Junk Mail: “Mailman Dave” Arrested After Delivering Mail To Law Firm Naked

david_goodman_double_mugThere is going “Full Monty” and now going full postal. Wisconsin mailman David A. Goodman, 52, was arrested after stripping naked to deliver mail to a law firm. He insisted that he did so to cheer up a secretary at the firm. However this was one package delivery that the firm declined and Goodman is now looking at lewd and lascivious behavior. The good news is that such a citation carries a $681 fine. If Goodman is looking for a more open recipient to such deliveries that may want to apply to be the postman for Mark Mertz in Massachusetts.

Goodman came back ten minutes after his first delivery and entered the office of the secretary who “was shocked to see that he was naked.” She reportedly told him “Give me the mail and get out of here.” He was immediately apologetic.

Goodman said that he was just trying to help the secretary who “seemed to be stressed out” when he made his first delivery to the office Dec. 4. It did not seem to be a stress reliever. Police received a call of “a report of a naked postal carrier in the building’s hallway.”

The woman said that she did not feel that Goodman meant any harm and she was ordered to call the police by her boss. Goodman was then arrested at the Post Office, fully clothed. He said he told the secretary that he intended to pick up the firm’s mail from the post office box and deliver it naked. The secretary did not recall the statement and said that there was no dare.

220px-BenFranklinDuplessisGiven the first Postmaster General, naked deliveries have never been a particularly appealing service option in this country.

Source: JS Online

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  1. Spenelli….don’t be so sure. At kids rec practice one day our motley crue generation was reminising…. One of the moms had recently went to a crue concert. Before they left the parking lot fellow travelers stood guard while she wizzed between the van doors. She got busted …and had to go to court instead of just paying the fine for indecent exposure ( no one saw her actually exposed it was a more of ‘what are you doing’ & then admission).
    But she had to fight it
    otherwise she was going on the sex offender list too!

  2. I agree with Karen S. Wacko but not really a criminal. The wacko thought it was “show time”.

  3. Knock, knock, knock: “Dave.”
    “Dave’s not here man!”
    “No, I’m Dave!”

    –Cheech and Chong. Many years ago.

  4. To a law firm???? Right.

    It’s never a 24 year old underwear model in these pranks, is it?

    Someone seriously needs to work on his pickup technique.

    Oh, Paul, that might actually work!

  5. A tribute to the philosophy of Cliff Clavin.

    “~Sometimes you want to go
    Where everybody knows your name,
    and they’re always glad you came. . . .~”

  6. He could plead that he comes from another country and that is how the men deliver the mail.

  7. This is not the type case that puts you on the sex offender’s list, unless maybe if he has prior sexual offenses. Someone who has lived in the US since 1987 and still writes words like “cheque” instead of “check” has a chip on their shoulder. I know a guy who came here from Italy as a teenager. He’s now in his late 60’s. He has never assimilated. He still speaks w/ a thick accent. Speaks derisively of the US every chance. The guy had a bad experience here in the US and never got over it.

  8. Now, he will be placed on a sex offenders watch list, obviously lose his job, and perhaps be ruined for life. If your kid ‘moons’ others at college, the same results could happen. America has to organize this perspective a tad.

  9. What is this “dogma” word which keeps appearing on the blog? A “dogma” is a female dog who has had puppies and still gives guidance to those offspring. The notion that some article of thought process which has low esteem is a “dogma” is a bit off base. Woof.

  10. Has our puritanical society lost our sense of humor or did it ever have one? Just another malum prohibitum law that gives government the ability to arrest and prosecute a human being based on some primitive, archaic and I might add bs religious dogma. There are societies where there is nude sunbathing and/or open nudity and they did not appear to be any less civil then ours and one could argue they are more civil in many manners.

    We have a society that steals peoples money through taxation to foster wars and violence around the world and we get all bent out of shape when a guy tries to cheer up a women. He should be hung for being stupid. Everyone knows a man cannot make a women happy other than by giving them money or material possessions. He should be made to take classes on how to deal with women. The problem is finding a person qualified to teach the course.


    The humorous part of this story is that this courageous woman, when confronted with a naked, disturbed, pudgy and homely middle-aged guy, still has the composure to demand that ugly naked dude give her the mail before ordering him to leave. She should receive the Secretary of the Year Award for that one. She probably has more b@ll$ than all of the attorneys in her office.

  12. He was smart enough not to require Cash On Delivery (COD). The Vice Squad didn’t get involved at least.

  13. Lovin’ JT’s sense of humor…..LOL!

    What was this man thinking?!?! 100k college students looking for a job, Feds raising interest rates, home values not improving as we all wished, and this man is so fortunate that he can jeopardize his job by trying to ‘cheer someone up?’

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