China Arrests Human Rights Lawyers As State Media Mocks Feminist For “Blabbering About The Rule of Law and Human Rights”

130px-Mao_Zedong_portraitChina has conducted another round up of human rights lawyers, including Wang Yu, the country’s most prominent woman human rights lawyer. Adding an Orwellian element to this latest outrage was China’s state media which accused Wang last year of “blabbering about the rule of law and human rights.” Wang and her colleagues have long been symbols of courage in the face of authoritarian rule, including prior detentions designed to scare them into silence.

Wang may have triggered this response by simply defending an online free-speech advocate and a member of the so-called “feminist five” who was planning a protest against sexual harassment.

The five or more lawyers arrested will face subversion charges could bring a sentence of life in prison.

These lawyers should be inspirations to every bar member in every country around the world. They personify what is the best of us and our profession. They are willing to give up their lives to fight for rights that we take for granted. Too many lawyers treat our profession like a meal ticket. There are lawyers who fight for the most basic elements of the rule of law. Five of them are sitting in a Chinese jail today.

The government appears to still be applying Mao’s principle that “To read too many books is harmful.”

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  1. Blabber, blagger, bo bagger
    Fee fi mo magger

    If the first two letters are ever the same
    Ya drop them both and say the name…
    Like Bob, Fob friggin f so rob or mary mary, is contrary…
    Shitty smitty is a bit bithy.

  2. I agree with Isaac. There is some blathering up there on the comments. I will not blather and will barely comment. But one thing is clear. Communist China remains just that. Anyone who squeeks is a fool.

  3. This is the inevitable end result of giving government too much power and too little accountability.

  4. Paul

    Blabbering, Blathering, Blithering, and Blubbering can all be used interchangeably, as documented on this blog, all participants included.

  5. The Chinese understand this plenty well, you can be sure. They are not going to let their collective identity go down the drain and that is why they apply censorship not those who elevate Chinese identity, but to those who destroy it. The “WEST” ie government of the USA and captive, colonized Europe, apply censorship to the friends of the peoples of the west instead of the destroyers. Censorship is a tool of every government and the US is no different just a hell of a lot more subtle.

  6. Women in the west have suffered from 150 years of feminist claptrap that has so clearly served the interests of global capitalism, at the expense of the people of the west, one wonders at times how they could be so easily deceived. On the other side, the “conservative” pro lifers and so forth who presume to oppose them, are themselves equally deceived about who their friends and foes really are.

  7. These five feminists are probably the Chinese equivalent of “FEMEN” the shameless sluts who desecrate cathedrals with their obscenities and are impelled by the capitalist lackeys who laud them as “human rights activists”

    American universities are profit-driven operations serving the vanities of their mega rich donors. That is what all the naming buildings and professorships and programs is all about. And the mega rich like Soros are very careful about how they manipulate the fools who are controlled opposition inside the supposed pro labor organizations and so forth. Soros is just one however, there are a thousand examples of ultra rich oligarchs manipulating the whores of academe, who in turn pimp out the literal whores like FEMEN to do their culture destroying works.

  8. I know the Ayn Rand fanatics will love my remarks. So I will give them one more. Communism, at least they cared about the common good. Ayn Rand’s fiction that individualism would help the common good by some hidden hand, is just that. Fiction. So the Chinese communists, they are nationalists, that’s what is important to understand, nationalists like Kim and Uncle Ho, they aimed at wars of national liberation from feudal and imperialistic plutocracies. So even today, though they have adopted markets as pricing mechanisms, they still are nationalists.

    Would be nationalists in the west, like the native peoples who are aggrieved by raping refugees, or the patriotic AMericans who like Trump or even Sanders, need to wake up from the fog of individualism and understand that their common identity and existence are threatened to a level of subtle extinction by migration invasion and culture destroying wrought upon them by global capitalism, which uses the teeming masses of third world countries to dilute their common identity and reduce their wages and dilute their voting powers.

    Jack London talked about all this a century ago, but people couldn’t understand.

  9. to be fair, the American plutocracy of today is using the same tools that the plutocracy of 1776 used. individualism, religious dissent, materialism, rationalism, etc. all are ideologies that they pushed to attach the power of the King and Church of England. Because THEY wanted to be the top dogs. That is all it is, behind the lofty slogans: will to power. The Enlightenment has its own dogmas and they are no purer than those of any religion. I would say, perhaps worse because religions tend to support collective identity and common welfare but the Enlightenment is just about me me me and getting more money and power without any moral restrictions at all. Today the capitalists have shucked off all morals, in spite of their lies. The revolution devours its own: Adam Smith was ten times more concerned about the common good than any Milton Freidman.

  10. The human rights agenda is a tool of globalism, which more precisely is western capitalism, that is, the plutocracy, to divide and atomize all societies and nations and thus eke out more penetration of markets and fragment peoples and households so that they consume more and increase profits.

    That is why they support divorce. out of one household, comes two, which both end up buying more stuff. ditto homosexuality and individualism: when it’s all about me, me, me, people consume more. feminism, gender ideology, etc. drive women out of the home and into th labor market, decreasing wages and increasing consumption. that is why they foment religious discord. etc

    that is why they start civil wars like the one in Syria. That is why they take both sides in a civil war, or multiple sides, to increase the chaos. that is why they like it when refugees leave one country and invade another: it serves the dual interests of breaking down nationalities, like the german identity; and also increases the “reserve army of the unemployed” to drive down wages.

    that may sound Marxist but I am no Marxist. but the Marxists understand this much about our globalism. the Chinese are a hard nut to crack, it’s going to take a lot more than five feminists to upset their apple cart.

  11. Communist Red China. That is the real name for what it is. In recent years America has dropped both Communist or Red from the name and the discussion. The photo of Mao is about the only reference in the article. My human pal wears Hanes underwear. It is an American company but the underwear is made in Communist Vietnam. That is how far South we have gone.

  12. Blabber may not be a ‘legal’ term, but it is an appropriate term, sometimes.

  13. I suspect that there was a mistranslation somewhere to the English word “blabber”. I am sure that the Chinese word imparts something more nefarious. (is it unlawful to blabber “fire!” in a crowded theater?)

  14. Were these lawyers advertising in a way that embarrassed their profession or what? Oh wait, they were embarrassing their government. In this country we simply send in the IRS and shut them down.

  15. The US is moving the same direction as China, forbidding campus speech and heterosexual behavior, with plans to extend it to the wider society.

    US leftists similarly don’t believe in human rights as our Founders did, but believe, as in China, that all rights are doled out at whim by the State.

    I don’t see how we can complain about this case when college students (especially ‘cishet’ white males) are treated the same way.

  16. The heading could have read “US Arrests Human Rights Lawyers As State Media Mocks Feminist For “Blabbering About The Rule of Law and Human Rights” and it would have been more believable.

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