Chicago Police Arrest Alleged Killer Of Nine-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee

corey-morganChicago police believe that they have arrested the man who they believe executed a 9-year-old boy, Tyshawn Lee.  Police believe that Corey Morgan, 27, lured Tyshawn into an alley in retaliation for the murder of his brother. Police have been struggling to solve the case due to what they say has been a refusal of Tyshawn’s father (reportedly also a gang member) to cooperate with police. Police believed that Pierre Stokes had critical information on the murderers of his son but refused to share it.

Not since Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll killed a child in 1930 in a botched assassination against the Dutch Schultz gang has the public expressed such collective disgust and shock over gang activities.

151105170939-tyshawn-lee-large-169Police say that men approached Tyshawn as he played basketball with friends on a playground and led him to an alley. The autopsy revealed two perforating gunshot wounds from a .40-caliber weapon to the head and right upper back — and that part of his right thumb was lost as a defensive wound trying to block a gunshot.  Prosecutors said that “Tyshawn’s death is the result of a gang war” that “came to a boil” after Morgan’s brother, Tracy, was shot and killed in a car with their mother on October 13: “Shortly after the shooting, [Morgan] stated that since his brother was killed and his mama shot, he was going to kill grandmas, mamas, kids and all . . . After that day, [Morgan] and two others went out daily armed with guns, looking to retaliate.” Police say that three men participated in the set up and one even picked up Tyshawn’s basketball. Morgan and one of the men drove off at one point while the third man stayed in the park. The SUV reappeared when Tyshawn was lured into the alley.

Police are also seeking 151127130225-kevin-edwards-mughshot-medium-plus-169Kevin Edwards as a participant in the horrific murder. Morgan was arrested on a weapons charge in nearby Oak Lawn after police found him and another man with loaded .40-caliber semi-automatic handguns. Those weapons are being tested while Morgan and co-defendant Dwight Boone-Doty were given $1 million bail for the gun charges. Notably, Morgan does not seem short of cash. He was released after posting his $100,000 bond but was then questioned about Tyshawn’s murder. He has been denied bond on the murder charge.

2E9A45C300000578-3336326-Investigators_believe_that_he_was_targeted_by_gang_members_who_w-m-9_1448670795334If police are right, Morgan and his companions reflect precisely how soulless and craven these criminals can be. Only a person devoid of any humanity could commit such a premeditated murder. As for Tyshawn’s father (right), there are no words to describe depravity shown by Stokes who is accused of first putting his son at risk by his gang activities and then refusing to share information as the police struggled to find the murderers of his son.

Source: CBS

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  1. Olly, is Obama a race hustler? He’s going on another golf vacation soon, tax payer paid. And it won’t be to his hometown of Chicago.

  2. Regardless of race and all the other extenuating circumstances, this is murder of the most depraved degree. We have the death penalty for murders less depraved. If the death penalty is on the table and the killers do not receive it, then we have another depravity. Those involved in a retaliation killing of this sort are in the league of the terrorists who recently slaughtered over a hundred innocents in Paris. If it’s life in prison without parole or forfeiting their lives, this scum should never be allowed out in public again.

  3. The race hustlers in this country, both private and public sector have no idea how much support they would have from the black and white communities if they turned their focus on black on black violence. There is a lifetime of work to be done in this community and they would set for themselves a legacy to be honored.

  4. I was following this story but had to stop. I am a pretty battle hardened guy. But, this story just struck a nerve and angered me too much.

    In the 1980’s/90’s cocaine was the drug of choice and Colombia had the cartel[s]. There is some distance between the US and Colombia. The violence from Colombia, which I saw personally in Medellin in 1987, did spill over to the US, particularly Miami. But, now it’s heroin and the Sinola Mexican cartel, run by El Chapo. The violence is closer and spilling over more than it did from Colombia. It’s mostly simple proximity. El Chapo owns Chicago and the depravity of his cartel is evidenced here.

  5. Doglover – Interesting summation. Sounds like ISIS or a home grown terrorist organization is operating in Obama’s home town of Chicago.

  6. Unfortunately retaliation against people who had nothing to do with a violent crime that triggered the retaliation, is not unique to angry black men. They are like any other military force, scared to death for their own safety, heavily armed, part of something bigger than themselves, glorified by their group for destroying other people’s lives.

  7. Chicago gangster orders hit. Black gang rumbles to settle a score:

    9-year-old boy who police say was lured from a playground and shot in the head because of his father’s (Tyshawn Lee) gang ties. Daddy’s a gang banger too.

    The suspect, 27-year-old Corey Morgan, is a different gang member with an extensive criminal history. Where’s BLM’s outcry?

  8. Justice Holmes: Where are you on this one? I know you commented above but you refrained from alluding to or quoting your Supreme Court opinion in Buck v. Bell. Three generations of imbeciles are enough! Or something close to that.

    Here is a partial solution. Each convicted criminal gets sterilized. Each parent of each criminal gets sterilized. If the crime was rape then castration so no more sex for the dude.

    Chicago. Progressives have to step up to the plate in that town. Axelrod: Where are you bro?

  9. So tell me why stronger laws should be imposed on law abiding citizens when there’s depravity of Biblical proportions occurring in the inner cities. Not only do the actions of these criminals disgust me, but the lack of action by the heroes of the ghetto-the Democrat Party and progressives. Resources wasted on straw men like stronger gun laws for legal gun owners to controlling the weather. Actually “invest” that money that is picked out of my pocket. If that money actually went to do the things we’re told it was meant to do and help these people in the inner cities, I’d probably not be so bitter. Our young men are killing each other off. DO SOMETHING with that money. Stop lining the coffers of these feckless, corrupt politicians’ and their cronies. Behold sincere righteous indignation.

  10. If Obama had a son he would look like Corey Morgan. Notice how the BLM gang and its cohorts don’t march in the streets to protest this insidious and pervasive violence? No bullhorns. No stopping traffic. No nothing. Why? Because this was, as it usually is, black on black violence, which resulted in the murder of an innocent, black child. Protests and marches are reserved for crying about what OTHERS do–especially the evil white establishment–without any real, genuine concern or care regarding the abysmal violent and dangerous climate in these predominantly black neighborhoods. If only a fraction–just a fraction–of the determination and strength, exhibited during the Michael Brown protests, went into decrying and condemning these daily and incessant murders committed in black communities, there could be some incredible results. The ugly truth is that black lives really don’t matter to Black Lives Matter pack. No lives matter.

  11. they say the death penalty doesn’t work, works for me.

    since politicians, banks and war mongers no longer care about the constitution and the rights of the people, unless you’re going to punish them for murder, why can’t we deport them?

    and if no one else wants them then the pacific is full of empty islands. or how about devil’s Island, it’s empty.

    I don’t see how this gets any better over time – home life and public education is a mess, there’s no place in this system for these guys other than crime and jail. We’re not going to support their families when the kids are young and we’re not going to train them when they have exhausted public education. I see no hope.There has to be a point where we say enough, be gone!

    Liberals have given up on these guys, conservatives don’t want them – what’s the solution?

  12. There are clearly more than two America’s and pity the child who is brought into the one in which individuals like Mr. Morgan hold sway. They see no limits to their violence and deparavity. So sad, so very sad.

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