Trump Critics Unleash Vulgar and Violent Rhetoric Over Immigration Debate

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 10.24.53 AMDonald Trump’s recent proposal to ban Muslims from entry in the country and his policies on illegal immigration has caused a heated debate. As we recently discussed, some have taken this debate to a personal and vulgar level, including the involvement in children in disgraceful videotapes. Now El Diablito, a food cart company in Portland, Oregon has followed suit with its own disgraceful display of children screaming to “kill” Trump and flashing vulgar signs. It is beyond me how parents would expose or encourage such things with children. However, they are not alone in such shocking conduct. Loring Wirbel, co-chairman of the Colorado Springs, Colo., chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has resigned after saying that Trump supporters should be shot.

The video shown of the event for El Diablito featured a Trump piñata with children encouraged to beat him. One such child screams “I want to kill him!” Another person asked for turn while saying “f*** Trump.” One man seemed to miss the irony in beating the piñata while denouncing him for “bringing hate and we don’t want you as a president.”

The owner of El Diablito insisted that the display “has nothing to do about politics, actually . . . It’s about having a good time.” It is a curious way of having fun in encouraging children beat a politician with whom they disagree.

As for Wirbel, he is accused of posting a message reading “We have to really reach out to those who might consider voting for Trump and say, ‘This is (Nazi propaganda minister Joseph) Goebbels. This is the final solution. If you are voting for him, I will have to shoot you before Election Day.'”

It is part of a rising incivility in this country as people respond to opposing ideas by attacking those who hold them. What is particularly disturbing is the involvement of children in sending such violent or disrespectful messages. We certainly see this same type of rising incivility on the Internet with people who immediately gravitate to personal attacks rather than reasoned debate. Trump holds views that obviously resonate with many in the country and repulse many others. However, there are good faith arguments on both sides of this debate. We will not be able to reach any resolution unless people of good faith denounce those (regardless of their views) who seek to personalize the debate with ad hominem or vulgar attacks. As a civil libertarian, Wirbel should have been particularly sensitive to the dangers to unleashing mob sentiments (even when claiming to fight mob or Nazi mentalities).  Wirbel later said that it was all just a joke but, if so, it seems lacking the humor factor . . . much like having children beat the image of a presidential candidate with bats.

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  1. If demagogues rise because people are economically theeatened and their livelihoods are unstable, they I guess the time is ripe but I don’t think the demagogue is Trump. He’s a showman but Cruz and Rubio, those two are another matter entirely. We all have Saint Ronnie, the banks, Wall Street, and the corporatists be they GOP or Dem for our current woes. Corporations are destroying the middle class. To have a fully functioning democracy you need a lot of things but two very important things are a strong middle class and a free press. I thinking we are quickly losing both.

  2. Using pinatas of your opponent is a very Mexican thing. I would think that is where the pinata was made.

  3. Ultra Orthodox Judaics are the best example for this type of behavior. A Judaic personally assassinated fellow Judaic Menachem Begin for the capital crime of pursuing peace w/Israel’s Palestinian neighbors. How difficult is it for ultra Orthodox Judaics to justify assassinating another Judaic? All they did and all they need to do today is claim their fellow Judaic is a threat to other Judaics, and there “religion of peace” suddenly promotes their committing murder, even of a fellow Judaic.

    To this day, the Rabbis claim that Hitler did God’s work in exterminating Judaics who turned away from the Rabbis and embraced secularism. Prior to WW2 Judaics became increasingly fed up w/the parasitical lifestyle of Rabbis, and their constant extortion of money from Judaic “laity.” As a result, there was a growing number of anti-religious Judaics who outright rejected the criminal forms of their faith embraced by Rabbis. Both the above claims are easily confirmed via a Google search, and it does not require a visit to a pro-Hitlerian hate website. Example of criminal Rabbinical fraud: fathers with a daughter who could not get pregnant pay the family fortune to a Rabbi who promises to intercede w/_od to help the daughter to carry child.

    Rabbinical forms of physical, religious, and emotional extortion explain why the fastest growing branch of Judaism is the most evil, brutal, and virulent Orthodox forms, such as Chabad Lubavitch practiced by one of thousands of dual US-Israeli citizens like the first Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff. (Also see Bernanky and most of the Judaic Americans who run the US.) Judaics who reject these Orthodox forms of Judaism find it much more difficult to earn a living when they are openly scorned and berated for their lack of “cooperation.”

    This type of behavior seems eerily similar in the stories described in this article. Don’t like someone’s rhetoric? Just claim you kill him in self-defense of yourself and others! Simple! Problem solved. Just like someone who murders an abortion doctor to “defend” the unborn. Yes, the doctor is a murderer, but so is anyone who kills anyone him.

  4. The duopoly and Obama created Trump. He is a reaction to our Executive Order prez and an establishment Republican party. This country has been primed for a demagogue for some time that would speak to people’s fears and anger. If you folks think Trump appeals only to Republicans you are fools. One of his core demographics are blue collar people; and not just white, blue collar folks. You know, the people who usually vote Dem. and despise PC.

  5. This is great news. I hope they hold more such rallies, because then even the stupid white people who gasp at Trump’s audacity, will understand that his audacity is needed, in the face of the audacity and criminality of the savage invaders of this country.

  6. “Donald Trump’s recent proposal to ban Muslims from entry in the country and his policies on illegal immigration has caused a heated debate.”

    Trump said stop Muslims coming into AMERICA until we figure out how to fix it. He didn’t say permanently but the Hitler Liberals have to lie, cheat and spin like ISIS militants, to bully and threaten people who aren’t like them. Now their a step closer by wanting to kill Trump supporters.

    Because of Liberal policies, I don’t feel safe in my own country and now carry a gun with me everywhere I go.

    Liberals want a control on guns, then get control of the crime and the terrorist that liberals lack control of. Until then, I’m armed with a gun and a vote and it’s going to Donald Trump.

  7. Idiots can be found on both sides of the equation and in all races, religions, and other groupings.

  8. And they say Trump is vile! I don’t support him but some of his opponents prove his points.

    Free speech goes both ways. As a result, they can say what they want and I can judge them for it. I find the involve the of children in these violent performances is child abusers and truly bad parenting. I don’t think beheading one’s opponents or shoring them are appropriate lessons to teach to American children.

  9. More examples of the wonderful tolerance the Left that they keep lecturing us about.

    ¡Viva Trump!

  10. Yes it does.

    As for the ACLU…. In a former life I had a career which might fairly be described as killing people who held much the same opinions and performed much the same actions as the aCLUeless group and as things have changed to at least half the voting public. Has the world changed or did they sneak in the back door and who held it open while the general public was shoving me out the front door to do their bidding?

    At the end of 24 years mostly in the infantry or related units i returned to find my country….had disappeared. and we simple soldiers had now, along with the others, been labeled ‘enemies of the current government.”

    That was perplexing but not insurmountable as a philosophic issue. We had never, as it happens sworn loyalty to the government, the country, nor the people. of same. Our contract clearly stated…’support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.’

    As a simple soldier who fell under UCMJ not the Constitution but having taken that oath voluntarily (never drafted) and without purposes of evasion…I concluded it was not a matter of loyalty to a country nor a President nor any of the citizens. (So please don’t use that smarmy thanks for serving crap) it was a matter of loyaltyh to my oath of office. which…unlike the one the President takes has no escape hatch. He gets to say ‘best of my ability’ we get to say ‘without purposes of evasion.’

    Now that’s where I stand to this day. There are no diablitos in the mix to bother with and Janet Napolitano was correct in saying we veterans and the current active duty military were the greatest danger the government faced. Since that has nothing to do with the Constitution and little to do with the current government I’m comfortable with that definition.

    One thing I have learned is when you treat your military YOUR military despicably you end up with a military that despises you in return. Objective philosophy trumps Plato every time. Even when it refers to your own sons and daughters.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year may God Bless all of you and never forget PC sucks!

  11. The next thing you know will be that Gambia is going Islamic State. Or some such. Maybe Texas should do that.

  12. Oh Hell. Trump Trump bo bump. Banana fanna fo fump. Fee fi mo mump. TRUMP!
    If the first two letters are ever the same, ya drop them both and say the name, like Bob


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