf Clubs”

  1. Let’s see,


    Yep. That’s America.

    Sounds like “real communists” to me, right here in River City.

    P.S. For all of you public school students and unfortunate, indoctrinated democrazies, the structure and limit, the context, of American government was designed to be:

    PROMOTE GENERAL WELFARE (roads, water, the “utility of the currency, etc.)

    The Constitution provides for governance within the parameters of the Preamble.

    It’s really much simpler than the SCOTUS and “scholars” let on.

    John Lennon – 1967

    “There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.

    Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.”

  2. And it all started with the dictatorship of the proletariat. Hating the rich. Group think. Anti-capitalism. And the good of the group over the good of the individual.

  3. Chinngis join two golf clubs, 5 iron and 7 iron, tape them together. Mail them to Margaret Thatcher, since Iron Lady may not use driver. Good golfer always use driver so they don’t have to walk. China maybe avoid golf club because they invest in Middle East, don’t want to get caught in sand trap.

  4. Some of these changes have been effective. I have a friend who works in China and he was complaining they just closed down the last store for getting pirated DVDs (he has quite a collection). He is hoping the guy just moved to a new location.

  5. It’s sad how ignorant politicians are. Humans are not competent to govern other humans.

  6. I do not like golf clubs and I am not speaking of the thing that a golpher holds in his hand in order to hit the ball. I think that people who join golf clubs also are of a mind that their itShay does not stink. Or if it does stink that they want others to think that it does not stink. Back in a priior life, when I was a human and not a dog, I had an uncle who was a stock broker. Not cattle but Dow kind of stock. He belonged to a country club in North Saint Louis County called Norwood. This was located near Dellwood town and Ferguson town, Near Emerson Electric. I was a caddie there for a short while and got to observe. The members were not real rich like some other country clubs but they were business folks and had the itShay dont stink mentality. My uncle used the place to make friends and clients. Now in my present incarnation I view golf club members with a great deal of intolerance. We in the dogpac often travel over to a golf club which is nearby just to unload some dog turds. One reason for this is to demonstrate that their itShay stinks just as bad as ours. The second reason we do this is to show what we think of them.

  7. No one could be so stupid at to think that this would work, except perhaps the voter. It is my
    guess that this cocky-mamy story is concocted for their consumption.

    If their leaders actually believe that these actions will help reduce corruption, then God help us all.
    We are ruled by some dangerously stupid people. I hope the latter scenario is not the case.

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