Mr. Putin, Please Release Hillary Clinton’s Email

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

An open letter to Vladimir Putin, President of Russia225px-Vladimir_Putin_official_portrait

President Putin,

As you are certainly aware,  a great controversy is roiling here in the United States where a former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, maintained, diverted, and in some cases destroyed official email correspondence associated with her duties. She  hosted these records on a personal home-brew email server maintained under her control. We are encountering difficulty obtaining these records and we ask for your assistance.


As your intelligence services are aware,,, and had their registration contact information listed as the home address as that of President Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Chappaquah, New York. This registration was accessible by any person performing a WHOIS query on those domains. Since Mrs. Clinton did not use an official State Department email address, a private email server maintained at her residence provided these services so that she could control the information, should it become embarrassing, or be used against her to damage her political aspirations or worse.

Mrs. Clinton claims that the server was secure due to the fact that it was located at her residence and the Secret Service certainly protected the server from being physically stolen or accessed while it remained at her home. But your very capable intelligence service certainly was not thwarted by this. In fact, the FSB probably could have through its Romanian contacts visited hacker Marcel Lazăr Lehel (aka Guccifer) who broke into Bill Clinton aide Sydney Blumenthal’s email account and revealed several emails sent to Hillary Clinton; thus revealing at least to the American public the existence of the server. Of course, your agencies were already aware of this since it was discovered that Guccifer routed his network traffic through an IP address conveniently located in Russia.

When the controversy became significant, Hillary Clinton arranged for a data center to erase the hard drive of sensitive information before it was transferred to Platte River Networks. I imagine this company along with another that provided backup services to the Clintons, has an electronic dossier in Russia indexing of what was contained there. Furthermore, Mrs. Clinton when asked by a reporter if she wiped the hard drive dismissed him and made a gesture showing that she wiped it with a cloth. Since only the dust was apparently removed, data recovery should not be too difficult to extract electronically.

The American public and elected members of our own government have faced a great deal of resistance from Hillary Clinton and our own State Department in obtaining all these email records. In fact, the State Department stated that its retrieval efforts required of them by a federal judge are being undermined by a recent snowfall in Washington. Since Russia has great experience in dealing with snow, I imagine this should not be much of a barrier to your security services in obtaining this information.

President Putin, the American people and Members of Congress need your help. We would like to evaluate the suitability of Hillary Clinton as a trustworthy and capable future president who makes good decisions regarding the security of secret records and puts the interests of the American people before her own. These emails will prove to be an invaluable asset in making this decision.

Moreover, our friends at the FBI count on obtaining as much evidence as possible for their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged improper handling of classified information and corruption. They are also having to budget for the cost of over one hundred special agents and personnel for that case and as you can imagine this is very expensive. It also takes resources away from other duties such as fighting organized crime and disrupting terrorist activity–challenges that we mutually agree is very important.

I do recognize that your agents, citizens of your nation, have concerns about possible criminal action taken against them by the United States Government for hacking into the server or monitoring internet traffic to and from this device, yet it might be worth noting that the specter of arrest might not be as dire a consequence as could be imagined.

Your loyal agents have been imprisoned for espionage in the United States and for unlawfully obtaining classified information. That is certainly a deterrent but consider this. Hillary Clinton testified that no information marked classified was hosted on her email server. Plus, since the server was not an official government data storage device, either state or federal, I can’t imagine your agents being charged with anything other than a local misdemeanor computer trespass violation. Extradition is almost an impossibility, even between US states, as it is only misdemeanor in nature.

Our government, Hillary Clinton, her protectors, and others having a big stake in hiding the Clinton emails from public scrutiny and are throwing up a wall to protect their own self interest.

Mr. Putin, tear down this wall !

By Darren Smith

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39 thoughts on “Mr. Putin, Please Release Hillary Clinton’s Email”

  1. Obama’s Justice Dept is keeping this teaser investigation going in order to kill Hillary’s chances of getting elected. Obama has great personal enmity towards the Clintons, especially Bill, who called him a lightweight, which he is. I’m not saying HC didn’t do anything wrong – she clearly did – But Obama’s DOJ, and their investigative arm – the FBI – are keeping this going for political reasons. They will hand up an indictment on the eve of the election, and then, surprise, surprise, Biden will swoop in as Obama’s hand-picked successor.

  2. Funny interview with Jerry Garcia video. “ Their all trying to kill me”.
    Makes you wonder who is better at getting away with a planned cement job. Something you can build a foundation on. Is it Putin or Hillary?

  3. There is an issue of intercepted communications. There is the violation of the security system(s) of governmental communications as well as the content. Regarding the content, after a very short time from minutes to, at most, a day or two, the content is typically public domain. Nothing stays secret for very long and almost anything done by the government is either benign or easily denied. It’s the way of politics.

    Whatever the enemy knows because of leaks it would have read the next day anyway in any paper. Most of this is nothing more than a witch hunt by amateur legal eagles.

    An interesting question would be if Trump were President, would any of this matter. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut anyway. There would be no need for secrets as for him there would be no recourse. There would be only stuff to read in the newspapers.

    This nonsense about security is nothing more than the allowing of the hapless public to ‘get on board’. In the end it comes down to working the government. The problem is not in who gets elected it is in the structure of the government as a workable entity. The US system of government and politics is so old and decrepit that is has reached a state of stasis. There is nothing really important about who is elected as it is all run by special interests and oligarchs.

    Bernie Sanders, as much as he recognizes the problems could do nothing about it. The problem lies in the structure not those that try to ride it. We need to evolve into a parliamentary system that includes at least four political parties with a much reduced power of the Presidency. The President should be as a Prime Minister, the residual head of the nation by being the head of the party in power, or coalition. Or, the President should be forced to be non affiliated with any political party. Also, and most importantly, no private funding whatsoever should be allowed to determine who gets elected to any office. Regardless of whatever sacred text that stands up for this or that right inalienable or otherwise, the ability of an individual or special interest to purchase our representatives as they are today purchased is a travesty and a treason to the ideals of this nation. The Supreme Court judges that decided that it was Constitutionally correct are the worst enemies of this country and its freedoms.

    There is obviously better ways to do all this. The first priority would be to attract better prospects.

  4. Just in. I got this off Cloud 9.

    The Russians sent them to Snowden. He is snowed in right now but I believe that some will be released. Coming to a theatre near you.

    In case you folks do know this, all emails go through Cloud 9. That spot can be accessible to more than your Christian angels who get to go up there after living a pristine life. Just to let you know, there are not many up there.

  5. If Putin truly has access to this information, he currently holds the full candidacy of Clinton in his hands.
    Pondering further however, he also holds the full blackmail potential over a sitting president.

    Which is more portentous, ruin Hilary’s chance of becoming president now, or waiting until she might become president, and then REALLY use those emails.
    Of course, he could do a little of both, and wait to see – if she doesn’t become president, then he can still use them, either revealing them outright or seeing what else he could blackmail her for, as she is likely to still have significant political power either way.

    1. Gary T – it would be funny ha ha if either the Russians or the Chinese did a Friday night dump of all of Hillary’s emails, including the personal ones. Kind of revenge for Snowden. 🙂

  6. Beldar here. In New Orleans. Where talk is fluid but not cheap. I spent a lot of dollars in a bar last night and learned a lot. Many men do not like Hillary because she is what they call: “over the hill”. I do not know if they mean some hill in Washington DC or what. The men say that the media shows photos of Hillary looking at a small handheld smart phone and scowling and that this is the standard media photo of her. They say they get tired of seeing “that tired old bag”. She did not seem to be carrying a bag. Some say that they do not want years more of hearing Bill Clinton’s “Arkansas accent– it don’t set well down here”. Bill does not speak the same dialect as the New Orleans folks and that is a problem. A few said that Trump would not be bad as President because his good looking wife and daughter would be on television a lot.
    All from here and I ain’t queer.

  7. We should ask Putin to clue us in on all the candidates of the main stage. Also the second stage.

  8. Hutch….i’m not underestimating them. I am counting in them! If anything rose colored glasses overestimating them. But giving them fair chance before running for a foreign savior. Even then trust your countrymen first. Even if the fbi doesnt act …she can be impeached for when oathed and barred from office. I dont underestimate the fbi.,.,but they choose who they listen to. Too. Everytime i call and tell them my coworker told me about 911 before…..they hang up on me.

  9. Karen S. “We’re all tired of lawlessness and deceit in politics and government. It’s enough. How about some real change, and this time let’s specify for the better?”

    We might start by holding politicians to the same standard as the rest of the world. How is it they commit brazen crimes and not only stay out of prison but aren’t even charged with a crime? Is all that money from all those lobbyists that powerful? Are they too big to fail? Maybe it’s because of the ……
    and all those sleeping people….

  10. I like the term “Emailgate”. We need a Bernstein and Woodward. Or is it the other way around. We need some entertainment. Trump was entertaining for awhile but it is getting old. Bloomberg has nothing to offer. With Trump, Bloomberg, Christy, and Bernie we have too many Yorkies who speak turdy turd and a turd. Cruz speaks hill country (not hillbilly) and there are a few neutral accents out there who might carry the day. Kasich can speak well. Biden can talk well.
    I think that Emailgate will bring down the Hillary and we will get Biden on the Dem side.
    The Ohio guy will come forward over time and we might get him on the RepubliCon side.
    This dog could accept Kasich or Biden. The rest are yakkity yak dont come back sort of people.

  11. So sad. I think this was in jest …. Had to be. But if picked up in Russia they will mock us. Why not let our fbi and doj run its course?. Even if they don’t fulfill she could be impeached still. The reasons we have classifications…is to not damage This country of Ours. What darren did was call upon a foreign president who mocks us….thereby mocking our system itself. It is enough the stuff was so classified not even congress can see it without getting read on need to know. Until it looks futile that america will enforce her laws we shouldn’t embarrass her (ourselves!) publically in open letters to foreign leaders. Open letters aren’t the same as private prayers.. Moreover if they have the “dirt”….don’t ya think they’ ll help get whoever elected that makes that “dirt” valuable? They maybe got dirt (not smut but enough to shut a guy down) on repubs via hillary. It could be a tails they win heads we lose…..and if they “answered” you letter only give you…..what they want us to know…..the rest like a …..

  12. My biggest problem with Emailgate is that Hillary once again lied and tried to cover her tracks. I suppose she could claim she had amnesia about the extensive training she received in handling classified documents. Or she could have dementia, a brain tumor, or short term memory loss.

    But she did not submit her emails when subpoenaed for Benghazi. She wiped her server clean when she came under investigation. This intelligent woman played dumb and pretended a question on wiping the server pertained to dusting. She lied about having classified information on her emails when she knew she did. There was even an email where she directed a State employee to cut the classified heading from a doc to send via unsecured fax.

    It’s the lying and deceit that disturbs me most of all.

    We’re all tired of lawlessness and deceit in politics and government. It’s enough. How about some real change, and this time let’s specify for the better?

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