“Harvard-Trained Lawyer” Arrested For Fraud In Boston

David Corazza, 47, was the very image of the international jet-setting lawyer with postings highlighting his Harvard education, offices in cities around the world, and even photos with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. The problem is that this Harvard-trained lawyer was neither a graduate of Harvard or a lawyer. Indeed, he does not even appear to be named Corazza.

Corazza has been arrested for acting as a lawyer and taking thousands of dollars from clients, including at least two clients for thousands of dollars in legal fees for work never performed. He is accusing of using the relationship to steal their personal information to buy things.

davidcorozza*750xx1251-704-0-138Police say that Corazza is just one of eight known aliases. What is different about this case is the extent to which Corazza marketed himself with slick photos on his website and social media sites. The website for the Law Offices of David Corazza reportedly claimed offices in Boston, New York City and London. It says that Corazza specializes in corporate, financial and entertainment law “with a solid background of accomplishments in finance, corporation structure and dispute resolution.” He also represents that his firm has “numerous talented lawyers.” By the way, a LinkedIn page reportedly said that he also had two stints in the U.S. Army, in Special Forces, Black Ops — making him the most interesting man in the world.

The details that he offers with the slick photos is amazing:

Utilized a tangible background to conduct negotiations and generate contracts with unions at favorable rates for clients. Has performed, negotiations, budgeting and scheduling for various productions and is able to maximize the available budget by recognizing and cutting unnecessary costs. Worked on such shows as – The Sopranos, Entourage and Oz. Supervised staff of from 10 to 50. Found individual strengths and utilized them for the company‘s benefit. Was instrumental in increasing corporate revenues and profitability during years of rapid expansion. Highly skillful in creating and making presentations, entertaining potential clients and forging strategic relationships.

Has overseen all details regarding financial planning and matters of credit, for businesses and high net worth individuals.

As Vice President in Charge of Finance at PAGE ONE, an investment banking firm in Los Angeles, he spearheaded projects to prepare companies in a wide variety of industries to go public. Provided analysis on IPOs, utilized his established relationships with Wall Street investment banks and ensured compliance with legal and financial statutes. Additionally attracted new clients to the firm by making presentations and offering timely, cost-effective service.

He appears to have little concern in listing so many contacts that could easily contradict his account. Indeed, reporters have said that when they called telephone numbers from the site, they were told no such attorney worked there. This is different from other unauthorized practice cases that we have discussed where some guy approached folks outside of a courthouse. If the allegations are correct, this is pathological but also incredibly painstaking in its details.

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  1. Maybe in my dreams Paul but that’s about it. Besides, politicians have an uncanny ability to promise the people everything yet manage to deliver nothing of substance.

  2. “Why should lawyers or corporations or anyone else be bound by the truth?”

    (Assuming your entire post was sarcasm); when an entity enters into public service and swears an oath to the constitution, then I expect they should be held to a higher standard. If you are naive enough to trust any of them to shed their sinful nature then the shame should be on you. And after achieving adulthood and with the benefit of a higher education; if you believe only conservatives do this then you are not only naive, you are willfully ignorant.

  3. Once the courts ruled that Fox News was not bound in any way to truthful reporting, all bets are off. Why should lawyers or corporations or anyone else be bound by the truth?
    NeoCons lied us into war. Conservative cowards and RWDBs lie, cheat and dissemble every day. Why not lawyers?
    Sarcasm off/

  4. From Bush Sr all the way to Obummer were and are criminals violating their constitutional duties with impunity. What we need is a new Federal Government that follows the US Constitution not pays it lip service then violates every precept of that document.

    1. Neo – do you see a candidate for office that is going to follow the Constitution?

  5. “Corazza specializes in corporate, financial and entertainment law ‘with a solid background of accomplishments in finance, corporation structure and dispute resolution.'”

    The allegations point more toward an emphasis in acquisitions.

  6. No doubt Paul. I was specifically addressing ‘this’ Presidents’ lawlessness and the worldview that would bring his actions into focus.

  7. Anybody watch “Suits” ? But at least clients got work for their money in the series.

    Then there is the feel good “Catch me if you can.”

    We love frauds and outlaws….unless WE get hurt.

  8. NIck,
    You know when you go to the eye doctor and they put the instrument in front of your eyes and ask you is this better or that? The doctor flips one lens and then another until everything comes into focus. Now, imagine the constitution as the chart on the wall and imagine the actions of the President are meant to bring the constitution into focus. There is no lens configuration that can bring what this President is doing into focus. So we either need a different lens or a completely different chart.

  9. This guy is relatively harmless compared with the abundance of real attorneys pretending to be public servants in Washington D. C. .

  10. Con men can be fascinating people. But, one must never forget they are sociopaths and prey upon people.

  11. Perhaps ordinary people are increasingly tempted to fabricate reality since we get so much fabricated reality from official sources, from the “news”, in advertisements, in the classroom, in books, as well as other media sources. Of course people have always fabricated reality in religious writings, novels, and fables. Why not on a resume or marketing tool where increasing one’s wealth is a possibility? It seems that the more dishonest, corrupt, and misleading official sources are, the public follows suit.

  12. I’m sure there’s a law school in California that will give him a J.D. based on “credit for life experience.”

  13. How do you know he didn’t do all this under a different name and is now in WitSec? So he’s late on the paper work. A lot of attorneys are late on the paper work. Means nothing. If he is not an attorney, they should make him one just for chutzpah.

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