Jewish Montana Man Shoots Neighbor And Dog Over Serving Non-Kosher Drink

monteleonMonte Leon Hanson, 59, has a curious concept of a pious life. Hanson ordered a “red beer” (a mixture of beer and tomato juice) from his neighbor, Joe Lewis, who works as a bartender at the Rainbow bar in Hamilton, Montana. After drinking the red beer, Hanson learned that Lewis used Clamato tomato juice made from clam broth. He became irate that he did not use straight tomato juice because the Clamato juice was not kosher for his Jewish faith.

Hanson reported had an altercation with Lewis at the bar and went home inebriated. When Lewis returned home, he took his dog out for a walk. Police say that Hanson was laying in wait and shot him and his dog. The dog was killed after being shot in the head. What saved Lewis that that he was carrying the dog, which had a broken leg in a cast. If he had not been taking care of the dog named Jackson, the bullet would have hit him in the head. The second shot hit Lewis in the ribs and went out his back. It missed any major organs.

It appears that while Clamato juice is not kosher, it appears attempted murder and animal cruelty is, in Hanson’s mind.

Hanson’s bail was set at $250,000.

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  1. John Smith said …

    … there is no sense in a Jewish man living in Montana.

    Actually, excepting the crazies, I can’t think of a better place for a man who seeks solitude…Jewish or whatever. Montana is a great place if you seek solitude. I’ve gone there for exactly that now and then. And I will again soon…a couple impediments block me at the moment. But not for long.

    I’ve met some very interesting people hiking there, those who don’t pre-judge and are willing to just sit down and talk now and then, over a fire or just sitting on a couple of rocks. It helped keep me sane I think, to find and meet people like me out in a place that is nearly bigger than eternity. Bless Montana. Time comes and I can afford it, I’ll be out there for my final days living in a cabin in the mountains just north of the Paradise Valley…inviting tourists, when in the mood to be social, now and then, to join me to find and see the wonders I’ve found recently and years ago. Man wrecks so many places…he hasn’t yet managed it in all of Montana.

    Pssst: I know where to find and dig up some intricate but very tiny fossil remains of sea creatures at 10,000+ feet altitude….and that’s just a glimmer of the wonders out there. Along almost any road way, paved or otherwise, you can find things you wouldn’t know existed if not there, digging here and there, and seeing them. In the valleys and gorges you can find almost anything from ancient artifacts to simple natural phenomena that you won’t see anywhere else without more effort. I may owe the state some money for all the stuff I’ve dug up…however I always carefully return whatever I find to where I found them. My “tracks” are unimportant, but the story they tell of me is for me…let others find the same ones and be equally amazed. We might never meet but through a intricate scallop shell we both find that is barely larger than the head of a pin. Or the wolf packs who do’t bother us but follow us in curiosity…some for days if you are in their territory. Just being the focus of a pack is awesome and I revere those times. Lord how I love that place.

    That said, a city kid is easily amazed and I love being amazed.

  2. “Relgious fanatics are dangerous to humans.”

    Karl Marx – “Religion is the opiate of the masses (paraphrased).”

    You will NEVER get rid of the opium.

    Better to address it deceptively.

    This is the reason the American Founders restricted the vote.

    The Founders never intended for the opiated, working masses to vote.

    Male, European, 21 with 50lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

    Representative government begins at home as the man’s vote represents the family.

  3. Beldar, are you referring to the soon-to-be SECEDED sovereign nation of Texas or the Lone Star State? By the way, did Catalonia succeed in its recent secession from Spain by availing itself of its innate right to secede as did Scotland, West Virginia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the entire USSR?

    P.S. Those pesky Texans may ally themselves with the North California nation of Jefferson.

  4. You say tomato and I’ll say clamato and I’ll get to Texas afore you. And me and my true love will never meet again. On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

  5. Hey John Smith I like Montana because it is place like that guy in the National Care Rental advertisements…I can do what I want and “not have to talk to any humans….which I don’t”. But you must be out in the boonies, not in the cities. In my trips there I’ve never wondered about anyone’s religion, nor anyone asked me mine,…but I do watch out for the crazies. 🙂 Once up in the Mill Creek Gorge crags and valleys I seldom see humans and don’t miss them a bit.

  6. Obviously, once again, what is needed is moar “gun control”….don’t worry about that crazy building IED’s and Pipe Bombs in his/her garage 😀

  7. ” A people who shall dwell alone” should make Aliyah NOW! there is no sense in a jewish man living in Montana.

  8. Not that it would justify the shooting either way, but the article doesn’t address whether or not the neighbor deliberately used the clamato juice (knowing that shell fish are forbidden to Jews) instead of the tomato juice which would normally have been used. Also, was this was in the context of an ongoing feud between these two neighbors. It would be of interest to have this information.

  9. Flat out Arrogance. Dogmatic religion just seems to warp their minds.

    “They are the chosen ones and all who do not believe as they are unworthy”.

    At least with the socialists, you know they just want your money.

  10. Again, where is the show, “Fundamentalist Island”?
    We take one “Funda” of ever ilk we can find, put them in an island and watch. Seriously, there are a number of PHD thesis waiting to be written.

  11. What Justice Holmes said, but more so.

    Religion seems to have the effect on people directly opposite to what most people think it has. People don’t seem as interested in following god’s orders to be kind as they have in following perceived orders to cause suffering and harm, i.e. justification for doing heinous acts they would otherwise not do.

  12. Off topic but not “off picture”. Or it is “on picture”. That photo of fat lady is too much at this hour of the day. It is right across from this article.

  13. The question is, was he required to do so by the Bible, Talmud, Torah, Tanakh or other Jewish/Hebrew/Israeli texts – were the victims, man and dog, Infidels, or the gentile equivalent?

  14. It ain’t easy being a Jew in Montana. He “could of had a V-8” and kept kosher.

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