Study: Virtually None of Eighth Graders In Detroit Meet Proficiency Levels In Math and Reading

SchoolClassroom250px-Flag_of_Detroit,_Michigan.svgWe have followed the continuing failure of the public school systems in cities like Detroit and Washington D.C. where students are graduating without basic skills or ability to compete in the new economy for valuable jobs. Instead, they are left without any meaningful chance to break the cycle of poverty that often holds them in a stagnant social strata. The most recent review of Detroit demonstrates just how badly we have failed these children. The 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress tests published by the Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics shows that 96 percent of eighth graders are not proficient in mathematics and 93 percent are not proficient in reading. This is the result despite spending approximately $14,743 per student in the school system.

The situation nationwide is not particularly gratifying with only 33 percent of public-school eighth graders scored proficient or better in reading in 2015 and only 32 percent scored proficient or better in mathematics. However, that is still an astonishing contrast to Detroit.

With only 4 percent of students proficient in math and 7 percent proficient in reading, the Detroit school officials have utterly failed in managing the system. Moreover, the dismal performance of the schools matches the a long history of corruption and incompetence in other areas of government in Detroit. On every level, public officials have failed the voters of the city to deliver the most basic services. Yet, there is no move to remove these leaders and officials in gross for what they have done to this once great American city.

The next lowest city was Cleveland where officials only achieved an 11 percent scoring proficiency in reading and 8 percent in math Among the rogue’s gallery were also Baltimore and Fresno (tied for third worst with only 13 percent scoring proficient or better in reading and 12 percent in math) and Philadelphia ranked fifth worst with only 16 percent scoring proficient or better in reading while Los Angeles ranked fifth with 15 percent in math.

What is equally depressing is that Detroit is failing a current population of 48,905 students. That is roughly 50,000 students who are being released into a world without the skills needed for success. As I have said before, this is the real crisis in our country. We will continue to see a downward spiral in the economy and crime unless we overhaul our public educational system. Otherwise, these children will be trapped in a poverty cycle that they cannot realistically escape.

I understand that many of these kids are coming from broken homes or extreme poverty that makes the task far more challenging for the schools. However, these statistics are still an utter disgrace for any system and show massive budgets being spent without minimal and measurable success. I am not one who looks to public voucher systems as the solution. I still believe in public education and I have sent my kids to public schools. I believe these schools play an important role in our democratic systems in raising future citizens. We cannot fail in this basic task as a nation and remain a viable and successful country in the increasing challenging global economy. These scores reflect a permanent underclass where these children are finished before they even start to make their way in life.

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  1. Late to the party, but I just have to challenge you, Prof. Turley, on your . . . hypocrisy. You send your children to public schools. Good for you. But I guarantee you wouldn’t send them to public schools in Detroit, or Chicago, or Baltimore, or East St. Louis or . . . ..

    I have no idea in which wealthy suburb of Washington D.C. you live, but I imagine the public schools in your area rival the private schools where I live.

    The kids in these cities are stuck in horrifyingly bad schools with no way out, and attitudes like yours are one of the factors that keep them there.

  2. Hildegard, this reminds me that BILL COSBY was a zealous supporter of PUBLIC TELEVISION, which was

    used as a collectivist/socialist/progressive/communist liberal democrat indoctrination tool to shape the minds

    of young people.

    Who allowed these freaks (I think the evidence compels the TWO BILLS AND HILLS to agree that they are

    freaks) to takeover a country established, expanded and defended by the likes of Washington, Jefferson,

    Hamilton, Madison, Adams, Mason, Sam Houston, Travis, Austin, Custer, Teddy Roosevelt, Gen. Patton,

    Harry S. Truman, et al.?

    Corruption allows the truths of these freaks to be suppressed. Cosby has literally been a criminal for 50

    years while he promoted indoctrination on PUBLIC TELEVISION.

    P.S. It will be very interesting to read the “RECOMMENDATIONS” of FBI Director, James Comey,

    concerning the actions of Hillary Clinton regarding her official e-mail as Secretary of State.

    Can he say Petraeus – YES and Hillary – NO?

    1. forgotwhoiam, I totally agree with you on all points made. I was raised on PBS with the best of bleeding heart liberal parents. They both voted for Obama twice and it’s a subject we don’t go near anymore. LOL Yes, there WERE some good shows on PBS years ago (I can think of one) but I haven’t been near it in years. People have to pick VERY carefully these days with the Orwellian state we’re in. Anything pushed by the federal government must be considered lies of commission and omission unless proven otherwise.

      What is the difference between CPB, PBS & NPR?

      Basically CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) is a “Private corporation created by the federal government” and “Funded by the federal government”.

      PBS is a “Private, non-profit media enterprise owned and operated by member stations” and “Funded by CPB and member stations”.

      NPR is a “Private non-profit media enterprise” and…click on the “learn more about CPB” link and you’ll find that CPB has their fingers in the NPR pie as well.

      In fact the more you read about CPB the more mind fu*ked you’ll be from double speak. They provide programs….they don’t provide programs, they influence programs, they don’t influence programs. If you can trust the federal government in ANYTHING these days you are one confused person.

      I practically yelled at one of my former co-workers (who is a VERY VERY nice guy!) when he began bashing Russia for their actions in Ukraine and I asked him, “Where are you getting your news? NPR????” Of course that’s where he gets it. It’s where all the so-called intellectuals get their news. So I schooled him and basically have no shame anymore. I tell people that conspiracies don’t just happen on TV, in books, or movies, and they better get up to speed because there is so much blatant evidence now, that being a conspiracy theorist is practically main stream.

      Yes, yes and what will be done with poor Hillary? Well you can always go to the store and buy a Hillary for Prison 2016 t-shirt to show your support! There needs to be a “for prison” shirt for the lot of them.

      Exciting times we’re living in, huh?

  3. “Blackboard Jungle”, “To Sir With Love”, “We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control,” Easy Rider”, ……..this isn’t new. My younger brother (11 yrs junior – now 58) attended Seattle schools…no idea who Stalin or Hitler were. Couldn’t balance a checkbook. We were both passed around relatives. I had two step fathers and absent father. I went to 8 different public schools in Mountain time zone. We carried knives to school for recess Mumbly Peg. High school parking lots had .22 or 410 shotguns on gunracks.

    He had the “pleasure” of Seattle progressive wonder schools of the 60-70s.

    We are WASPs. I made it out by the luck of several draws. He’s failed in the workforce, divorced, addicted and two “cocaine children” now adults

    I had Olympians in my highschool and they were stellar students. One well-to-do guy disappeared into a sunworshipping cult for yrs….

    Only 1/3 of my entering class at Oregon State graduated. Three of us were full ride scholarships, I was the one who graduated and was not the brightest of the lot. Yet, yrs later I’ve got a hard earned doctorate….G. I. Bill.

    The Greatest Generation didn’t think much of the Baby Boomer generation and we are now the grandparents…..

    Through it all, I haven’t seen a clear solution. What I am convinced of is that opportunities exist (see the immigrants and refugees) and we are still feeling the combination of the revolt of the 60s and future shock.

    Look at the differences under the hoods of a 60s Chevy and a stock 2015 of today. I’m now incompetent in tuning or diagnosing an engine. I used to be able to change out a tube or power supply on a TV. Take the tubes to the drugstore, plug each in until you find the one that failed. Buy a new one….tv’s on. I built a kit radio in a day just in time to listen to Sputnik’s beep.

    Wellllll rambled on enough. But there is one piece of retro being reintroduced ……after nearly 20 yrs, the celestial navigation competency requirement is coming back to the Navy. Old f- – ts rule. Now to dig out and calibrate those sextants.

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