Anti-Trump Group Under Fire for Using Children To Scream Profanities and Make Obscene Gestures on Video

Deport racism kidIt is always surprising to me how some groups can snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. At a time when calls for a crackdown on illegal immigration have been largely ignored,, a Latino political action committee (PAC), has succeeded in eradicating any moral high ground that it once claimed in the debate. The organization released a disgraceful advertisement using children who make obscene gestures and profanity against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. If they were seeking to diminish Trump, they succeeded in precisely the opposite: making him look very statesman in comparison to their insulting, profane use of these children.

The three young children are shown saying things like “F*** you racist f***,” one young child says to Trump while holding up a middle finger. Two children go on to say: “Yo, Trump. You may be high in the polls. Thanks to pinches racist suckers but you’re all going to have to come thru me if you try to deport my abuelita m*****f*****.”

I wonder what an abuelita would say about adults teaching kids to speak like this and make obscene gestures.

While most people are appalled on the videotape below, the group continues to proudly market the video and also offer $5000 to anyone who would interrupt the Saturday Night Live performance of Trump. It is entirely clueless. While most groups are seeking to show undocumented people as hardworking and respectful citizens, Deportracism is striving to fulfill every stereotype of their critics.

The group has scoffed at objections that it is teaching children to be disrespectful and profane. After releasing the video entitled, “Trashing Trump: Latino Kids Pound Racism Like a Pinata,” the director of the video, Luke Montgomery insisted that:

“The adorable and articulate kids in the video are using bad word for a good cause. What’s more offensive? A four-letter word, or a Republican presidential frontrunner who is calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists’ and ‘drug dealers’ and referring to American-born U.S. citizen kids as “anchor babies” and talking of changing the constitution to strip them of their legal rights as Americans?”

Well, most of us were raised not to use bad words for good causes or bad causes. Even those of us raised differently, were overwhelmingly raised not to use “adorable and articulate kids” — or any kids — to convey our vulgar ideas or statements.

Not only does Montgomery appear unable to distinguish good and bad actions, he also seems unable to distinguish between good and bad press. He insisted “It’s the reason so many media outlets are talking about it and the message from the Latino kids about Trump’s racism is being heard in a great way.” Here’s a flash for you, Luke, the press is about you and your organization . . . not Trump’s message. You have given Trump precisely what he could only have dreamed: taking the high ground and portraying his critics in the worse possible light. The offer of $5,000 reward to anyone who disrupts this week’s “Saturday Night Live” episode produced the same bad press not just for the group but all of Trump’s critics. That is quite a success story for Montgomery and his group.

According to conservative sites, this is the same person who previously went by the “Luke Sissyfag” and used other videotapes of profane performances by children. What is fascinating is that this guy is everything that his critics could want in a foul-mouthed, disgusting advocate. What I cannot understand are the parents who lent their children to be used in this way. Likewise, there are clearly donors who think that this is a productive way to engaging Trump on the immigration policy debate.

Here is the video if you have the stomach for it:

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  1. The biggest argument for a wall on our Southern border is to slow the influx of drugs and human trafficking. And if a bunch of young Central American women with toddlers can wade across the border, it is highly insecure and a gift to terrorists.

    The globalists here don’t want a wall. Forty years ago when people wondered why our border wasn’t enforced, newspaper columnists wrote articles about illegal immigration being the safety valve for political tensions in Mexico to avoid a another Communist insurgency on our doorstep.

    I don’t think that policy worked out that well for either country. Citizens demanding accountability might have helped.

    A friend I know, knew an engineer, who wanted to open a tire recycling business in Mexico. My friend’s pal had all the paperwork, all the permits, but every step along the way, a bribe was demanded. Finally, he’d had enough, when some local politician hit him up yet again. He threw his hands up in the air, and stormed back to the United States. I believe there is a plant in Australia using his or similar technology to reclaim and reuse tires and create jobs. Mexico lost out.

  2. I’m a seventh generation Californian, and I think a bit of Mexican ancestry and long roots in California license me to speak.

    Mexican governments probably have been corrupt since before it shed Spain.

    Remember, that under Spanish rule the Californian mission lands were to be held in trust for the mission indians. Whether the church would have fulfilled that promise, we’ll never know. The new independent Mexican nation, secularized the missions, seized the mission lands and handed them out to the political cronies of the governor of California. Tough luck indians! Don’t blame that loss of California’s Indians on Americans. That was purely on Mexico.

    I think as a humanitarian issue, all foreign aid to governments should be eliminated. Instead aid should be handled by organizations like, which transfers aid directly to individuals, eliminating the middleman, governments. That’s the model the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation follows, and a true democratization of the aid process as long as donors have to ability to view overhead expenses.

  3. We are on the cusp of a golden age of robotics. Lots of jobs will be replaced. Trucker, for one, the most common US male occupation. Postal-worker, as the work is automated, legal secretary, paralegal, etc. Google occupations that will be supplanted by robotics. Stanford created a robot that can do brain surgery on fruit flies, doing 1000 flies in 10 hours, which outpaces a skilled human in the lab.

    About one-quarter of our population is illiterate or semi-literate. While low-skilled jobs in this country still exist, I would prefer our low-skilled citizens fill them rather than foreign scabs.

    Before you preach about how badly Mexico has been treated by the US, ask, how badly has the corrupt Mexican government cared for its citizens?

    Then look farther afield before, as a liberal, you decide a border is irrelevant. Except for Dow being involved in an contamination incident in India, no one can say we have done much to India. Queen Victoria was the Empress of India.

    Whether because of its caste system or other causes, India has 277 million illiterates. What would happen if 10% of them decide to vote with their feet and come to America? Oops, that’s a lot more people. Do you want to pick up the tab for every poorly educated immigrant in the world who wants come to America and cut in line?

    We are going to have millions of Americans displaced by robots. Google which occupations will land on the dust bin of history. Even if the manufacturers were forced to pay into social security for their robots, at this time in our history, we don’t need unskilled, uneducated workers. It’s economics, not racism.

    Yes, the GOP goes on about American exceptionalism, ignoring the quarter of the American population who is functionally illiterate. But, liberals who think the US can buy the cure to all the social ills of the world, are living in a La-La land where the rules of economics don’t apply. We can’t afford to fix the rest of the world. Both parties are encouraging delusional expectations among immigrants by talking as if we can. We’re not that wealthy.

    Immigration worked in the past because we had a smaller population, and it was limited after the early 1900s. There were jobs. Today millions of Americans are out of work or on food stamps. Leave the border open if you are willing to give up the concept of a middle class. In a age of outsourcing, and robotics, unskilled labor is like a fifth column in our economy, driving down wages.

    Don’t prate that everyone deserves the chance to live in America because your grandparents got lucky. Look at the homeless on our streets before you talk about open borders. Our politicians were elected to represent them, along with other Americans, not people who suddenly decide, “I don’t like it here. I can make it in America. Their government will take care of me.” In a time when it’s hard for Americans to make it in America, ignoring reality about economics, demographics and a robotics revolution won’t improve the situation.

    1. Carol writes, “Yes, the GOP goes on about American exceptionalism, ignoring the quarter of the American population who is functionally illiterate. But, liberals who think the US can buy the cure to all the social ills of the world, are living in a La-La land where the rules of economics don’t apply. We can’t afford to fix the rest of the world. Both parties are encouraging delusional expectations among immigrants by talking as if we can. We’re not that wealthy. . . .”

      Excellent post with major points, Carol. What about the Mexican government’s corruption? Granted, but when we have our hand in the pie, controlling it by proxy, yours is a weak argument. IMHO, no major public action in Mexico avoids US scrutiny or its influence on decision-making there. And that goes for all of Latin America.

      As for your quote above, I agree: we cannot afford to fix the rest of the world. However, the fix as you call it, whether it’s a call for democracy or humanitarian aid, is a charage for global capitalism strong-armed by our military. If this isn’t evident to you, please contemplate it. We’re not the Starship Business Enterprise, yet neo-conservatives and neo-liberals alike want globalism. Is corporate revenue more important than human rights?

  4. G Mason, Another great clip. In my lifetime, I have known some despicable politicians from both sides of the aisle. Harry Reid is a Hall of Fame sleazeball. Does ANYONE believe that story about how he got his face caved in? He is now suing the company that makes the exercise equipment that allegedly caused the injuries. I hope he gets sued for fraud.

  5. Thanks, Hildegard, for the links. Have you ever bought those books? I haven’t kept up with Alex Jones, and I hesitate to give him traffic, let alone money. I used to go to his website infowars five or six years ago, but then I drifted away. I didn’t like his style. Although if he is putting out the Citizens Rule Book, I may take a look.

    1. Steg, Alex is good as far as he goes which isn’t far enough, but then who really goes far enough? I believe he’s truly trying to wake people up, even though he’s not quite awake himself and yes, his personality is a bit off-putting. I bought multiple copies of the The Citizens Rule Book and have given most of them away or left them in coffee shops. There are some religious references in it that don’t offend me and the founders were religious types so they’re not really out of place. I’m a true believer in the power of art in the forms of stickers, pamphlets, posters, flyers, t-shirt graphics, etc. and would give anything to see more of it plastered all over the place.

  6. Dust Bunny Queen; We agree on many issues and this is one of them but I must add a little something.

    “Currently the invading hordes from the South are either unskilled or low skilled. They are driving down the wages of legal citizens by working under the table. They are not vetted in any way and the rise of third world diseases is happening. They are uneducated. They are a HUGE GIANT drain on the social welfare system, which is going to bring this country to its knees.”

    I would add that this is an INTENDED CONSEQUENCE. A population ON IT’S KNEES is a Globalists wet dream. Please people get the big picture or you’ll be continually trying to put out fires instead of dealing with the pyromaniacs.

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