Six U.S. Soldiers Killed On Patrol In Afghanistan Including Trailblazing Lesbian Major

10299090_921408087935267_5589202884605310747_nThe United States lost six more soldiers in Afghanistan when a Taliban terrorist rammed a foot patrol with an explosive-laden motorbike. One of those killed was already familiar to many lawyers. Air Force Major Adrianna Vorderbruggen was one of the first openly gay service members to come forward after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed in 2011. She was among a true “band of brothers” who represented the very best of this country in its diversity and patriotism. Vorderbruggen shows how gay and lesbian personnel continue to step forward to put themselves in peril in defense of their fellow citizens — even those who have long fought their effort to achieve equal rights.

151222-nypd-cop-killed-afg-jhc-1341_a35294a5dae985c150b3dd317cf2c6c9.nbcnews-ux-320-320Among her comrades killed in the attack was also Air National Guardsman Joseph Lemm, 45, a 15-year veteran of the New York Police Department. During his deployment, an Italian market in the Bronx would send him cookies and candies to remind him of home.

151222-louis-bonacasa-658p_688e21b9ebbf2f853035a71c7697dd9b.nbcnews-ux-320-320Also killed was Staff Sergeant Louis Bonacasa, 31, of Coram, New York. Bonacasa was a careerist and was on his fourth tour abroad. He left a wife and 5 year old daughter.

151222-chester-mcbride-544p_bb45636128e4f556b7ff308f815c59d9.nbcnews-ux-320-320Also killed was Chester McBride, assigned to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 405, at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. McBride was a star football player at his high school in Georgia and joined the Air Force after graduating from Savannah State University.

151222-peter-taub-bagram-mn-1605_295a911d99e0f1c486e56520a96732e1.nbcnews-ux-320-320 Staff Sergeant Peter Taub, 30, of Philadelphia, was married with a 3-year-old son, and was expecting a second child to be born next summer. He was assigned to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 816, at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

Staff Sgt. Michael A. Cinco, 28, of Mercedes, Texas, assigned to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, 11th Field Investigations Squadron, at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph in Texas.

Major Vorderbruggen had served as a special agent with the Office of Special Investigations in various bases. Vorderbruggen and her civilian wife, Heather Lamb, were married in June of 2012, and were raising a son who is not yet five.

The unit was a snapshot of the United States and shows the strength that is found in our diversity and equality. Each of these brave people will be missed not only by their grieving families but the nation as a whole.

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  1. @Personanongrata
    1, December 29, 2015 at 8:03 am

    “Can any person within the upper-echelons of the US government articulate even one strategic national security interest that requires the US to militarily garrison Afghanistan?

    “For what purpose did these six American’s lose their lives?”

    Tragically, they lost their lives in the service of the US Military-Industrial Complex.

    “The War on Afghanistan is a Profit-Driven ‘Resource War’
    By Professor Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, July 25, 2015

    “‘The War is Worth Waging’: Afghanistan’s Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas

    “This article, first published in June 2010, points to the ‘real economic reasons’ why US-NATO forces invaded Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11.

    “The legal argument used by Washington and NATO to invade and occupy Afghanistan under ‘the doctrine of collective security’ was that the September 11 2001 attacks constituted an undeclared ‘armed attack’ ‘from abroad’ by an unnamed foreign power, namely Afghanistan.

    “Under the proposed Afghan-US security pact, which is an integral part of Obama’s Asian pivot, Washington and its NATO partners are preparing to ensure a permanent military presence in Afghanistan, with military facilities located in proximity of China’s Western frontier. The pact would allow the US to maintain their nine permanent military bases, strategically located on the borders of China, Pakistan and Iran as well as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. (Emphasis added)

    “In addition to its vast mineral and gas reserves, Afghanistan produces more than 90 percent of the World’s supply of opium which is used to produce grade 4 heroin.

    “US military bases in Afghanistan are also intent upon protecting the multi-billion [dollar] narcotics trade. Narcotics, at present, constitutes the centerpiece of Afghanistan’s export economy.

    “The heroin trade, instated at the outset of the Soviet-Afghan war in 1979 and protected by the CIA, generates cash earnings in Western markets in excess of $200 billion dollars a year.

    “ ‘The highest concentration of NATO servicemen in Afghanistan is being accompanied with the highest concentration of opium poppy, …. That situation causes doubts about the anti-terrorist mission and leads to the conclusion about catastrophic consequences of the eight-year stay [of coalition forces] in Afghanistan.’ (Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service head Viktor Ivanov, January 2010)” (Emphasis added)

  2. Persona…..exactly….and why would they so closely group? Bullets go a long way there is no need to patrol in gaggles. We seriously need an after action before anyone is declared a sexual hero. As the boss she either got ger team killed or her boss did. That ineptitude doesn’ t make america great no matter preference. But we won’ t ever see that repirt werre just suppose to remember a gay person died. I wanna know why everyone else did.

  3. Can any person within the upper-echelons of the US government articulate even one strategic national security interest that requires the US to militarily garrison Afghanistan?

    For what purpose did these six American’s lose their lives?

  4. ‘William Kristol is terrified that Trump could try 9/11 perpetrators’

    “William Kristol, who is one of the 9/11 perpetrators who is going to be tried, convicted and hanged for mass murder and high treason when this comes out, is terrified that Trump might become president, because there is a chance that Trump might decide to clean house,” Dr. Kevin Barrett told Press TV on Sunday.

    “US neoconservative commentator William (Bill) Kristol is terrified that if Donald Trump becomes president, he might try the perpetrators of the 9/11 coup d’etat for mass murder and high treason, an American scholar and researcher says.”

  5. Speaking of “Christian” terrorists [the excess death toll from the invasion and occupation of Iraq exceeds 650,000*], while he was still on “The Daily Show,” John Stewart reacted to some critical remarks of Dick Cheney regarding Obama’s negotiations with Iran. (See video recordings of Cheney’s historical remarks vis a vis Obama and Iran via the link below):

    “But basically the vice president’s point appears to be this: anyone who strengthens the strategic position of Iran is by definition working to weaken the Unites States of America. So I guess the formulation would be whoever strengthened Iran more would be the greater threat to America. Using Dick Cheney’s own metric as our baseline, can we uncover a greater threat to America than even Barack Obama?

    “And if invading Iraq not only removed Iran’s closest foe but complicated America’s ability to actively countervail Iran’s nuclear program … according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, by the end of your administration, Mr. Vice President Cheney, Iran had over 20 times the uranium-enriching centrifuges as when you came into office. Could that not be considered handing Iran a nuclear weapon.

    “Yes, Dick Cheney. You took out Iran’s enemies while giving Iran time to build up their nuclear program. But surely you could course correct this by just installing, in Iraq, another strong anti-Iranian government to take Saddam Hussein’s place, as any America-loving vice president would do. What was your move, sir?

    “For an American administration to replace Saddam Hussein with a man emboldened and indebted to our greatest regional enemy, according to Dick Cheney’s own logic, anyone who trusted Maliki would have to be naïve or deliberately trying to weaken America.

    “You, sir, were arguing for the United States to lift sanctions on Iran so your company Halliburton could get contracts with this radical regime! Contracts worth millions of dollars.

    “What would you make of a man whose final act in the business world before joining the American government as vice president would be to enter into contracts with the number one state sponsor of terror before leaving to become Bush’s running mate?

    “Contracts that were only legal because you did them through a foreign subsidiary, Mr. Cheney, and then once you were in office, in gratitude for Iran’s money, you hand Iran the greatest prize of all—Iraq. Isn’t it you, sir, who is the double agent determined to bring America down?” (Emphasis added)


  6. Tom Nash
    1, December 26, 2015 at 12:06 pm
    Given that the word “imperialism” was taken off the rack and thrown out again, is ISIS/ISIL an imperialist organization?
    Tom, what do you think?

  7. These advocating murder / killing fall under their own terrorist murder blanket.
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    They are advocating their own demise. They are terrorists cursing themselves and their families.

  8. On Becoming (More Technologically Advanced) Terrorists in Order to Fight Terrorism: How “Christian” Terrorists Want to Fight “Muslim” Terrorism

    “There’s a bipartisan effort to justify the killing of civilians in the ‘war on terrorism.’ ”
    “By Stephen Zunes

    “December 24, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “FPIF” – There has been a lot of consternation expressed in the media at a series of statements by Republican presidential candidates during their most recent debate and elsewhere in which a number of them appeared to be advocating the large-scale killing of civilians through aerial bombardment as a legitimate means of defeating the so-called “Islamic State.” (ISIS or IS)

    “These statements did not simply rationalize military operations that result in large numbers of civilian deaths, which politicians in both parties have supported for decades, but actually advocate the killing of civilians as a legitimate tactic in counter-terrorism warfare. (Emphasis added)

    “Let’s put aside for a moment the irony of killing innocent people as a means of fighting a terrorist group that kills innocent people and the fact that it would result in blowback that would almost certainly increase the threat of terrorist attacks against the United States. Such operations would constitute a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and other principles of international law to which the United States, like all governments and armed groups, is legally bound.

    “Yet the three leading Republican candidates for president are not bothered about that. Donald Trump has called on killing families of terrorist suspects. Ted Cruz has called on ‘carpet bombing’ Syrian cities controlled by IS and see if ‘sand can glow in the dark.’ When moderator Hugh Hewitt asked Ben Carson, ‘So you are OK with the deaths of thousands of innocent children and civilians?’ he responded, ‘You got it. You got it.’

    “Governor Jeb Bush, a supposedly moderate voice in the debate, underscored Republican hostility to international humanitarian law in his criticism of the Obama administration’s failure to take more aggressive action in civilian-populated areas, saying they should ‘get the lawyers off the backs of the fighting forces.’

    “Although more liberal commentators have expressed appropriate outrage at such remarks, they have failed to note that, for a number of years now, prominent Democrats have also been advocating these very dangerous ideas as well, with Democratic leaders also defending the large-scale killing of civilians in the name of ‘fighting terrorism.’

    Et Tu, Hillary?
    “Among the most outspoken Democrats who have defended the killing of civilians in areas controlled by terrorist groups, exonerated those responsible for specific war crimes, and advocated the effective rewriting of international humanitarian law to legitimize the killing of civilians has been former senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.”

  9. Given that the word “imperialism” was taken off the rack and thrown out again, is ISIS/ISIL an imperialist organization?

  10. @John
    1, December 26, 2015 at 12:25 am

    “Ken Rogers,
    “ ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.’
    “You can say America didn’t land on the moon.
    “You’re free. You may say anything you like. You may insult the King and retain your head.”

    Should you ever become interested in rational, evidence-based discussion, rather than limiting yourself to incoherent ranting, let me know.

  11. Fishy. The major makes decisions that get five enlisted others killed. They just happen to be experienced osi agents. Obama takes her side because she is a dike….before any reviews are in. Before any after actions he hails the dike a martyr. I’m waiting to see if it standard protocol to put so many eggs in one basket. The osi is the fbi in the dod. What were they investigating?

  12. Ken Rogers,

    “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

    You can say America didn’t land on the moon.

    You’re free. You may say anything you like. You may insult the King and retain your head.

    The information from the media including video is that the Saudis depicted, from OBL to Mohamed Atta, conspired, hijacked and flew planes into buildings in NYC.

    If Bush knew or not is moot. That there was ancillary damage in NYC is moot.

    The Big Picture is that this group introduced the American military and the resolve to deploy it, into the ME.

    Have you heard of OBL, Atta et al.?

    Did you see video of hijackers in airports and planes flying into buildings?

  13. po,

    “…you are buying into the narrative of the imperialist.”

    Thank you.

    Yes I do observe the axiomatic “exceptionalism” and the genius of the Founders, without variation, in the literal Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights of 1789. As the Ten Commandments entertain no modification, so must the American Founding documents. Madison wrote the Constitution to stand in perpetuity and he wrote the Bill of Rights to definitively, conclusively and finally clarify all doubts and challenges…nothing more needed clarification.


    The wiggle room, loop holes and latitude you liberal collectivist, parasite enablers seek , the Founders put in the private sector as the “blessings of liberty.” Collectivist, socialist, progressive democrats can accomplish anything and everything, from abolition of slavery to redistribution of wealth in the free markets of the private sector and you dictatorial, gullible, naïve and foolish communists don’t need to nullify and controvert the Constitution or illicitly modify it with embarrassing unconstitutional amendments that reveal the fact of your corruption, all you have to do is “pursue happiness” as a free American in the free markets.

    “The Sun never sets on the British Empire.”

    “…to ourselves and our posterity,…”

    Guilt, compunction, the 19th amendment and affirmative action are for sissies.

    Just ask the dinosaurs. Oops. You can’t cuz one little asteroid wiped them from the face of the earth and that asteroid didn’t ask if they were minorities, illegals, homosexuals, subjugated, “abused,” exploited, “refugees,” “asylum seekers” or mistreated in any other fashion. That asteroid just vaporized, asphyxiated or starved every last one of them directly into the dustbin of history.

    To the victor go the spoils.

    None of this bleeding-heart-liberal bull—- matters in the least to Mr. Universe.

    “He’s BAD. And he’s NATIONWIDE.”

    How shall it matter to humans…free American humans?

    Oh yeah, through communist dictatorship.

  14. Divided Loyalties inside the Pentagon
    “Not only do these foreign Wars of Aggression violate the Geneva Conventions but constitute Crimes against Humanity under International Law besides being completely Illegal and Unconstitutional.”
    “The Pentagon High Command has worked very hard with the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the Administration and Congress to contain these terrible deep dark secrets and prevent the American masses and American Military from finding them out. To learn of the specifics of either of these secrets is usually a mind-boggling shock to the system for anyone that finds out, especially the second secret.
    1.) The first dark secret is that the Pentagon High Command has been infiltrated and hijacked by the World’s largest Opium Cartel and manipulated into helping the CIA and the Mossad, using the DEA and US Customs as cover to become the World’s largest illegal drug traffickers.
    2.) The second deep dark secret even more terrible for America if you can imagine that is that the Pentagon High Command assisted the Mossad and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and the US Administration in their attack on America on 9-11-01.”

  15. @John
    1, December 25, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    “OK. I didn’t mean to hit a nerve.”

    You didn’t. What you did do, though, is present a very vague and highly sketchy explanation regarding who did the attacks of 9/11, in addition to being unable to account for the destruction of Buildings 6 and 7.

    In addition to your confessing ignorance of the nature of the damage to the World Trade Center buildings, you have offered no evidence whatsoever to support your assertions regarding who was responsible for the attacks of 9/11.

  16. OK. I didn’t mean to hit a nerve. That’s just the truth. The Saudi conspirators left a trail, That fact is indisputable. The Saudi’s were useful idiots who wanted to bomb something. The Shadow Government obtained a ticket to send the U.S. military to the Middle East and environs.

    The best laid plans of mice and men…

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

    There is a well know media type who still professes that Oswald killed Kennedy when, as we all know, Oswald was the “pansy” and “patriot” that was comprehensively manipulated by the CIA and did nothing but take a job he was ordered to take in the Depository and go to the lunchroom on 11/22/63 (to be sure, the best evidence is the immediate testimony of the attending emergency physician who, on tape, states that he placed a breathing tube in the front of Kennedy’s throat through an “entrance wound.”

    Everybody (Mossad, FBI, CIA, MI5, KGB, etc.) knew all about the Saudi 9/11 plot and they let it happen.

    Here’s an FBI plot for you. What’s the average time necessary for the FBI Director to recommend charges for mishandling classified material?

    Hillary, like Petraeus, mishandled classified material and that has already been proven.

    We anxiously await the corruption and the “spin” the AG is going to put on Hillary’s criminal activity even having convicted Petraeus of the same illicit activity.

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