“It’s Kind of Shocking”: Two Missouri Teenagers Stab Woman At Car Wash And Then Take Joy Ride With Dead Victim In Her Car

vacuum14n-1-webIn Missouri, there is a deeply unsettling crime involving two boys, aged 13 and 14, where Tanya Chamberlain, 43, was brutally stabbed in the face, neck, chest and hands. After killing her, the two teens went on a joyride with her dead body propped up in the front seat. The case again raises the question of when minors should be be tried as adults in our country.

Chamberlain was vacuuming out her car when the boys attacked. A surveillance video shows the eighth-graders exiting Quick Clean Car Wash wearing distinct hoodies. However, due to the time change on November 1st, the culprits got a break. The change to daylight saving time resulted in the video re-booting and by that time the car was gone. However, the police insist that they caught the teenagers in the victim’s car and found her body propped up in the front seat with her feet on the dashboard. Police spotted the car swerving and thought it was a drunk driver. The boys then fled the car and the police lost them. They recovered the bloody pocket knife.

The boys showed up for school the day in the eighth grade after Chamberlain’s death and a fellow classmate’s mother recognized the sweatshirts, which they wore at both the murder and the next day to school. Another mother told police that they had come by her house wearing the same sweatshirts.

In perhaps the world’s most understated response, Scott Thomason (presumably a neighbor) was quoted as saying, “I thought it was very unfortunate. It’s kind of shocking how two eighth-graders could do something like that.” Unfortunate and “kind of shocking” does not quite capture the response of most people to two teenagers randomly stabbing a woman to death and then taking her dead body on a joy ride in her car.

Not only do the police have the clothing and presumably of forensic evidence, but they say that the teens made incriminating statements during police interviews that only someone involved in the crime would know, according to reports.

Here is the heart of the standard in the Missouri code, which these teenagers appear to satisfy:

Certification of juvenile for trial as adult–procedure–mandatory hearing, certain offenses–misrepresentation of age, effect.

211.071. 1. If a petition alleges that a child between the ages of twelve and seventeen has committed an offense which would be considered a felony if committed by an adult, the court may, upon its own motion or upon motion by the juvenile officer, the child or the child’s custodian, order a hearing and may, in its discretion, dismiss the petition and such child may be transferred to the court of general jurisdiction and prosecuted under the general law; except that if a petition alleges that any child has committed an offense which would be considered first degree murder under section 565.020, second degree murder under section 565.021, first degree assault under section 565.050, forcible rape under section 566.030 as it existed prior to August 28, 2013, rape in the first degree under section 566.030, forcible sodomy under section 566.060 as it existed prior to August 28, 2013, sodomy in the first degree under section 566.060, first degree robbery under section 569.020, or distribution of drugs under section 195.211, or has committed two or more prior unrelated offenses which would be felonies if committed by an adult, the court shall order a hearing, and may in its discretion, dismiss the petition and transfer the child to a court of general jurisdiction for prosecution under the general law.

What do you think? Should they be tried as adults?

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  1. Hey Bob,
    Save your fake compassion for someone that is stupid enough to believe it. The ugly truth is the consequences of committing this crime are real. You obviously are aware of what those consequences might be. They might be housed in a maximum security area where they are protected from the general population. I really don’t care. The reality is these two gentle teens would appear to be oblivious to it all. If just ONE of their generation would be ‘enlightened” to what awaits them if they choose this path then good. If you’re not comfortable with a ‘nation of laws’ that actually discourages this sort of behavior then step up and provide your answer to JT’s question. You’ve offered nothing but critiques of others, so let’s hear the wisdom of Bobmetz; this should be entertaining.

  2. I see DBQ has corrected an error of mine….

    It is Obama’s AND Al Sharpton’s fault.

  3. Olly

    FILMED daily rape of a couple of fourteen year olds is exactly what you were calling for. Now you’ve just applied a small veil of civilization and describe it as maximum punishment – no mercy. All part of ‘we’re a nation of laws’, eh Olly? Good to know what it takes to scrape away your theory of God given inalienable rights.

  4. Bobmetz,
    Daily rape? Your words, not mine. I want anyone that is convicted of a crime like this to receive the maximum punishment available. No mercy. They brutally infringed this woman’s right to life and I have not seen any indication they gave a hoot about the consequences. Perhaps they have not been made aware of what life is like for those convicted of such crimes. I’m all for making this a teachable moment for other boys and girls that seem to lack a conscience.

  5. Can you spare us a horror story of …say some….Russians?

    @ Bob

    Well, I can’t speak for Karen, but also living in California I can attest that there are very few Russians. So it would be difficult to create any anecdotes about people with whom we have no contact. Where I grew up, in the Santa Clara Valley, there were and still are many ethnic groups: Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, Blacks and the rest of us Okies and Caucasians. We all got along pretty good in high school and college, dated each other, worked together and socialized quite well.

    Obama has done double harm to DBQ by making her a racist.

    Noticing the facts and being observant of trends, Blacks attacking Whites and those instances of attacks not being classified as racial attacks, does not make a person a racist. It makes one an observer and aware of one’s surroundings.

    Fact. Should the races in this murder be reversed…..two white football players stabbing, killing and then going on a joy ride with an innocent black woman’s dead body….. the feces would be hitting the oscillating mechanism at warp speed. Al Sharpton, Obama and all the other racial grievance merchants would be all over this, to create the most agitation and violence they possibly could. However, since it is two black criminals killing an innocent white woman, we are going to sweep it under the rug and not mention the ugly truth. We pretend that we don’t all know the truth. Blacks can be racists too. Shhhhhhhhh

  6. Yes, Karen.

    But your lengthy anecdote concerned only the bad racists – African American and Hispanics. Can you spare us a horror story of …say some….Russians?

  7. Bob – I’m referring to people not usually listed as racists. But my comment that people of any skin color can be so includes the entire human race.

    It’s not ONLY blonde and blue eyes people who can be racist. We’re all human, and all subject to the same failings.

  8. Bad African-Americans, Hispanics, and Russians (Russians?). Bad Racists.

    (Notice no WASPs in that list.)

  9. There is a lot of racism in some African American communities. Where I live, there is a lot of racism between Latinos and African Americans. One mother had to pull her African American 8 year old out of public school because he had been beaten up many times by Latino kids. In the really tough neighborhoods in CA, there is racism against whites. Just as there is concern about racism against African Americans, there is also concern about violent racism when it’s African Americans or Latinos engaging in it.

    My own husband had to strike several neighborhoods off his business radius, because it was too dangerous to himself and his employees. When he was starting out, he wanted to work anywhere and everywhere. But if he even drove down some streets, African American guys would throw bottles at this vehicle, yell racist taunts, and otherwise go after him for no other reason than he was white. A very nice African American lady told him to leave, immediately, if he didn’t want his tools stolen, his truck damaged, and a crowd to try to beat him up. Just for showing up to a job. If this happened against a black man, it would be international news, and there would be marches, riots, sobbing, and lots of protests. But it’s ignored when it’s African Americans doing it. I disagree with this position, because wrong is wrong. And obviously not all African Americans engage in it. It seems to be more common in poor areas, where hate just festers. It’s ironic, though. Such open violent racism chased my husband right out of that area, so it denied the neighborhood of his services. It drives employers out of the neighborhood, too, which makes them worse off. And yet they do not take responsibility for what they’ve done to worsen their situation. It’s always someone else’s fault, but it can be empowering to take at least partial responsibility for steering your own boat. Sure, there are circumstances beyond your control, but you are responsible for your own actions, your own efforts, and your own choices.

    Human nature being what it is, African Americans, Latinos, Russians, any anyone else, regardless of skin color, can be racist or bigoted.

  10. Olly, who frequently calls for humility, the love of God, and natural rights, here seems to be looking forward to the daily rape of these two.

    I guess his principles that he so often and so vigorously defends are very expendable.

  11. What a senseless, tragic murder. I can hardly wrap my head around two killers being 8th graders, who were so unmoved by their actions they just went on with their day.

    I want to know why this happened. What series of events produced two young boys so callous and pathological. Genetics? Parenting? I read an article a while ago where a neuroscientist discovered he was a psychopath while conducting a brain scan study of serial killers.

    “I got to the bottom of the stack, and saw this scan that was obviously pathological,” he says, noting that it showed low activity in certain areas of the frontal and temporal lobes linked to empathy, morality and self-control. Knowing that it belonged to a member of his family, Fallon checked his lab’s PET machine for an error (it was working perfectly fine) and then decided he simply had to break the blinding that prevented him from knowing whose brain was pictured. When he looked up the code, he was greeted by an unsettling revelation: the psychopathic brain pictured in the scan was his own.”

    “I’ve never killed anybody, or raped anyone,” he says. “So the first thing I thought was that maybe my hypothesis was wrong, and that these brain areas are not reflective of psychopathy or murderous behavior.”

    But when he underwent a series of genetic tests, he got more bad news. “I had all these high-risk alleles for aggression, violence and low empathy,” he says, such as a variant of the MAO-A gene that has been linked with aggressive behavior. Eventually, based on further neurological and behavioral research into psychopathy, he decided he was indeed a psychopath—just a relatively good kind, what he and others call a “pro-social psychopath,” someone who has difficulty feeling true empathy for others but still keeps his behavior roughly within socially-acceptable bounds.

    “I’m obnoxiously competitive. I won’t let my grandchildren win games. I’m kind of an ass, and I do jerky things that piss people off,” he says. “But while I’m aggressive, but my aggression is sublimated. I’d rather beat someone in an argument than beat them up.”

    Why has Fallon been able to temper his behavior, while other people with similar genetics and brain turn violent and end up in prison? Fallon was once a self-proclaimed genetic determinist, but his views on the influence of genes on behavior have evolved. He now believes that his childhood helped prevent him from heading down a scarier path.

    “I was loved, and that protected me,” he says. Partly as a result of a series of miscarriages that preceded his birth, he was given an especially heavy amount of attention from his parents, and he thinks that played a key role.

    The article went on to say that research indicates that positive or negative childhoods are pivotal to the outcomes of those with genetic psychopathic tendencies.


    So, were these two boys genetic psychopaths who had a negative childhood? A single mother? (Also a statistical risk factor for crime.) Were they genetically normal, but something happened during their upbringing to desensitize them to violence, much as ISIS kids are taught to kill young? Was this a hate crime? Was the victim Caucasian? In extremist cultures, such as ISIS, kids are taught to violently hate others, especially Jews and Westerners, from birth. They are animals to them. Did something like this happen to these two kids?

    If these kids were taught to hate, then this illustrates the price that parents pay when they pass on their prejudice to their kids.

  12. Obama has done it again.

    DBQ and Olly formerly were perfectly rational human beings. Thanks to Obama they have turned into a couple of raging reactionaries. Obama has done double harm to DBQ by making her a racist.

  13. Ok, where are the signs, marchers, crowds, massive flower memorials, calls to burn something—anything—down and on and on?

    Oh wait….a blonde at a car wash at 1AM…..hmmmm, what was she doing out so late? Doesn’t she know the “stats” on such a scenario. What’s her source of income? If she hadn’t been there, the young kids/men would not have had the opportunity to butcher alive (defensive wounds) a white blonde (a symbol of status on a guy’s arm?) “Blonde lives matter” but do they? Look at all the crass jokes about blondes. They devalue blonde people. Bring in the Feds and look at the hate crime statutes.

    Some of the above is sardonic, some tongue in cheek (with bite marks), but I dread hearing the defense’s case although I don’t know the limits of admissibility re. her life leading up to the slaughter.

  14. Very cynically, perhaps with tongue in cheek, I would say

    If they are old enough to drive, they are old enough to be tried as an adult.
    And the act of joyriding is itself expressive of their desire to enter the world of adults.

    So I would hesitate to disrespect these two gentlemen and insult them by trying them as children.

  15. Presumption of innocence? Save that bleeding-heart crap for a discussion on constitutional rights. The question before us IS “should they be tried as adults?”

    Absolutely! Give them a speedy trial, check all the boxes and then put them in an adult prison. Make them wear a Go-Cam and upload their daily video diary to YouTube.

  16. They were innocent until proven guilty by security camera. I’m very much against a surveillance state, but I’m increasingly becoming of the opinion if everyone would CYA with a body cam or dash cam, (your private records until subpoenaed or volunteered), we would have better justice within our system.

  17. You know what is shocking? It is shocking…… that it ISN’T shocking. Without looking at the photos or names of the perps I knew that they would be black teens. The location of the incident just assured it would be so.

    Ho hum. Another hate crime. Oh wait……only WHITE people can commit hate crimes.

    And yes, try them as adults. Fry their butts. They are at this age irredeemable and we as a society better learn to cut our losses and protect the rest of us from these animals posing as humans.

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