Kean University Student Charged After Anonymously Posting Threats To Kill Black Students . . . And Then Protesting The Threats

aaeaaqaaaaaaaam5aaaajdzjnzczm2rmlwe4mjutndi2mi05mjqwlwjkmzvhoti0mmziywjpg-b413d5f0cd49feb2Kean University in New Jersey has been struggling with racial protests that were magnified by the report of racist threats on the Internet to kill black students on campus. Police say that they have the culprit and that it was one of the protesters who was most vocal in decrying the threats in protests. Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 24, is a black alum of Kean who graduated in May and is now face with a third-degree charge of creating a false public alarm.

Police report that that McKelvey — who graduated with the degree in in Global Fitness and Wellness and currently works as a personal trainer — participated in a student rally to raise awareness of racism on campus and then left to go to a computer station in a university library. She then allegedly created an anonymous Twitter account – @keanuagainstblk – and posted the threats, including “kean university twitter against blacks is for everyone who hates blacks people” and “i will kill every black male and female at kean university.” She later posted the tweets on her personal Twitter account and asked for prayers.

McKelvey was successful at Kean and seemed to flourish. She was the school’s 2014 homecoming queen and president of the Pan African Student Union. She was organized rallies against a particular professor who she accused of racism.

What do you consider to be the appropriate punishment for such a hoax threat?

Below is the relevant code provision:

2C:33-3. False Public Alarms. a. Except as provided in subsection b. or c. of this section, a person is guilty of a crime of the third degree if he initiates or circulates a report or warning of an impending fire, explosion, bombing, crime, catastrophe or emergency knowing that the report or warning is false or baseless and that it is likely to cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transport, or to cause public inconvenience or alarm. A person is guilty of a crime of the third degree if he knowingly causes such false alarm to be transmitted to or within any organization, official or volunteer, for dealing with emergencies involving danger to life or property.

B. A person is guilty of a crime of the second degree if in addition to the report or warning initiated, circulated or transmitted under subsection a. of this section, he places or causes to be placed any false or facsimile bomb in a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transport or in a place likely to cause public inconvenience or alarm. A violation of this subsection is a crime of the first degree if it occurs during a declared period of national, State or county emergency.

c. A person is guilty of a crime of the second degree if a violation of subsection a. of this section in fact results in serious bodily injury to another person or occurs during a declared period of national, State or county emergency. A person is guilty of a crime of the first degree if a violation of subsection a. of this section in fact results in death.

d. For the purposes of this section, “in fact” means that strict liability is imposed. It shall not be a defense that the death or serious bodily injury was not a foreseeable consequence of the person’s acts or that the death or serious bodily injury was caused by the actions of another person or by circumstances beyond the control of the actor. The actor shall be strictly liable upon proof that the crime occurred during a declared period of national, State or county emergency. It shall not be a defense that the actor did not know that there was a declared period of emergency at the time the crime occurred.

e. A person is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree if the person knowingly places a call to a 9-1-1 emergency telephone system without purpose of reporting the need for 9-1-1 service.

Source: NJ

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  1. Kean University is in Union, NJ. Our talk radio 101.5 had this girl as the subject during the afternoon. One of the hosts was of the opinion that this act should get 10 years minimum. People were encouraged to call in and give a piece of their mind. The person who went easiest on her suggested 2-3 years minimum. I also didn’t get to listen to the whole thing, so maybe they gave some sympathizers air time. They are pretty fair like that.

  2. In addition to the criminal aspect of this, I think that people like this tw@t who make these false accusations that are meant to harm other people, should be held up to extreme public ridicule.

    Everyone who believed her and who was willing to “act” on her false claims should be made painfully aware of how stupidly they have been duped and made aware that the should THINK before they act.

    Hold her up for public ridicule and make her apologize IN PUBLIC, loudly and often.

  3. Is this the ‘fundamental transformation’ his supporters were looking for? What’s the end game? For instance, on Tuesday, the U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres said the following:

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

    And what model are they seeking to change, Capitalism.

  4. The macro issue is we have had a black President for almost 2 terms now and things have gotten worse for black people, not better. Obama has farmed out race relations to Al Sharpton and focused on the 2 issues which truly is one that stokes his passion, global warming and his legacy. Black folk are angry but can’t direct their anger @ Obama, so this is how it manifests itself.

  5. Take the KKK/BLM playbook of Liberal tricks away. She’s too dumb to speak and yet smart enough to vote for a democrat.

    This reminds me of the black dude who was burning black churches in Texas. The Liberals screamed and protested it, as privileged white Christian men, seeking revenge. When the truth floated to the top, we hear crickets!

  6. She’s a standard issue leftist university graduate: Drama queen malignant narcissist with a useless degree.

    Post-grad, she discovered the real world is hard and that people want things from you like work and money, and that the lefty degree was worse than worthless.

    Can’t deal with it, so she creates drama to be excited and the center of attention again.

  7. Harry – I agree with you, they need to bump the charges up. A federal terrorism charge would have her wetting her panties. If she does community service it can only be done with whites.

    BTW, what the hell is a Global Fitness degree?

  8. You got me laughing early today Bam Bam. “Heartbeat” Priceless!

    What was her intent? What would be the penalty if a white male had done this?

  9. Where the heck is Kean?
    Mr. Gorbachov: build up that Wall!
    What part of Africa did she come over from? Nigeria? That is where a lot of fraud comes from.
    Deny her citizenship application. Deport her now.
    What the heck is that Major you speak of JT?

  10. Bam Bam, Way to knock it out of the park. This has to be one of JT’s worst contributions. Maybe she can use that impressive degree out on the yard of some prison.

  11. The charge should be upgraded to: Crime of a False Report of Terrorism with a felony conviction. 7 – 20 years at Camp Cupcake.

    What are the Legal Consequences of the Crime of False Report of Terrorism?
    In many states the crime of false report of terrorism include prison time in a federal facility, with sentences ranging anywhere from 7-20 years.
    The consequences may also include heavy fines as well. Some states consider the crime to be a violent felony, even if the defendant did not specifically commit any violent acts.

    The elements for proving false report of terrorism include:

    • Making a false report of a terrorist act or a terrorist threat
    • Knowledge that the report is untrue
    • Communicating such false report to another person

    Note that the definition also includes making reports about fake threats, and not just terrorist actions.
    It could also include falsely accusing another person of being a terrorist while knowing the accusation is false.

  12. Let’s face it what she did could have resulted in serious bodily injury to others. She knew that and didn’t care. I think community service is a mere slap on the wrist. As she used a computer and the Internet to take these actions. As a result, there may be a federal crime involved here and it should be investigated and prosecuted, if appropriate.

    This is an educated individual whose motives must have been to generate more aggressive protesting, police involvement and perhaps some violence. When people think they are permitted to do anything because they claim a grievance, the result is the ME. Her post of a request for prays on her own Twitter account is priceless. What kind of indivual does something like that?

    Now take her picture down. I am sure many in the media will be listening to her story ove and over again and she’ll get enough publicity. Hey, do you think she’ll get fired? I doubt it.

  13. Mckelvey was successful at Kean and seemed to flourish? Really, JT? Wuh? Where did that statement come from? What part of graduating from a four year university, with a useless and bogus degree in Global Fitness, screams success? No? That’s not it? Well, then, perhaps it’s her former homecoming queen status that you deem to be synonymous with flourishing in academics? No? Oh, then it must be that this despicable liar and instigator organized rallies against a professor that she, most probably, falsely accused of racism? Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

  14. I’d give her 1000 hours community service making & delivering food to shelters for men or working at the VA again volunteering her time to help men.

  15. I strongly suspect that the infamous poop swastika at Mizzou constitutes another example of a faux threat which was perpetrated and orchestrated for the sole purpose of causing outrage and upheaval. What should happen to this broad? I would throw the book at her, along with a pair of tweezers. I think her eyebrows are alive–I saw a heartbeat.

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