Dartmouth Students Charge That Activists Hurled Racist Epithets And Abuses White Students At Library

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.40.54 AMThere was a controversial protest at Dartmouth this week that led to allegations in a conservative newspaper that racial epithets were directed at white students. The video below shows protesters disrupting students studying in the library and one telling students to recite “black lives matter.” The protest reportedly occurred at the Baker-Berry Library on the university’s campus in Hanover, New Hampshire.

The conservative Dartmouth Review alleges that students epithets like “F**k you, you filthy white f**ks!” “F**k you and your comfort!” “F**k you, you racist shits!” Those words are not heard on the videotape below. The newspaper also says that students were pushed and shoved by protesters.

One person claiming to be among the protesters went to Facebook to say “We raised hell, we caused discomfort, and we made our voices heard throughout this campus in the name of standing up for our brothers and sisters across the country who are staring terrorism and assault directly in the face.”

Additional information may be read HERE.

The question is, if such racial epithets were made and physical abuse occurred, whether the university will take action. Putting aside the interruption of students in the library, which is itself a problem, such racial epithets (if they occurred) would not be tolerated if they referenced minority students. If the newspaper is lying, that is also a matter for proper action from the university. Either way, it would seem that the incident or the report should be generating more attention from the university than has been reported. Indeed, even if there is no evidence of some of the racial epithets cited by the student editors, there remains disturbing and threatening elements in the videotape below.

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49 thoughts on “Dartmouth Students Charge That Activists Hurled Racist Epithets And Abuses White Students At Library”

  1. John Kerry: The terrorists have a RATIONALE for their actions.

    Call Eric Holder out of retirement to start a new movement:

    “Jihadi Lives Matter.”

    This clown show has run its course.

    The inmates have taken over the asylum.

    Somebody find an adult.

    P.S. Now you know why Washington and Jay (Ltr. 1786) raised the Presidential requirement to “natural born citizen” from “citizen” to place a “strong check” to foreign allegiances. The President stated he was an Indonesian citizen on his high school application and his father was an anti-Colonialist, anti-American, radical extremist foreign citizen. Foreign allegiance is his middle name.

  2. Note the administrator who believes the protesters are “potentially unsafe” because someone supposedly identified them by name. A mob screaming in your face cannot reasonably cause you to feel unsafe, but someone knowing your name can.

    Maybe they should wear hoods next time.

  3. Olly, are you serious?

    Americans have the right to private property.

    They are compelled to hire and matriculate into private free enterprises through affirmative action.

    Private property owners are dictated to whom to rent and to whom to sell their private property under

    so-called “Fair Housing” law and “anti-discrimination” law.

    The first step of freedom is, axiomatically and by definition, DISCRIMINATION.

    No one can be free if he cannot discriminate.

    The SCOTUS has been the singular American failure for 226 years.

    P.S. Non-criminal racism is discrimination and discrimination is freedom of thought. Please keep in mind that slavery was a 238 year-old British institution that was ended the hard way by America in 74 years.

  4. I got cut off. Parents should not pay for tuition for these punks. The punks should go work at some coffee shop and forget about getting a formal education. Schools like DartMouth need to be shut down.

  5. I like the phrase: Black Lies Matter. Take Al Sharptongue for example. He is sooooo full of itShay. But the real issue here with the DartMouth story is the extent to which college students have become such weenies.

  6. When I was at Berkeley this type of behavior was engaged in by the students in light weight majors without grueling exams and term papers to worry about. You might experience this in the Sociology or Ethnic Studies libraries; never in the Engineering or Economics Libraries. The serious students studied together and were quite respectful of one another. The atmosphere in the “party major” undergraduate library was more social than studious.

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